You made it! 20/20 Vision Challenge from @EddieConnorJr | upcoming release 1/20/2020

It’s day 2 of the 20/20 Vision Challenge and today is all about the need to maximize the moment and focus. I’m sure you have as many goals as you do gifts. However, I want you to hone in and focus on your main specific goal.

It’s better to do one or two things in excellence, than multiple things in mediocrity. Don’t become so overwhelmed, that you underachieve. Stay true to you and the vision within you.

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If you only focus on the obstacle, then you will never see the opportunity. The gift in you, is greater than the adversity that surrounds you. Focus on your focus, which includes your ultimate goal. As you can see I wear glasses. Yes, I’m nearsighted so I have a few challenges seeing far distances. If I don’t wear my glasses, I still have sight. However, putting them on gives me focus to see even the smallest details that I can easily miss. Focus then enhances my vision to see beyond my sight limitations. It’s time to not only see your goals but focus with vision and seize them.


Choose one goal that you will align your focus and vision with during the challenge. Write it down and review it everyday. I believe that if you can say it and see it, then you will seize it.

Take it a step further by sharing your goal with your network, friends and family, by clicking the social networking icons below and/or posting to your page.

See it and seize it,

Dr. Eddie

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