November Literary To Do’s for You (Author & Readers)

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It’s the fall and you want to make sure you are proactive and not reactive for next year for a great literary days ahead!

  1. Organize your folders on your computer. WIP, pictures (delete what you dont need), Workshop materials (including 65 word and 50 word bios), and your story folder.
  2. Create evergreen drafts in Canva you can use when time is tight. use the note feature on each promo to add verbiage to copy and paste into the social media promo. Example: Reader and Write Memes, quotes and so forth.
  3. Determine what 2023 annual events you must attend and add to the calendar now with a reminder to submit vacation days and book order dates.

Need a little coaching or literary ear to pull?

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One thought on “November Literary To Do’s for You (Author & Readers)

  1. Thanks for your dedicated work on behalf of the writers.


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