Article: Here are Eight Places That Accept Nonfiction Essays on SF/F Topics #motownwriters

by Margaret Kingsbury

Writing articles for websites can turn into a nice side income and can even become a main source of income if you’re consistent in generating new ideas and pitching them to editors. Many websites are dedicated to science fiction and fantasy nerdom, with editors constantly looking for new content to publish. This piece, for example, was a successful pitch to the SFWA Blog, which is currently open to nonfiction pitches and pays for accepted articles. Below, I list an additional eight websites—all paying—and information on how to pitch them. I’ve also included a brief outline to pitching, in case you haven’t pitched before.

Pitch Outline

Subject: Pitch — TITLE (Put TIMELY before your title if your pitch deals with something currently in the news.)

Dear EDITOR’S NAME (If you don’t know the editor, you can put Hi there, or Dear Editor),

Please consider this pitch for NAME OF WEBSITE.

TITLE (this title will probably change, but it’s good to have a direct title that succinctly summarizes your idea)

Pitching Tips

I often include two pitches in my email, and though some writers say to only include one, it’s worked really well for me (if pitch guidelines say not to send more than one pitch, defer to the guidelines). Editors prefer pitches and not completed articles. If you plan on pitching regularly, I recommend signing up for Sonia Weiser’s Opportunities of the Week newsletter.

Eight SF/F Websites to Pitch* was the first place I landed a pitch. They have detailed guidelines for pitching on their website. Send pitches to

Lady Science
Lady Science looks at the history and pop culture of science from a feminist perspective. Their guidelines are listed on their website, and you can send essay, commentary, idea, and review pitches to, while feature pitches should be sent to Sarah Muncy at #blogging

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