Article: The Ultimate Guide to Launching a Book for Indie Authors #motownwriters

The Ultimate Guide To Launching A Book For Indie Authors

Launching a book is an exciting moment in an indie author’s life–but there’s so much to do. What order should you do it in and how much time do you need in advance of your launch to complete it? Today’s post is the Alliance of Independent Authors’ Ultimate Guide to Launching a Book (including timeline).

A few caveats before we begin this post.

No two indie authors launch books in the same way. The below is not a strict “this must be done here” guide but a suggestion of how you can time the activities for your launch. Of course, not everyone will have a long lead time either and not every author does every single item listed.

What is a Book Launch?

When we use the term “book launch” here we’re referring to all the planned marketing activities surrounding your new book, in its first weeks or months.

The most well-known and popular ways of drawing attention to a new book are:

  • Media coverage and PR
  • Social media campaigns leading up to, and during, the launch
  • Email marketing
  • Hosting a launch party
  • Book signing(s) either stand alone or as part of a book tour

The Ultimate Guide to Launching a Book for Indie Authors — Alliance of Independent Authors: Self-Publishing Advice Center

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