Michigan mom faces jail time after returning library books two years late @nypost #motownwriters


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Book Trends for 2020 & beyond – The changes to come, my take on what’s to come and how to prepare. #bookmarket #mondayblogs

The look for 2020 and beyond publishing trends seems overwhelming, but this was my take on each point. This article 7 ways book publishing will change over the next few years was mind boggling, but these are my interpretations.

1. Sales will continue to move online – get your e-commerce and book distributor links together on your website.

2. There will be more big book retailers – make sure you make it as easy as possible for readers to locate your books there and send out reminders occasionally.

3. There are still two markets – cheap eBooks and commercial markets. But as indie authors you have opportunities to pick a side. Look at the analytics on your books and price them well.

4. Publishers will progressively shed overheads – Traditional or Indie, look to doing more marketing and sending out books next year.

5. Big publishers will see an ever-growing share of their own sales from their back-list. Pay attention to your back-list catalog and keep promoting them. New titles will be harder to sale, but for the back-list you can convert interest and awareness into sales.

6. Amazon Publishing will continue to make grow. Meaning you’re in competition with the main source you publish through. Start thinking locally, offline and even driving more exclusive sales on your website.

7. Entity self publishing will increase dramatically. This means even Netflix can come out with books now, which their thinking about. Competition is abound and we as authors have to get on the ball to write, publish and market and then repeat this process over and over again.

Even after all this takes place, there will be more changes coming, so hold on and prepare for the ride. Get a plan together to rock 2020.


What trends do you see coming? What are you or aren’t prepared for? 

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It’s NaNoWriMo Prep Time! #motownwriters


It’s NaNoWriMo Prep Time!

November is only a few short weeks away. In the writing world, that means National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is just around the corner. If you’re new to the writing community, the goal of NaNoWriMo is to write 50k words during the month of November. While that won’t be a complete manuscript in most genres, it comes pretty darn close. read more 

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3 Tips for Writing Children #motownwriters

by Lucia Tang with @Reedsy

Let’s start with a note of clarification. This is a post for writing child characters, not for literal children hoping to write their own books. Still, any precocious, under-12 authors who happen to read it are more than welcome to weigh in with their expertise!

Actually, fiction as a whole could probably benefit from a little more young blood in its authorial ranks. When well-intentioned adults try to craft young characters, the result can easily tip into uncanny valley or ring jarringly false.

Have you ever read an otherwise great book filled with questionably written children? Maybe the main character’s 6-year-old babbled with a toddler’s slapdash grammar, or a 2-year-old did nothing but make oracular pronouncements, like a chubby-cheeked foreshadowing machine. Either way, it probably took you out of the story.

Don’t put your readers in that position. The children you write shouldn’t trample over their delicate suspension of disbelief — they should make the world you’ve built feel richer and more real. Follow these 3 tips, and you’ll be able to bring realistic, compelling young characters to life.

read more

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What Makes For A Great Author Website? #motownwriters

An author’s website is his or her storefront.  It both tells and sells.  It’s your brand.  It’s your foundation for your books, blog, social media, and marketing materials.  Your site anchors your message and persona.  So how will you make sure it is very good at what it is supposed to do?
Authors do not have to have flashy, $10,000 websites, but they can’t settle for bottom-of-the-basement free sites either.  But I’ll leave that up to authors to find a decent hosting platform and web designer. Let me tell you of the things you should think about, including best practices.
Let’s start with the core basics.
You will likely have these following elements on your site:
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Wow! Is it September already? Pamela Hilliard Owens: YB2C and Detroit Ink Publishing @DIPLLC #motownwriters

Wow! It’s September already?!?

It’s September already?!? Well, yes it is. It’s also the 3rd month of the 3rd calendar quarter of the year.

What it is not is the “end” of the summer. Although Labor Day in the U.S. is considered the “unofficial end of summer,” we still have almost three weeks of “official summer” to enjoy!

This week’s newsletter is very short, just a couple of quick announcements. But watch this space, the YB2C Companies are busy as usual with great products, services, and programs to assist you with achieving your goals.

Follow Me on Medium!

