What’s your #MondayMorning literary Routine? #motownwriters

I call Mondays my get myself together time.

I check what I’m planning for the week on my literary calendar and see what I can do to get some things out of the way before that day is to happen and what more can I put on my calendar.

I even tell myself what I would like to accomplish in my writing world

✅✍🏽📝What about you?

✅✍🏽📝Do you have Monday morning routines when it comes to your literary planning?

I’d love to know

Let me know and visit my blog at MotownWriters.com

✅✍🏽📝Can’t think of thing?

Grab a clarity meeting


✅✍🏽📝Need resources ?


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2 thoughts on “What’s your #MondayMorning literary Routine? #motownwriters

  1. Thanks for sharing.


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