#Article: A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing in 2021 #motownwriters

Do you have questions related to Self-Publishing for Denise? As a writer, what has your publication journey been like? As a reader, what has been your experience of self-published and trad-published books?

Self-publishing has fascinated me for years, and I’m fortunate to call many self-published authors my friends. Today is it is my pleasure to welcome my long-time writing friend Denise Covey to Daily (w)rite, as part of my guest post series, to give us an introduction to self-publishing, and a few solid bits of writing advice for someone who has recently started on this journey.

Take it away Denise!


SELF PUBLISHING – how fortunate authors are to be writing in the 21st century!

If you’re in the early stages of Self-publishing or diving in for the first time, read on. I’m travelling with you, and am happy to talk with you about my journey thus far.

Nowadays, books from self-publishing offer an excellent alternative to those traditionally published, because a self-published author is part of an ever-expanding tribe who offer services, some free, some paid to make your book sing. You have beta readers, critique partners, developmental editors, structural editors, line editors and so on; cover artists extraordinaire, blurbs/synopses help, book formatters. You are not alone!

From my perspective, there are 3 major steps to self-publishing:




All 3 stages of self-publishing are closely interlinked and carried out in order.


We write for different reasons – enjoyment, to tell a story, or hoping to change the world. With self-publishing, your writing is a business where you, the author, is in control.

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