Article: Step #1 To Finding Your Readers: Make The Best Book You Can #motownwriters

make the best book

Before you embark on a book marketing campaign, you need to make the best book you can. Without professional editing and design, your product won’t rise above the other great books in the marketplace.

Author’s note: This is the first in a regular series of blog posts focused on essential book marketing topics for self-published authors in our months-long campaign, 2021: The Year To Find Your Readers. These posts will cover topics in two categories:

  1. 100 days before publish. Tasks to accomplish while your book is still in production.
  2. 100 days after publish. The latest and greatest book marketing tactics for self-published authors.

My last BookBaby Blog post outlined my plan for devoting time and energy to helping self-published authors find readers. For the next few months, I’m going to share the latest, best, and most-effective marketing ideas we’ve discovered by working with thousands of BookBaby authors. So off we go!

Step #1 To Finding Your Readers | BookBaby Blog

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