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I am the CEO of Taboo Media Group. At Taboo Media Group we specialize in Consulting, Marketing, Marketing Materials, Coaching, PR assistance, Artist Management, and more. Taboo Media Group was started to help fulfill a need in the Performing Arts and Literary field. At Taboo we understand what goes into helping an artist perfect they’re craft, and we are here to assist you in achieving your dreams. Whether it be consulting on business decisions, finding supplies, formulating strategies, Or assistance with getting your press kit, and information out to the masses. TMG started out as a Company who promoted events, and then saw a need in other areas to which it decided to cater too. After working with artists and discovering that they’re was a need for artist promotion, development, and strategy; TMG immediately catered to that need. By assisting artists with the business aspects to the industry, this allows the artist to focus primarily on the things that they are passionate about doing………..They’re art. So whether it be writing or performing Taboo Media Group can help you.

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