As I briefly mentioned in a previous newsletter, I am moving the majority of my content writing to Medium. Because I have websites/blogs for the two main companies, AND the podcast, AND the branding/marketing training course, AND I’m active on all of my social media accounts, my blog posts and articles were in several different places.

By moving just about everything to Medium, my readers can now read all of my writing in one place. Medium has over 60 MILLION readers per month; a much larger following than all of my blogs and social media outlets put together!

Medium is free, offering the reading of up to three articles a month to all members. As an additional benefit to its members, Medium has a paid membership that allows members to read an unlimited number of articles each month on all kinds of interesting topics. The Medium paid membership plan is a very affordable $5/month or $50/year. From the membership fees, Medium pays its writers for most of their articles.

So if you enjoy my blog posts and articles, please follow me on Medium to receive notifications when I have posted stories there. Much appreciated!

If you would like to have a paid Medium membership, you can join the community here.

I look forward to seeing YOU on Medium!



It Takes Ten Years to Become an Overnight Success!

We just celebrated eleven years in business last July, and now we’re celebrating eleven months since the publishing of my book that details the year-by-year story of my first ten years as a freelance business owner!

Here is the information from the back cover:

In the middle of 2008, a determined woman who is a former teacher, a former college professor, and a former sales manager decides to start a business so she will no longer have to work for others. It was also the middle of the Great Recession, but she wasn’t thinking about that. She was really just thinking about opening the next month. Relying on her writing and editing skills, and her sales experience, she opens her doors on July 7, 2008. One year passes, and then another and another. As a freelance business owner, she experiences the highs and lows that all business owners go through. But one day, she looks around, and it has been TEN YEARS since she started and she’s a success, with three separate but related businesses and a podcast! Success just didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen.

The book is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions. An audio edition will be added soon. If you haven’t purchased your copy yet, it’s available here.

Thanks for your support!


Don’t Forget!

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How to Overcome the Fear of Coming Out as a Writer #MOTOWNWRITERS

Are you nervous about coming out as a writer? Maybe you just want to write for yourself and not share your words with others? It can be scary putting yourself out there. I have that fear too – even after writing and publishing hundreds of posts and a range of books.


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How To Stop Self-Doubt From Holding You Back From Writing#MOTOWNWRITERS

Self-doubt can be a crippling weight, especially for writers. Today we have writing mentor Leigh Shulman with us, and she has some terrific, actionable ways to use prompts to turn self-doubt on its head (and get you writing again!)

I’ve never met a writer who didn’t doubt. You worry you’re not good enough. You wonder if anyone even wants to read your writing. You even begin to suspect that unless your writing fills some very specific criteria, you couldn’t possibly be a real writer at all.

Problem is, worrying about all these things holds you back from writing. Instead of sharing writing for feedback or sending work out for publication, doubt gets you mired in the mud and stuck.

But what if doubt could propel you forward instead of holding you back?

I created these four journaling prompts to help you dance with fear and follow your instinct as you become a stronger and more confident writer.


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Becoming a Full-Time Author: Three Mindset Shifts Every Writer Must Make

Every writer wants to become a full-time author. Lanterns in the Sky author Pagan Malcolm shares three insights that can help you transition to this lifestyle sooner.

It’s the dream lifestyle for every aspiring author who pictures a long, successful career writing books—leisurely waking up, making a hot cup of coffee, and perhaps indulging in some reading before starting your busy writing day in the office.

But full-time authorship isn’t without its own pros and cons.

The thing about authorship is that it’s something no new author has ever attempted before—so naturally, we’re going to make mistakes along the way. But some of these mistakes are completely avoidable with a simple mindset shift.

Do you plan on achieving full-time authorship in the next 3–5 years? Then take a look at these massive shifts and realizations I (thankfully) had quite early in my author career. These powerful mindset shift tips may just make or break the timeframe in which you make becoming a full-time writer happen.


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Six Things Writers Need To Stop Worrying About

Some things don’t change.

When I got my start in this biz, way back in 2002, writers had to get a lit agent to get a publisher, then they did what their publisher told them to do.

