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Newsletter – July 2020
Literati Bookstore dot com

 Tough times…

Dear book lover,

With the rising statistics of COVID across our state, we still believe it is unwise to put ourselves and our staff at risk and re-open. So, for the time being, we are still closed for regular browsing. Unfortunately, this also means our loss of “normal” sales (we are operating at around 40-50% of normal sales) means tough times ahead. We are working on a few other plans in the meantime, so thanks for your patience as we all navigate these murky waters.
Our curbside team, meanwhile, has been rocking and rolling. The curbside orders have helped tremendously, and we so appreciate all your support this spring and summer. We know that you could make your purchases elsewhere, and you choosing to drive downtown to pick-up your books means we stay in business. Conversely, if you’d rather your books be delivered to your doorstep, we ship to home as well!
Our curbside service is open Monday-Saturday, 11am-7pm. 
We continue to monitor what’s going on locally and across our state. Trust me, I want to be open, more than anyone else. Frankly, we put it seven hard years of work and momentum into this business, and I’m scared that we’ll hit 2021 right back where we started. I try to remind myself that everything changes and nothing is permanent. I also have hope that we can come out of this as a stronger public, a stronger community, and a stronger bookstore.
Thank you for your support these last four months. Hopefully, with luck, we’ll see you soon.
Mike, Hilary and everyone at Literati
Mike Birbiglia reads at Literati Bookstore

Next week: Chuck Klosterman, Mike Birbiglia, and more!

While we’re not doing in-store events, our virtual events series is taking off:
On Monday, we welcome one of my favorites, Chuck Klosterman! 7pm – free. More info… 
On Friday, Mike Birbiglia reads from his latest, The New One, with J Hope Stein. This event is ticketed — we hope you enjoy one of the finest, funniest, and most sincere comedians I know. I loved his book, Sleepwalk With Me, and I can’t wait to tune into this event. More info and tickets…
Thanks to the hard work of our events team, we have many more great virtual events coming up this summer.
Please check out our online calendar here.
Stamped, a staff pick at Literati Bookstore

Staff pick of the week: Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X Kendie

I don’t know who thought of having Jason Reynolds and Ibram X Kendie collaborate on a young people’s edition of Stamped from the Beginning, but it was genius! Reynolds presents the facts from the adult version in a way that is accessible and interesting for younger adults (or for older adults who feel intimidated by the more intense book.) He cogently explains how western culture in general, and United States culture in particular had racism baked in from the very earliest days. There aren’t many books that change your life, but this one has the power to do so.”
Check out our other staff picks here.

Literati face masks

Literati Face Masks Back in Stock!

Our made-in-America face masks are back in stock! They feature breathable cotton and have a wire for noses. More information and to purchase here — and act fast, these sold out quickly.

Virtual typewriter note of the week:

“I gave birth for the first time a few months ago. I did not expect every day since to be a battle for the country I want my child to be raised in. Becoming a nurturer has made a warrior of me.”

Curbside pick-up at Literati Bookstore
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