🎧Episode 30: 📋 The Whats, Whys, and Hows to Outsourcing Work so Your Business Can Scale via @pamperry


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Have you seen those people on social media talking about how they became a six- or seven-figure “solopreneur”? Well, here’s the real truth about that: no one accomplishes all that by working solo. Building a business and scaling it to that size requires a whole team of skilled professionals.
In this episode, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of why getting help is essential, the first person you need to hire, and the dozens of specialists you’ll eventually want to add to your team so that you can stop spinning your wheels and start moving forward.
And if you’re one of the thousands of people working a 9-to-5 and then 5 to midnight, struggling to build an online business on your own, then we’re the ones to tell you – you can’t do all this by yourself.
No one has all the necessary skills or the time it would take to learn them all, especially not with technology and the world changing as quickly as it does.
So, listen in and let us remind you that you are the talent, the creator, the visionary – and the key to doing more of what you do is hiring smart people to do what they do for you. We’ll also talk about why you need a layer between you and your specialists, the challenges with outsourcing overseas, why a strategic plan is essential for speedy growth, and more!
If you’ve been putting in the hours but your business is stuck, Get a Go-to-Market Strategy from us. We’ll look over what you’ve done so far, then tell you exactly what to do next.
Got questions? Send them in! We’ll share our answers in an upcoming podcast.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • Seriously, stop trying to build your business all by yourself
  • What it takes to scale your business from a hobby to a six- or seven-figure business (or even five figures)
  • Why you need someone between you and your specialists to get the best results
  • A real-world example of why you need a specialist to manage your business technology
  • If you hire only just one person, this is who and what you need to them do
  • Why we chose WPX Hosting over HostGator, Bluehost, and especially Liquid Web
  • Vernita’s experience with Liquid Web’s “heroic support”
  • A special message about copywriting for authors, experts, and anyone with a PhD
  • Why you don’t want the same person managing your tech and your admin work
  • Why it’s time to stop playing around in Canva and dabbling in this and that
  • Just a few of the specialties within graphic design
  • The challenges with outsourcing overseas (and two countries where Vernita’s found great help)
  • What can happen when a vendor knows that you don’t know
  • Vernita’s master list of dozens of tasks that you can – and should – hire someone else to do
  • Why you need to develop job descriptions now for the help you’ll need later
  • Why you shouldn’t just stuff your pockets with money as you start to earn more
  • How having someone to manage your customer service can make a huge difference to you AND your customers
  • Pro Tip! Just because someone can build a website doesn’t mean they can fix your computer … or vice versa 😊
  • How your strategic plan is valuable to your vendors and specialists, too
  • What Pam says about do-it-all virtual assistants will make you lol!
  • A shout out to Dr. Missy and everyone who leaves reviews and comments


Pam & Vernita

P.S. Stay home, be safe and let us
know what you want to hear on the
next episode…we love questions!

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