It’s Time for 6 Months of Focus! Pamela Hilliard Owens: YB2C and Detroit Ink Publishing @DIPLLC #motownwriters


It’s the 2nd Half of the Year:
Time for Six Months of FOCUS!

At the time I am publishing this edition of the newsletter, it is the beginning of July. That means that 1/2 of this year is over and another 1/2 of this year lies ahead. It’s time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Easier said than done…
What Has Happened So Far?

Some people start every new year setting BAGs (Big Audacious Goals) for the next twelve months. One year is a very long time. Just like with the New Year’s January resolutions to go to the gym every day that fade out by February, many BAGs start to peter out after a few weeks.

Do you write down your goals on paper, with an app, or on a spreadsheet? When is the last time you reviewed your annual goals? If you went back and checked them today, what would be the result? Are you where you wanted to be now that one-half of the year has passed?

However you originally wrote down your annual goals, doing a thorough review will be very helpful as you prepare for the 2nd half of this year.
What Is Your Best Timeline for Goals?

Yes, I set annual BAGs, but I have found that realistically, setting quarterly goals works much better. There are thirteen weeks in a calendar quarter; enough time to achieve a goal and not so much time that you start to forget those goals. The first of those thirteen weeks is a great time to review the past quarter and plan out the entire upcoming quarter, including the tasks and activities you will need to achieve each goal.

As I said above, you can go analog with pen and paper, use an app, or use a spreadsheet; the point is to use the method(s) you are most comfortable with and to be consistent.

Personally, I combine analog, digital, and apps. I have used aBullet Journal since August 2015 to track and document my personal and business lives, and I have customized it for my needs. I love using different pens and pencils to write things down by hand, which helps me slow down and think.

I also live by my Google Calendar. Every app I use and everything I do is integrated with and scheduled on my GCal; I can see each morning what I have planned to do for the day, and I can access my GCal from all of my Macs and iDevices.

My primary project management app is Trello. I’ve had a Trello account for several years, but I have only recently really started using the app for all of my personal and business projects. I think I’m in love. I have scheduled a future blog post for myYour Business Your Brand Creatively website soon.

My team and I manage all of our content marketing and social media marketing projects with CoSchedule. The app has features and benefits perfectly scaled for a solo business like mine. I wrote a blog post about CoSchedule last year.
What Goal Areas are Important to You?

Most productivity experts recommend that you set goals in six different areas in your life:

  1. Health: Everything else you do is possible if your health is good.
  2. Wealth: Setting clear personal and business financial goals will keep you on track for building short- and long-term financial security.
  3. Relationships: Growing, maintaining and improving the primary personal and business relationships will also lead to growth and improvement in all other areas on your life.
  4. Personal Development: What are the personal and professional skills you’d like to develop or improve? What will you need to do over the next quarter to grow those skill sets?
  5. Social Life: You know the old adage: “All work and no play makes Jack (and Jill) a dull boy (or girl). Achieving a good balance between work and play actually will help you achieve your goals at a higher level. Entrepreneurs especially often have a hard time stopping work to enjoy the other parts of their lives, making it all the more important to set having a robust social life as a separate goal.
  6. Business: Notice this goal is last on the list. This is on purpose to help you recognize that there really is more to life than working all the time. However, it is important to set 2-3 subgoals that you would like to achieve in your business over the next two quarters.

Achieving The Goals You Have Set for the Next Quarter

Now that you are reviewed the last half-year and planned out the next half-year, it’s time to F.O.C.U.S. (“Follow One Course Until Successful”) and then work every day and every week on the tasks and activities that will ensure that you achieve your goals!

Ready? Set? Go!


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While you’re thinking about your calendar, watch this space to hear about exciting events coming up in July.
There will be a BIG announcement next week!
We can’t wait to tell you!

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That’s it for this week’s
“YB2C on Wednesday!”
See you next time!
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How to Create a Live Backup of Your Working Files Using Google Drive #motownwriters

My server getting hacked a couple months ago made me deeply appreciative of regularly scheduled backups (sometimes the best solution to a situation is to delete whatever is causing the problem and do a clean restore from a backup).

That incident also reminded me that I don’t really have a similar process for restoring the working files on my laptop. Sure, I back up my hard disk regularly, but with 400GB of content on the HD, I can’t restore it quickly or easily, which means if I have a problem I can’t get back to work right away.

That is not career ending, but I would like to be able to switch to a replacement computer and pick up where I left off with a minimum of delay and hassle.

I tried a couple solutions, including syncing my work files to a flash drive and carrying it around with me. That worked okay at first, but after I put the second flash drive through the wash I knew I had to find something better.

Right now I am syncing my work files to Google Drive via Google’s Backup and Sync app. This Windows and macOS app lets you sync one or more folders on your computer with folders on Google Drive.

read more

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Setting the Scene #motownwriters #writingcommunity #michiganwriters

Setting the Scene

Whether the setting of your story is integral to your world-building, or simply part of the background noise, your description of it can add color and life to the narrative. Rather than info dumping on your readers, you can deliver information about setting in dynamic and interesting ways. Here are some tips:

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Writing Other Genders #motownwriters #writingcommunity #michiganwriters


Writing Other Genders

Writing gives you the chance to see the world through someone else’s eyes. How do you inhabit the skin of a total stranger, though, especially one that doesn’t even share something as basic as gender? While there’s no single, simple way to write a character of a different gender, these tips will help you avoid frustrating mistakes and elevate your development skills.

