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Career 101 Tip #1: So You Think You Need a Mentor?

If you’ve ever wished you had a mentor, here are some tips to get you started in your search.

The Melanin Diaries

imageOne valuable stop on the road to professional development is being coached by a good mentor.

If you’re sitting at work and the thing that’s looming in the back of your mind is “I wish I could get better at  ______, this is the perfect time to look for a mentor.

If you just finished your annual review with your manager (these can be stressful) and she/he advises you to improve or develop your ______ skills to get ready for promotion (or because that skill has slipped), it’s also a good time to consider mentoring. Your job may depend on it.

Many years ago in a former life, I was a Human Resources Rep and I still enjoy mentoring/coaching, consulting on professional development, and career planning so I thought I’d share a little info on the topic.


Choose your mentor wisely.

Traits to look…

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Homeless Girl Becomes Human — Life’s Sudden Inspirations

Ever wonder what real compassion looks like?

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