Sharpen Your Mystery-Writing Craft With Cynthia Harrison (@CynthiaHarriso1); Explore New Publishing Opportunity online from 10 a.m. to noon on Sat, June 13 via @Mi_SinC

Michigan Sisters in Crime invites you to join member-author Cindy Harrison for an Online Short Story Mystery Workshop from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday June 13, 2020. Cindy facilitated the 2019 MI-SinC Critique Group and saw partial manuscripts from many talented writers. Now she invites all members and interested non-members to learn the basics of writing (and finishing!) a mystery story.
Why a short story workshop? Short stories are one of the few paid print markets for mystery writers. Publishers read mystery magazines looking for new talent. Also, story writing can be a springboard for longer works.
Cindy, author of a dozen books, wrote a short story that led her out of writer’s block and into her forthcoming novel, due out this fall from The Wild Rose Press.
Also, Michigan Sisters in Crime plans to publish their own members’ short works in an anthology within the next year. Participating in a workshop doesn’t guarantee inclusion in the anthology, but is certain to inspire your writing.
Sign up today! Registered participants will receive a link to the Zoom online workshop a few days before the event.
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