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#writerslife: What is Writer’s Voice? #motownwriters

What is Writer’s Voice?

What is Writer’s Voice?

When I was a teenager and my mother got mad at me, she used to say, “It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it.” This is a pretty good definition of the writer’s voice. You might have read interviews with agents or editors who say they’re looking for a writer’s voice that jumps off the page. They want that special sauce that hooks them into the story.

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7 Tips to Eliminate Clunky Sentences in Your Writing #motownwriters


7 Tips to Eliminate Clunky Sentences in Your Writing

No matter what you write — and even if you’re not a writer at all — you should know how to craft concise and approachable non-fiction. As a fiction writer and mobile app developer, I engage my followers via blogs, email newsletters, and social media. These communications can feel like a distraction from the “real” work, but they allow more people to see and appreciate that work.

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Writing Monsters #motownwriters


Writing Monsters

If your horror, sci-fi, or fantasy novel involves a beasty, your monster needs to have a pretty solid dossier for maximum fright-impact. But what are the qualifications needed to scare the hell out of your readers?

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Get back on track, Get a jump start on 2020 via @pamperrypr #michlit #michiganwriters #motownwriters

Pam Perry PR

Hey Sylvia,

Got goals? It’s past the half way mark for the year. How you doing?  Need some inspiration, motivation and implementation to really WIN?

I want to offer you a free workbook that will help you stay focus and get clear on your goals. Print it out and take it to the park or the beach, journal in it, meditate with it and get fired up again.  I want you to win!

This workbook includes 20+ pages of pure content and thought-starters to keep your creativity juices flowing during the summer months!  I think it will help you – I gave this out at the beginning of year – but we all need a refresher to keep our momentum going.

Download it here==> Click to get it. No opt-in required.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.

Dream BIG and remember it’s your winning season!


P.S. So many in my community have taken advantage of the Pam Perry Mentoring Birthday Deal – make sure you don’t miss out, it goes away a week from today! Go here:  get 59% off by using the code: BIRTHDAY59

Feel Free to Share this message:
Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.
PO Box 33011
Farmington, MI 48336
United States
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#writerslife: Writing Through the Tough Times #motownwriters

Writing Through the Tough Times

Writing Through the Tough Times

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s just awful. Still, you’re a writer, and you need to write, both for your craft and your own mental health. Whatever your facing, whether it be chronic illness, a death in the family, or a surprise crisis, you can still write. These simple suggestions will help you do it.

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Why Email Marketing Is Important: What You Need to Know via @DIPLLC #motownwriters

Pamela Hilliard Owens: YB2C and Detroit Ink Publishing 

Pamela Hilliard Owens: YB2C and Detroit Ink Publishing via 

Jun 19, 2019, 3:59 PM (8 hours ago)

to me

Welcome to the June 19, 2019 edition of YB2C on Wednesday!
If you missed previous June editions: here are thelinks:
June 5, 2019
June 12, 2019

Grow Your Email List; Grow Your Outreach

Whether you are trying to grow your business or sell more books, your most important asset is your email list. Networking is important. Social media marketing via the various outlets available is important. However, your email distribution list is the most important. According to a recent study by the Direct Marketing Association, using email marketing can give you a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI)!

What is an email list and how do I start one?

An email list is a special list of the names and email addresses of people you know or have met who have given you permission to send them information, updates, promotions, etc., about your business and/or your book.

There are several good options for email marketing software available. Personally, I’ve used MailChimp for years, and the basic level software is free to use for up to 2,000 contacts. (Affiliate Link: Click on the badge at the bottom of this email to sign up for your own Mailchimp account and receive $30.00 in credits to your account!)

Here are the Top Five Reasons to Grow Your Email List

1. Email is Personal

Your email goes directly into your contacts’ inboxes. There are no ever-changing algorithms that limit the reach of your email.

2. Email is Targeted

Because you know what your contacts are looking for, your email can give them exactly the information they may be looking for.

3. Email is Delivered and Read One-on-One

People read their email privately from their inbox, and they can communicate with you via the email in private. This feature helps you to develop trust and a personal connection with your contacts.

4. People Check Their Email Several Times a Day

Everyone who uses the internet has at least one email account. Email marketing is the best long-term investment you can make because people will always at least receive your email.

5. You Own Your Own Email List

Unlike all of the social media outlets out there, only you own and control your email list. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google all have their own rules, regulations, and policies, and things seem to change constantly, and you never reach all of your friends, followers, or contacts on these platforms—that is intentional.

Remember “My Space,” “FriendFeed,” “Google Plus,” and so many others that were here yesterday but gone today? Email was here before them and will be here for the foreseeable future.

Not to mention, there are so current social media platforms, how do you know which ones are the favorites of your contacts? With email marketing, you don’t have to worry about that, because all of your contacts have email.

