Article: Where to Send Review Copies of Your Book – To Get More Book Reviews, Clients, Media Attention, and Other Opportunities #motowneriters

Where to Send Review Copies of Your Book - To Get More Book Reviews, Clients, Media Attention, and Other Opportunities

Posted by Stephanie Chandler | May 14, 2020 | Blog, Nonfiction Book Marketing, Revenue Streams for Authors | 0


Whether your book is coming out soon or it has been out for a while, sending out review copies of your book can lead to a variety of opportunities:
Acquire reviews on Amazon and beyond.
Attract media coverage, podcast interviews, etc.
Build word of mouth.
Gain exposure with influencers through blogs, social media, etc.
Entice a new prospective client to work with you.

Get your book considered for bulk purchases.
Be invited or hired as a speaker.
It’s important to be really clear about your target audience, who should receive a copy of your book, and why you’re sending it to each person. I can’t emphasize this enough.
Many authors and publicists send me books, and while I appreciate the gesture, it is often a wasted effort because I don’t review books. Our author community is huge, consisting of over 14,000 people. While I wish I could review and recommend every single book, there will never be enough hours in a day to do so.
The books I do examine are those related to helping authors with writing, publishing promoting or profiting with nonfiction. Well-produced books in these categories can lead me to invite the author to be interviewed for our weekly series or speak at one of our events. Books that aren’t relevant to our audience, such as cookbooks, poetry, children’s books, and novels, are more likely to end up in my giant pile of unread books because I simply don’t have enough time and they don’t fit in with what I do.

Remember, it’s essential to be clear about your target audience and your goals before sending out books, otherwise you’ll waste time and money unnecessarily.

Where to Send Review Copies of Your Book

Beta Readers – People you give early access to your manuscript prior to publication are known as beta readers. In this case, you will typically share a digital copy of your book with the goals of receiving early editorial feedback plus reviews posted online once the book is released. New to the concept of beta readers? Download our free report on how to leverage this powerful strategy.

Your Tribe of Influence –

Many authors think they have a small platform, but yours might be bigger than you realize. Consider all the people you know, including those from your past. This can include former schoolmates, coworkers, clients, neighbors, parents from your kids’ school, trade association or nonprofit contacts, industry peers you have a relationship with, relatives, and personal friends.

Where to Send Review Copies of Your Book – To Get More Book Reviews, Clients, Media Attention, and Other Opportunities

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