TV Interview Tips for the Timid Writer by A. Kidd

Let me start by saying that the idea of appearing on TV, even local TV, was terrifying to me. I’m an introvert like most writers and prefer to share my thoughts on the page—end of story. But we all know how important marketing is for even the most popular writers out there. So how do you navigate the world of television?

I discovered Pages Promotions which is an organization devoted to helping indie authors like me. They were advertising Indie Reads TV which is broadcast on CMNTV. They have a contact form you can fill out to be a guest. Keep in mind, they are currently taking a break because of the stay-at-home restrictions, but you can still sign up as well as watch episodes on YouTube.

***In general, taking part in writing and book-related listservs and social media groups is the best way to find these opportunities.

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