What You Need to Start Your Email List

  1. A website or blog.
  2. An email marketing service.
  3. Opt-in forms.

These are relatively easy for a DIYer or newbie to set up, but if you’d like professional help setting up your email list and designing your email banners and posting information, feel free to contact us at Your Business Your Brand Creatively or Detroit Ink Publishing and we’ll get you going in a jiffy!

In future YB2C on Wednesday newsletters, we’ll expand on how and why you should definitely have your own email marketing list and on how to use it effectively and efficiently.


Detroit Startup Week 2019 is here! June 17-21, 2019

It’s almost time for my presentation at DetroitStartupWeek for the 2nd year in a row for “Female Founders Day!”

TechStars Startup Week Detroit is a free five-day celebration of entrepreneurship, hosted by a unified community in spaces that you love. Participate in a new type of conference, led by entrepreneurs dedicated to building momentum and opportunity in a revived city. There will be over 100 events and 250 speakers!

If you are an entrepreneur at any level in the Detroit area, #DetroitStartupWeek is where you need to be June 17 – 21, 2019: downtown Detroit.

I am looking forward to seeing your face in the place! Click on the link in the 1st comment to add this session to your DSW schedule!

That’s it for this week’s
“YB2C on Wednesday!”
See you next time!
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#writerslife: The Modern Writer’s Life – An Intersection of Art and Industry #motownwriters

The Modern Writer’s Life – An Intersection of Art and Industry

The Modern Writer’s Life – An Intersection of Art and Industry

As writer’s, we’re entering a space where art and industry intersect. Some days we’re hiding in a coffee shop, our minds immersed in an imaginary world. Other days we’re at conferences, conventions, or signings – networking, learning, and meeting our readers. Or maybe we’re working with an editor, agent, publisher, or creating a marketing plan. We may have the soul of an artist, but we have to negotiate our world with the savvy of a CEO.

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How to Plan a Book Reading That Delights Your Audience

Photo credit: Ian Muttoo on Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

Today’s guest post is an excerpt from the writer’s guide book How to Read for an Audience: The Stuff Nobody Teaches You, co-authored by public speaking coach and creative mentor James Navé (@JamesNave) and author and workshop leader Allegra Huston (@allegrahuston).

When you’re nervous about reading in public, you tend to picture the audience as the enemy, distant and judgmental, just waiting for you to mess up. If you think about this for a moment, you’ll realize that it’s an illusion born of fear. In fact, your audience wants to love you and your work. Some of these people probably already do.

The audience is on your side. They love writing just as you do; that’s why they’re there. These wonderful people have taken time out of their lives, probably traveled some distance and spent some money, just to hear you read. They’ve come to witness your imagination at work. They’ve come to be moved, entertained, motivated, validated, informed, provoked, stimulated and inspired. In short, they’re receptive.

They are your allies.

So, what are you going to read? Here are things to keep in mind as you make your selection.

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Authors, How Do You Collect Sales Tax at Book Fairs? #motownwriters

There’s a story in this morning’s link post about a sales tax exemption, and it got me wondering how authors handled sals tax at book fairs.

It seems Rhode Island has a clause in its tax code whereby creators don’t have to collect state sales tax when they sell their creations at a book festival or other event. This is a great idea, but unfortunately regulators have decided that non-fiction authors don’t count as creators (which is why the ACLU is suing).

Should a decision as to whether a Rhode Island author is entitled to a sales tax exemption depend on whether she has written a fictional murder mystery as opposed to an exhaustive history of the state? That is the question at the crux of a federal lawsuit the ACLU of RI filed today, challenging the state Division of Taxation’s position that a special sales tax exemption for Rhode Island authors applies only to works of fiction, and not to non-fiction, because non-fiction is not “creative and original.” The lawsuit, filed by ACLU of RI cooperating attorney Lynette Labinger, argues that making such a distinction on the content of the work violates the First Amendment’s guarantees of freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

This is the first time I have heard of this particular type of tax exemption, and it made me curious enough that I spent several hours today looking for similar exemptions.

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Here Is the Secret to Being a Successful Writer #motownwriters

Regardless of how you publish your books, articles, or blog posts, the secret to being a successful writer is not anything pie in the sky or full of inspirational goo-gah. (Besides, I’m not the kind of person to spray glittery sunshine up your you know what, so here’s the real deal.) Here’s the big secret. \

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Know Your Genre and Write in Series

by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Today I’m posting another entry in my series ‘making life easier as a writer.’  With today’s post, I want to add a proviso: this advice is only if you do really want to make life easier. If you aren’t writing commercial fiction or if you’re really wanting to pursue a one-off book, that’s definitely what you should do.

Genre:  Especially if you’re just starting out (but even if you’re a veteran writer), it’s easiest to write a story that fits perfectly into a particular genre…especially a genre that you’re very well-read in and acquainted with.

For one thing, these stories have certain parameters and reader expectations.  Those help you keep your story on track.  For example, with cozy mysteries, readers are expecting an amateur sleuth, quirky recurring characters,  and a lack of blood, gore, and profanity.  Following a genre’s conventions can help you plan and execute your story.

But that’s not all it does.

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