Procrastination is a Self-Perpetuating Cycle: 9 Tips for Getting Unstuck #motownwriters

Procrastinating? Here’s how to break the pattern of putting off your writing. by Katie Davis When the year begins, all fresh and shiny, we tend to make promises to ourselves. When we first took over the Institute for Writers, I wanted to help our community of writers––our students––so I polled them.

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Motor City Comic Con back for 30th year via @detroitnews #motownwriters

Tickets went on sale this week for the 30th annual Motor City Comic Con. The pop culture exposition is planned for May 17-19 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. To celebrate three decades of comic book heroes, interesting celebrities and eye-popping cosplay, the event is expected to be bigger than ever this year.

“When Motor City Comic Con was founded back in 1989, it started from my passion for collecting comic books introduced to me by my father,” said convention founder Michael Goldman in a press release. “We had a couple thousand attendees our first year to over 60,000 last year. Our fans have been so supportive over the years and we are grateful. I am happy to be here 30 years later and offering more content and interaction. We plan to continue to grow and impress for another 30 plus years.


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Detroit Public Television looks to play bigger role in school readiness via @crainsdetroit #motownwriters

Detroit Public Television has launched a five-year plan to help prepare children for school
Among the things DPTV is contemplating: virtual preschool
Station is piloting efforts in Brightmoor neighborhood
DPTV President and CEO Rich Homberg: Goal to be in partnership.

Detroit Public Television is coming out from behind the camera to take a bigger role in getting children ready for school.

Through a pilot launched in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood last fall, the station is aiming for bigger impact in early childhood education.

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Traverse City Library Hosts Gala Celebrating 20 Years via @9and10News #motownwriters

One Northern Michigan library is celebrating a big anniversary this week.

The Traverse Area District Library opened its doors in January 1999.

They celebrate 20 years on Thursday with fun events all day long.

Then Friday there will be a Gala fundraiser event with a strolling dinner, silent auction, and a brief keynote speech from a New York Times best-selling author.

“I would really like to thank the citizens and the donors who made this building possible back over 20 years ago,” says director Gail Juett.

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🎅 Santa’s Picks … PR Tips to Manifest Your PR Dreams 2019 via @pamperrypr #motownwriters #michiganwriters

 I wanted to tell you I appreciate you and
I created a quick video you to help you get a head start on 2019~
10 PR Tips to Manifest Your PR Dreams. If your goals are:

Getting the interviews, killing them. Building your email list. Getting paid speaking engagements booked consistently – then you need to watch this video.
Don’t just listen/watch though, please heed the advice so you can “get out there” in

Hey, what good is information if you don’t ACT on it!! I’m all about activation.

I’ve spent over 20 years of working with clients so they can have remarkable PR, marketing and branding results and I wanted to share some tidbits with you.

God bless,

P.S. Merry Christmas & download the latest issue of Speakers Magazine.

Pam Perry
PR & Branding Coach
Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc.
PO Box 33011
Farmington, MI 48336
United States

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[VIDEO}#AskMeAnything: How to stop using vanity publishing #ceaseanddesist #syltips

Stop using vanity presses.

Here are sample templates mentioned in the video


Are you happy with your vanity publisher? Are you ready to leave? If you have left what advice would you give to other writers?

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Support my channel Http:// If you got a question ask me in the comments

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#MotownWriters Article: What To Do After NaNoWriMo?


What To Do After NaNoWriMo?

You’ve hit the 50K word mark with barely a minute to spare. Congratulations! You’ve won the NaNoWriMo challenge. You’ve created the framework for a novel, with enough substance that you can imagine the finished product. Now what?

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#MotownWriters Article: Instagram for Authors


Instagram for Authors

Social media is tricky to manage, especially for promotional work. How do you build a super-fun Instagram profile that draws followers and builds your fanbase? A few simple tips, however, can help everyone improve their online brand.

