Promotions Assignments Week #3– Helping you to work as an author… Take the one week Challenge #mmm

We’re rocking into week 3 really understanding what it takes to be an author and we’re pushing ourselves to be up for the challenge.

If you’re just joining us, you can find past assignments here:

Promo Challenge #1 can be found by clicking here

Promo Challenge #2 can be found by clicking here

This basis of this ENTIRE challenge is

  1. Build or strengthen your author platforms
  2. Create Readership/Build SEO
  3. Sell Books

To actually get to the FOURTH one, you MUST do one and two and three. This all to help you learn to Work as an Author! In the video today, you’ll see how doing challenge one and two pulls assignments for week three together.

Now get your notebook, a piece of paper or your calendar out and watch the video. Ask questions in the comments

You can turn your assignments in the comments (leave links for blogs and for pictures of where it’s posted) or join us at the Facebook Motown Writers group and turn your assignment in at our comment section of the video.

For people who complete all four author challenges the top three will receive an author planner with one hour consultation. If you’re behind there’s still time to catch up. Promo Challenge #1 can be found by clicking here

Monday (2 parter)

  • Targeting readers – describe your perfect reader
  • Working on Website – consist of 4 pages (home, about, product/services, contact)
    • Don’t forget to add newsletters, social media links (from week#2 assignment), sharing elements, forms

Note/Word of Advice: or org, but Shopify, square and some even use Wix, but SEO isn’t as prevalent.

Wednesday (3 parter)

  1. Book or Writer Graphic Promo – requirements: must have a link in the graphic. You can use or
  2. Blog Post: “Editing – lovie it or hate it?” Please include the #mwn hashtag or tag me at @sylviahubbard1 on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. You can submit your blog post as text, audio or video. If you do it as text, please include a picture to chop up the text and also make sure you add a byline (your bio).
  3. Get a feature on a blog. (If you don’t do #2 you can do #3 or do #3 as extra credit) Links to help.


  1. Create a plan to reach your readers
    10 things you will do by the end of the year to reach your readers

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I look forward to seeing what you offer and what you are doing. Also leave your ask me anything question in the comments! Share this with other authors and writing groups.

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