ThinkingFunny21 – Comedy & Humor-Writing ✍🏾📝 [virtual] Conference & Workshop, 4-3-21 via @thinkingfunnyTM #pressrelease #motownwriters

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Robb Lightfoot


RE: ThinkingFunny21 – Comedy & Humor-Writing Conference & Workshop, 4-3-21

Come and join the fun at ThinkingFunny21, offered online via Crowdcast, April 3, 2021, noon to 9 pm Eastern Time. To see lineup, click

Whether you’re writing a humor column or novel, putting together a stand-up routine, scribbling a sitcom script or screenplay, crafting silly songs, drafting a storyboard, or writing a query letter, this conference can help. Register for ThinkingFunny21 and you’ll see and hear:

·  Proven techniques for punching up scripts.

·  Effective methods for writing humorous travel stories and columns.

·  The steps to creating a comic world & cast that generates sustainable stories.

·  How stand-up comics work up a set.

·  How to deal with criticism.

·  How animators generate ideas, create storyboards to communicate, and work in teams.

·  What songwriters do to craft funny and memorable lyrics.

·  What agents want in a query letter.

·  How to pitch effectively.

·  Career advice from experienced professionals.

·  Time to ask questions and get personalized advice.

·  All this… and more!

Sessions range from how-to craft sessions to discussions on the business of writing, marketing, and technology. Price $100 with 30% off early-bird discounts through March 31, use code “mnw-30”.

For further information, email


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