Article: 5 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty with Your Social Media

5 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty with Your Social Media
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Issue #83 Branding October 25, 2022

What is brand loyalty? Think about the products, services, or experiences you offer. When you have brand loyalty, people think of you and your offerings first. You and your offerings are essential elements of your brand, and you want your customers and clients to return to you repeatedly. You also want to attract prospects to you and your creative business when they are looking for something similar to what you offer.

As you may have heard, it takes five times the money and effort to gain new clients and customers as it takes to keep the clients and customers you have. Building relationships through strong brand loyalty is the way to keep the clients and customers, and social media marketing is one of the best places to nurture those relationships and keep your clients and customers coming back to you.

Here are five ways to build brand loyalty through social media marketing:

Decide on your goal(s) for your social media marketing. Knowing what you are trying to achieve will help you to decide what to post.

Decide which social media networks you will use. You don’t have to use them all. Use the networks that most closely relate to you and your products, services, and experiences. 

Generate your brand assets, such as your logo, your brand color palette, slogans or taglines, typography, and speakers/mascots.
Make an editorial calendar to plan out your posts for the next few months. Make sure to include various types of posts and any holidays or other special days that could relate to your business. You can always make adjustments.

Post and publish consistently and engage with your followers regularly.

Building brand loyalty through your social media marketing is an ongoing marketing activity for you and your creative business. To successfully build your brand through social media takes dedication, commitment, and consistency. Posting regularly means that you must follow your posting plan several days a week, if not daily.

In Episode #4 of the “Find Out In Fifteen” Global Creative Community podcast that drops on Wednesdays, we will examine more fully how you can build brand loyalty with your social media marketing strategy. You can subscribe to the podcast for free at this link. The podcast episodes are also available on Apple, Google, and Spotify as soon as they are published.

What are your experiences with branding through your social media marketing? Do you have any questions

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