#MotownWriters gifts you can give to help out writers…& help our network! #wirelesskeyboards #holidaygiftideas

It’s that time of year where we all struggle to find gifts.

In my family, we always had a rule to buy only what the other person needs. This way the kids would spend all year to “listening” to each other or looking to see what the other sibling needed. They knew their budget I would give them in advance and sometimes would save a little more to “help” the other.

In this regard, I give you a suggestion writers have said they needed.


Now I know there is no way you can give time. I wish. I think we all wish.

Yet, you can give them a way to save time.

A wireless keyboard has been a benefit to my life for decades.

I have been able to connect a keyboard to my phone, my Kindle and tablet to help me write books, deliver presentations, do research and more – all the while, I’m on the go.

To be honest, the best option I would suggest is:


No other accessory is needed. Not even a USB stick to the device. It’s Bluetooth and will connect to most devices.

There are other wireless or bluetooth keyboards you can get, but this one has been my favorite.


It’s foldable!

It keeps a charge for a long time.

It has a mouse.

Love it.

Got another writer’s gift idea? Post it in the comments. Please no spam.

**Purchasing this product through this link also helps contribute to our network with affiliate fees. Sharing is caring also. That helps our network as well.

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