Article: Third Step to Beating Writer’s Block: Getting the Words Flowing #motownwriters

Third Step to Beating Writer’s Block: Getting the Words Flowing

This post is based on episode 86 of the ProBlogger podcast.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been talking about beating writer’s block. I’m sure every bloggers faces it sooner or later, and to be a successful blogger you really need to know how to deal with it.

We started off by learning about the different types of writer’s block, and how to identify which one you’re dealing with. And last week we talked about how to deal with a major one – running out of ideas.

But now that you know how to keep coming up with fresh ideas, it’s time to take the next step: getting the words flowing and turning those ideas into posts.

So here are ten things you can try to not only get the words flowing again but also keep them flowing.

1. Mix up your environment

Now this is going to mean different things to different people. I like white noise, and so I used to head to a nearby café quite a bit. I found the clinking of glasses and the nearby conversations helped me get into the flow of writing.

But I understand that might sound like your worst nightmare, and that you need a much more controlled (and probably quieter) environment. My wife Vanessa loved going to our local library, not only to get out of the house but also to get away from the noise and distraction of our children. (And me, quite possibly.)

So if you’re finding it hard to get the words flowing where you are, try creating a different environment. That could mean anything from changing your location to having music or even the television playing in the background.

It can also mean creating a distraction-free environment by disconnecting yourself from the internet and switching your phone to silent.


5. Get into a rhythm

Make sure you schedule regular writing time into your week, ideally at the same time every day. That might mean every day, every weekday, or perhaps every Saturday or Sunday.

And try to choose a time that best suits your writing. My ‘golden hours’ are in the morning, and so that’s when I schedule my writing.

The most important thing is to make it a regular thing so you can get into a rhythm with your writing.


10. Talk about what you’re going to say out loud

My final tip is to do something that might have people thinking you’re a little bit crazy: compose your blog post by speaking out loud.

I go for a walk most days. And during those walks I often recite the blog post, talk or keynote I’m working on out loud. I’m sure my neighbors all think I’m a little bit crazy, but sometimes I think best out loud and need to say it before I can write it.

Third Step to Beating Writer’s Block: Getting the Words Flowing

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