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#MotownWriters Article: Tips to Help Pantsers Get Moving Again When the Story Stops


Those who are pantsers (who write by the seat of the pants, rather than outlining a story) can run into a problem that outliners don’t encounter as much: the story stalling.

It’s happened to every pantser at least once, where they’re in a groove, the story is moving along nicely, and then bam, nothing seems to work. Everything they want to write seems flat or the story just doesn’t move in a compelling way anymore. So, if you’re a pantser and your story has stalled, here a couple of things to try to get your writing mojo flowing again.

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#MotownWriters Article: 5 Book Marketing Strategies for Spiritual Advisors and Authors

Author Marketing Experts, Inc. by Penny Sansevieri

The book marketing strategies I’m covering in this piece are predominantly geared toward spiritual advisors, in honor of Increase Your Psychic Powers Day on October 31, but there’s a lot in here for any author looking to compete in numerous spirituality categories on Amazon, and multiple self-help sub-genres, so keep an open mind about what you can take away from my tips below!

And if you’re in any of these fields and feel like you’re in a book promotion rut, please consider contacting me so we can chat about your goals and what a collaboration could potentially do for you.

These Book Marketing Strategies Work for Other Genres

I’ve worked with a number of spiritual advisors turned authors over the years, and whether you resonate as a Psychic, Intuitive, Empath, Channel or Medium…you all have different experiences and unique perspectives to share with the world.

And my approach to aligning the right book marketing strategies for spiritual advisors is very similar to what I consider for a wide variety of self-help authors on a broader scale – because believe it or not, while your brand should be very unique, the way you’ll connect with, and find, readers is often very similar.

Why is this? Because buyer psychology is very consistent across multiple genres, so the book marketing strategies are often consistent as well, with special tweaks for the right angles to use with media, considerations for the time of year you’re marketing your book, and how your brand is set up to support you long term.

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Does Anyone Care About Your Book?

I have some bad news for first-time authors.

Nobody cares about your book.

Nobody cares about your newsletter.

Nobody comes to your site looking to subscribe to your blog posts—nobody.

Oh, people will come.

They come looking for an answer to a question.

They are trying to solve a problem.

They are looking for information they can trust.

Maybe they want you to entertain them.

Sometimes the searcher is in a tough place. That’s what motivates a lot of people to take action. It could be frustration, not being able to find an answer you desperately need. Or it could be a physical pain.

Years ago I got a pretty nasty case of poison oak. (For those on the east coast of the U.S., it’s very similar to poison ivy.) I was on a walk through some woods with my son. At a certain point in order to continue on the trail, we had to get up and over the trunk of a large tree that had fallen across the trail.

I didn’t notice the poison oak growing there, and hoisted myself up, straddling the trunk to get myself over to the other side. I’ll let you imagine just how uncomfortable this became when, later that night, an angry red rash developed which, sure enough, soon turned into lots of leaking, itchy pustules. Ugh.

Like anyone else, I started searching online for something that would give me more relief than I was getting from Caladryl, and I wanted it right now. That was the only thing I could think about.

Sure enough, I found someone online with a small site selling a “cure” that—he claimed—was the only thing that could solve my problem. It was a very expensive little jar of cream, about $65 as I recall.

Did I care about the price? Nope. All I wanted to know was, did he ship Fedex? I wanted it now.

But here’s what’s intesting for anyone with a site based on expertise and authority. He didn’t call his site “Interesting information on poisonous plants”, or “Avoiding poisonous plants in riparian woodlands.” No, of course not.

He called it something like “Get rid of poison oak itching and discomfort fast, guaranteed!” And he had plenty of content on the site in the form of articles that explained all the benefits to poison oak sufferers of his magic cream.

That’s what I was interested in, and the seller knew exactly what people who actually had poison oak were looking for.

By the same token, it’s absolutely urgent for you to understand why people might be looking for you and for your information (and by extension, your book).

