#MondayReads Excerpt @ #MotownWriters with The Kokuran II: In Full Blossom by @Jordin_Mack |📚 Shedding Innocence to find strength 💪

Astrid sheds her innocence and confronts her past which triggers her darker side showing her Kokuran strength.

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About Book:

In this second installment, The Kokuran II, the saga of Astrid continues as she embarks on the winding roads of life, filled with more drama including a new love, more deception and betrayal, an untimely death, and a suspicious murder. And just when Astrid thinks that things can’t get any worse, past demons resurface and threaten to shatter her life unless she destroys them first. In the midst of her battles, Astrid blossoms and reveals her darker side, showing the world the true nature of her Kokuran strength.

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“Dreams have no expiration date.” I’ve heard those words several times throughout my life and simply ignored them. Then a few years ago, someone said them to me again; but that time they resonated with me. And here I am today, pursuing my creative and entrepreneurial endeavors, pushing the limits to become my bigger, better and badder self. This is not a static journey but one that will be defined over time. It’s never to late to start living your dreams…

About This Author

I’m a native Detroiter, raised amidst the harsh conditions of inner-city urban life where I saw the worst of dark times and the best of bright times. I went on to attend college, embarked on a career in Corporate America. Then one day, I was reflecting on how I used to enjoy the art of writing. So I decided to stop thinking about it and start writing again. It is the trilogy of my experiences in urban, academia and corporate life that provide the unique style in my literary expression, culminating in my debut novel, The Kokuran

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