Article: Cross Promotional Marketing Tips for Self-Publishers #motownwriters

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As the name suggests, the concept of “self” publishing centers around the idea of an author bringing a book to market on their own.

It’s a fact that many writers covet the idea of being able to publish their fiction and non-fiction works without having to jump through the typical hoops, barriers and gatekeepers associated with the industry such as publishing agents and houses.

The advent of self-publishing has made it relatively easy for just about anyone to turn their thoughts and ideas into a manuscript that can then be published in print or digital format with just a fraction of the time, effort and money that it used to take with one of the more traditional avenues.

If you’ve already been flying solo with your book publishing efforts you may feel like you can find your success without help from anyone else. You definitely can, however, even the most independent self-publisher can benefit from combining their efforts with the efforts of others in order to achieve a mutually beneficial and common goal.

One example of this is using cross promotional marketing to improve the visibility of your brand and offers.

What is Cross Promotional Marketing?

Cross promotional marketing means targeting customers interested in a specific product with the promotion of a different but related product.

Here’s an example….

Imagine that you’ve just written a book that teaches readers about the basics of starting an online business. Next, imagine that you’d previously written a book that outlines the steps one needs to take in order to start a WordPress blog.

How Do You Market Using Cross Promotion?  

If you’re wondering exactly how cross promotional marketing works and how you can use it to improve your book selling prospects, there are several different methods you can try that each have the potential to boost your business results.

Imagine for a second that you could double, triple or quadruple your audience overnight with just a click of a button? What would it mean for your business to have 4 or more times the pre-qualified eyeballs than you have now seeing your offers on a regular basis?

It is very possible if you partner with other authors and cross promote your offers to each other’s lists.

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