(And isn’t that the essence of marketing?)

Those people, and their interest in your solutions, your stories, and your help, are the key to making sure enough people care about your book when you publish it.

Do you want to sell books?

Do you want to engage the right readers?

You’ll need traffic, people, eyeballs, interest, attention.


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#MotownWriters Article: Kindle Comic Converter is a great tool to make your own manga



Good e-Reader by Michael Kozlowski  /

The Kindle Comic Converter is an indie project that has been going strong since 2013. The free tool allows you to  transform your PNG, JPG, GIF, CBZ, CBR and CB7 files into EPUB, EPUB 3 or MOBI format ebooks.  You can also make your own manga books by downloading the images and converting them to CBZ, which is a popular format most e-readers have support for. The new Kobo Forma has native support for CBZ/CBR and has its own manga rendering engine, so KCC is very useful for this device.

The Kindle does not have support for CBR/CBZ, so you will have to convert them to MOBI, which is one of the main formats all Kindle models recognize. I like KCC instead of Calibre for manga files because Calibre tends to insert weird white spaces in between pages and the metadata is normally messed up.

Kindle Comic Converter can be downloaded from the main website and it is updated often. It is available for MAC, Linux and PC, so virtually anyone can use it.

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My debut novel Ponti came out this year. Alongside the excitement of publication, I didn’t expect that the feelings of vulnerability and panic that had been an integral part of my writing life would intensify. Somehow I’d hoped they would lessen, or vanish altogether. Instead I feel perishable and exposed, like a hard-boiled egg that has been shelled and left out on a counter. There is no magical, automatic end date for anxiety if you’re a fundamentally anxious and insecure person. My imposter syndrome flares up, this old fluky cluster of neuroses and inadequacies. It is bully and spoilt child, wolf and sheep, constantly trying to both push me and pull me away from the cusp of failure. My imposter syndrome is fickle, indecisive and therefore antithetical to the writing process, in which every word choice is a decision.


Some might contend that imposter syndrome and the inner critic are one and the same, but I beg to differ. A critic implies a degree of detachment, a position of removal from which one can judge and assess a particular piece of work. My imposter syndrome is murky, generalized yet far too personal. It is shame and doubt cleaved to the breastbone. The imposter does not trust her own subjectivity and finds it hard to untangle creativity and a sense of playfulness and flow from the thickening skein of her flaws. The imposter believes nothing she thinks or feels is valid or even worth saying. To a writer, such feelings of worthlessness are silencing. If I let it get the better of me, my imposter syndrome paralyses my creativity entirely, keeping me locked in a mirthless limbo between the guilt of fear-based procrastination and the feeling of being left behind.

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#MotownWriters Article: 16.67 Ways to Juice Your Daily NaNoWriMo Word Count

Writer Unboxed by Greer Macallister

image by Pierre Metivier

The best thing and the worst thing about National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is the relentlessness of your daily word count goal. You don’t have to write 1667 words a day, of course, but if you want to get to 50,000 words by the end of the month, you need to hit that average.

Some days that’s tough. Some days it feels well-nigh impossible. So here are 16.67 ways to juice your creative energies and string together some sentences – maybe even a scene – to get you closer to your inevitable NaNo win.


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#MotownWhen Writing, How Do You Know When Enough Is Enough?

Helping Writers Become Authors by K.M. Weiland |


download (size: 0 MB )

Last month, I invited you to tell me what topics you’d like me to write about. You floodedmy inbox and comments section with suggestions. (I scheduled this as an “easy” post that wouldn’t require much maintenance while I was in the midst of the a big move. When I logged on that first day to over a hundred comments needing to be approved, I was all, Wha? Gah— Ahhh!)

I’m psyched by your enthusiasm—and excited to have such a deep well of ideas to draw from for future posts. So, first off—thank you for contributing to the discussion!

And, second, let’s get started…

How Do You Know When Enough Is Enough?

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