MotownWriters Meetup Notes 2021 – 2022

Notes are listed if the presenters allows. Otherwise you’ll have to contact the presenter for those notes.

Grab meetup notes here:

Most Meetup notes in PowerPoint or a pdf. The initial sheet only has a link to August and September. 

October, November and December of 2021 is in the versions you’ll have to select. Upcoming year of 2021 will be also there.

You’ll also get Canva templates to help you promote and our popular book checklist.

If you want for free just put in 0.00, but if you’d like to make a kind donation to help our network strengthen, thank you. We appreciate any and all donations given. 

Some of them demand a charge for a very low fee, but only because there were researched well, with links and to help our literary network.

Grab meetup notes here:

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One thought on “MotownWriters Meetup Notes 2021 – 2022

  1. Reblogged this on authoremmapalova and commented:
    I am very excited to have Sylvia Hubbard on “For the Love of Books Podcast” in February. You can ask questions for Sylvia here.


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