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New message from NaNoWriMo HQ

#StayHomeWriMo Day 6 

We hope you had a great weekend! It’s Day Six of #StayHomeWriMo, an initiative to support and encourage you to stay well and find comfort in creativity in these trying times. #StayHomeWriMo is flexible so you can adapt it to fit your social distancing, schedule, and overall well-being.

Each weekday for the rest of March, we’ll post a checklist of prompts to help your mental, physical, social, and creative well-being. Share these check-ins with your friends and loved ones and use it to connect with each other at a safe distance. We’ll get through this together. Get the full details on #StayHomeWriMo.


Today’s Checklist

Mental Well-Being 😌

Spend half an hour discovering and learning a new language. Try an online platform like Duolingo!

Creative Well-Being 🧐

Sign up for Camp NaNoWriMo (here’s how! Set your goal to whatever feels doable to you this April.

Then, if you’re ready to write now, get in the groove by writing a short ghost story…

Social Well-Being 👋

Check in on someone you know who’s staying home alone, and see if you can help in any way.

Physical Well-Being 😅

Spa day! Take a long, hot shower or bath. Do a face mask. Aaaah.

Here are some DIY foot soaks you can try out with ingredients you may have around the house!


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