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When marketing make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read. -Leo Burnett, advertising legend

I saw the PR person rise up out of a lot of people during a recent national Talk Show host contest. People were tooting their “OWN” horn and getting eyeballs to their video audition. And racking in votes! I saw one contestant with more than three million votes. That’s a lot of exposure!

Some took it a bit further and leveraged their audition to get media coverage. They wrote a press release, called their local news station or local newspaper – and BAM – they got a media hit. Not front page story, but some traditional media exposure none the less.

What was their “hook” that led to the media interest? Basic “local guy/girl goes for the big time.” People love to cheer for the underdog and are always fans of folks from their hometown.

It was cute human interest story – nice video and sound bite. Great plug for the national show (the station was a local affiliate.)

Hey, whether they win or lose, they got folks buzzing about them. They got their “15 minutes of fame.” And the TV station got folks tuning in watching the new national TV show which led into their early evening news program. Public Relations (PR) is great when it’s a win-win for everyone!

Which is what people want, right? Publicity is about amplifying your message to the masses – typically through radio, TV or print. But in today’s digital world, by increasing your online presence through social media you can be your own publicist. You could have the next “viral” video sensation by having your YouTube video viewed by millions.

And you know happens when you are a top video on YouTube? You hit the radar of the media. CNN regularly features the top YouTube videos on their program – and print reporters search the web looking for what’s hot. So can you be found? Are you ready for Oprah?

Here’s a few tips to get your PR Mojo Moving:

1. Have a solid brand. Make sure your stuff is tight and right. From your logo, to your tagline, to your website URL, to your professional email (no Gmail, AOL or Yahoo, please!), to your email signature, to your photo and other graphics. Have everything matching – and make sure nothing is random.

2. Position yourself as an expert. One of the quickest ways to do this is to write a book. Even if you don’t become a best-selling author, you would have instant credibility. Write columns for local newspapers or magazines in your niche. Do your own seminars. Host an event where you give out awards to leaders in your field. Have tons of testimonials on your website. Be seen at the right conferences talking/connecting with the right people. Capture that on video or in photos. Post on your website and social media sites. Nothing is random, in PR, every move is strategic and deliberate.

3. Craft and distribute news releases regularly. Just make sure that are newsworthy. Submit them online to the free (or inexpensive) press release distribution services like PR Web, BlackPR, ChristianPR Group or prnewswire. Make sure you have a great press kit and/or news room on your website.

4. Get to know the media. Understand different media outlets. Subscribe to services like PitchRate, HARO or ReporterConnect to get regular emails from media folks looking for sources for stories they are working on. This is the best way for a “newbie” to land in the Wall Street Journal or Good House Keeping.

By using PR effectively you can accelerate your sales and quickly make you a household name. The first step is the most important – making sure your “BRAND ready” and that your brand delivers on its promise. That’s the bottom line.

Ministry marketing pioneer, Award-winning social media strategist and PR Coach Pam Perry helps authors and speakers garner publicity and leverage online strategies. As a 20-year PR veteran, she is also the co-author of “Synergy Energy: How to Use the Power of Partnerships to Market Your Book, Grow Your Business and Brand Your Ministry.” Head over to and get more free tips. She offers help through her private mentorship program at

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