That way of doing things was terrible for lots of reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • Agents missing good books.
  • Publishers missing good books.
  • Publishers owning rights forever.
  • Publishers screwing up promotion.
  • Sales numbers following you.
  • Having no control during the submission process.
  • Having no control during the publishing process.
  • Having no control after the book comes out.
The “having no control” parts actually apply to all of the above. Though writers can set goals such as “I’ll query three agents by July 20th” actually getting an agent is out of our control.
I’ve blogged at length about the differences between goals and dreams, but TLDR: goals are within your control, dreams are what you want but beyond your control.
While self-pubbing has allowed writers unprecedented control over how we publish and promote, there are still four things beyond our control that writers seems to get stuck on.
Here are six things writers need to stop worrying about.
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9 Things Authors Aren’t Doing (And Should Be Doing)

At BookDoggy, we often receive submissions from authors that are missing important items which could totally help them connect with more readers. We’ve put together a rant, I mean a list of things that drive us crazy, I mean things that will help you. Anyway, here it is.

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Breakthrough Insecurity as a Writer #motownwriters

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Why Self-Publishing Authors Should Consider Establishing Their Own Imprint #motownwriters

Today’s guest post is an excerpt from Register Your Book: The Essential Guide to ISBNs, Barcodes, Copyright, and LCCNs by consultant David Wogahn (@wogahn).

Since 2012, the year I began working exclusively with self-publishers, I’ve helped more than 100 authors create self-publishing imprints. Some of these were formed as corporations and LLCs, but most were in name only. The common thread between all of them—one of the earliest decisions made—was to choose a name under which to buy an ISBN, short for International Standard Book Number, a unique number assigned to every published book.

Early in the ebook revolution Amazon declared ebooks did not need an ISBN. Much to the consternation of Bowker (the official U.S. issuer of ISBNs), and the publishing industry itself, ebook self-publishing platforms had no choice but to follow Amazon’s lead. Even Apple, which launched iBooks by requiring an ISBN for ebooks, was forced to abandon its position.

“Who cares?” many self-publishers declared as they forged ahead. Bowker did not or does not adequately explain the value of assigning one, so what’s the point?

I can’t argue with them.

But like the other technology-fueled revolutions of the past 30 years, self-publishing is becoming more sophisticated. I’ve been thinking about what value an imprint (and ISBN ownership) provides the author/publisher, and what the consequences are for using, or not using, an imprint.

I know this may seem like minutia to new writers. But I’ve learned that these early decisions can and do have a long-term impact with little or no chance for fixing or correcting, short of re-publishing.

Is a lack of planning or investment fatal? Of course not. But it is much easier if you understand those implications early so you can make an informed decision. Consider the following.

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How to Waste Money When Self-Publishing a Book #motownwriters

by Nate Hoffelder Self-publishing a book can get quite expensive. A good cover designer can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, and the editorial costs can set you back even more. While there are many important expenses, there are also many ways to spend money and get nothing useful in return. For example, take the

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✍️ New blog post: [Video] 😎 Why Your Brand Image Matters if You’re a Speaker 🎤 or Author #brandingtips via @pamperrypr

[Video] 😎 Why Your Brand Image Matters if You’re a Speaker 🎤 or Author #brandingtips
[Video] 😎 Why Your Brand Image Matters if You’re a Speaker 🎤 or Author #brandingtipsYou want a million dollar business but your image screams $100 bucks. What’s up with that?  You must invest in your brand if you want to attract premium clients. You cannot be the “DIY” guy that does the logo, website, business cards and photos. The way you present yourself in business is a powerful vehicle […]

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[Podcast & Video] 🎧 What is a #Faithpreneur? Podcast with Dr. Stacie NC Grant #ignite2impact
[Podcast & Video] 🎧 What is a #Faithpreneur? Podcast with Dr. Stacie NC Grant #ignite2impactWhat is a Faithpreneur? Entrepreneurs are typically individuals who exhibit grit, determination and resilience to establish and monetize their business idea. Faithpreneurs just add the element of faith. They stand out as change agents, with fidelity to God in organizing, managing and owning a business. The goal of #FaithpreneurWeekend2K19 is to create sustainable revenue, resources […]

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