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[PODCAST] #MichLit Radio Show w/Michael Williams & Poet, @OneSingleRose | #BlogTalkRadio

1. Guest:  Michael Williams        

Guest summary: Michael Williams of the Author Collective, hosts the Spring Book Festival happening this weekend.

2. Guest:         Rosemarie Wilson “One Single Rose”                                                                                                                                        

Guest summary: Rosemarie Wilson a/k/a One Single Rose is an award winning poet, writer, advice columnist, singer, actress and a staunch advocate of integrity and fidelity.  She has written two poetry books, with the latest, Out of Darkness into Light, just released last month.

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[PODCAST] Michigan Literary Radio Show w/@RhondaWelsh & @SLathen #michlit

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Podcast: MichLitRadio Show for Jan 4,2012: Authors, Bianca Eugene & Deolis Allen #mwn

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! ENJOY!!!! 🙂

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Jan. 4, 2012 Guest Backgrounder

1.  Guest:         Bianca Eugene                                                               

Guest summary:

Bianca L. Eugene was born in Detroit, Michigan. She studied journalism at Wayne State University. She has written for several publications including The Southfield Observer and Eccentric and Wayne State University’s student newspaper, The South End.

At Last, is her first work of fiction. She is in the process of completing her second novel, the sequel to At Last, Here and Now due for release Spring 2012.

Becoming a published author is her dream come true. She hopes to touch and inspire readers with her words and characters.

Bianca resides in a suburb of Detroit with her husband.

About the book At Last:

When the search of love leads to the discovery of oneself……

Keisha Morgan is caught in a whirlwind. Between raising a child on her own, maintaining a relationship with her daughter’s father and trying to focus on her career she is dangerously burning the candle at both ends. Without notice, tragedy strikes. A lover from her past returns with promises of a new beginning. But will promises be enough to secure a happy ending?

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2. Guest:         Deolis Allen              

Guest summary: Deolis Allen is the author of three books, The Last 48, Test of Love and his most recent book, World Orphan Presents: Children of the Residue.

About the book World Orphan Presents: Children of the Residue:

Children of the Residue is a fiction based on actual people used to capture the tragedy of broken homes effects on whole communities. The broken home is stimulated from failed relationships, drugs and economic disparity. In turn the children of the home seek love and strength in all the wrong places. Through their travels they learn contempt for the world.

This read is a sharp blade journeying through the forgotten pockets of America’s ghetto. Set in the 1990s of Detroit’s west side, the reader will learn the effects of the crack epidemic from both sides of the fence. The fictional adolescents in this novel are only mirror glimpses into today’s adults. This novel illustrates the subtle decay of morals, transformation of values and ill imprisoned thought processes that made us what we are.

Corzell is a child nurtured by abandonment, rape and hate. Corzell’s naturally good heart becomes poisoned by the conditions of the ghetto norms and society’s iron handed justice. Power in Corzell’s mind is perversely realized when he successfully pulls his first breaking and entering. Corzell graduates to dope dealing, drug trafficking and armed robbery.

Book 2 illustrates how young men, especially, evolve from being junior high boyfriends to high school predators (players). This piece shows the vulnerability and insensitivity in women that many men overlook in their immaturity. Book 2 demonstrates how the high school hallways for education become arenas of conquest.

While Antwaun Bishop learns his art of manipulation and seduction from his big shot lawyer father, Sharon Stuard’s home is off balance and marred in tragedy. These two children find one another and compliment their loneliness. Neither of them ever reach an understanding of the feeling they believe is love.


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Michigan Literary Radio Show #michlit w/authors @w/bonniejocampbel & @versandra [podcast] 12/28/11

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1. Guest: Bonnie Jo Campbell

Guest summary: Our first guest is award winning author Bonnie Jo Campbell. Her work includes Women and Other Animals, a short fiction collection, a novel Q Road, and another short fiction collection American Salvage.
Bonnie Jo Campbell bio:
Bonnie Jo Campbell grew up on a small Michigan farm with her mother and four siblings in a house her grandfather Herlihy built in the shape of an H. She learned to castrate small pigs, milk Jersey cows, and, when she was snowed in with chocolate, butter, and vanilla, to make remarkable chocolate candy. When she left home for the University of Chicago to study philosophy, her mother rented out her room. She has since hitchhiked across the U.S. and Canada, scaled the Swiss alps on her bicycle, and traveled with the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus selling snow cones. As president of Goulash Tours Inc., she has organized and led adventure tours in Russia and the Baltics, and all the way south to Romania and Bulgaria.
Her collection Women and Other Animals details the lives of extraordinary females in rural and small town Michigan, and it won the AWP prize for short fiction; her story “The Smallest Man in the World” has been awarded a Pushcart Prize. Her novel Q Road investigates the lives of a rural community where development pressures are bringing unwelcome change in the character of the land. Her critically-acclaimed short fiction collection American Salvage, which consists of fourteen lush and rowdy stories of folks who are struggling to make sense of the twenty-first century, was a finalist for the 2009 National Book Award in Fiction.
For decades, Campbell has put together a personal newsletter – The Letter Parade – and she currently practices Koburyu kobudo weapons training. She has received her M.A. in mathematics and her M.F.A. in writing from Western Michigan University. She now lives with her husband and other animals outside Kalamazoo, and she teaches writing in the low residency program at Pacific University.

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2. Guest: Versandra Kennebrew

Interview time: 5:30 p.m. 
Guest summary: Versandra is the owner and operator of Versandra Kennebrew International or VKI, a personal development company which produces holistic health education products and services to enhance your quality of life. Today she’s going to walk us into the new year by covering topics from her new book The Art of Reinventing You: Ignite Your Imagination.
Guest bio:
Versandra reinvented herself after becoming homeless. She got back up, went back to school to become a self-improvement teacher, wrote her memoir Thank God for the Shelter, and today she is coaching clients who are ready to experience exponential growth in their lives, and she is helping people all over the world ignite their imagination.
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Michigan Literary Radio Show [podcast] for December 21, 2011 |Authors: @wbrucecameron and Rob Boyd Boyd

Each Wednesday at 5:30 pm EST, The Michigan Literary Network Radio Show on edu-tains listeners with news, information and more of the Michigan Literary Community.

Listen to the show now:

1.  Guest:         W. Bruce Cameron                                                               

Guest summary: Bruce Cameron is a blogger, web writer, public speaker, divorced father of three and an engaged man waiting to “close the deal” as he puts it in his bio. He is also the author of five books. His most recent books are Emory’s Gift and A Dog’s Purpose, which is a New York Times Best Seller.


Detail Bio & Book Information: 

I was born in Petoskey, Michigan and for a long time it looked like that would be my most impressive life accomplishment. Nothing distinguished me from other children save the fact that I occasionally stuck peas up my nose and had to visit the emergency room. The third time I did this they x-rayed my skull, perhaps looking to see if there was anything inside my brain besides vegetables.

Other boys wanted to be ball players, astronauts, and soldiers, except for a guy named Pauly who always talked about growing up to be a dancer. (This was sort of a tough thing for third graders to understand, but I think I get it now.) I never wanted to be any of these things, I wanted to be a writer. I actually sat down in fourth grade to write a novel and made it through 26 pages before my hand gave out. It was about a boy who grew up in “a small town in Chicago.” (I didn’t actually know what Chicago was.)

When I was 16 years old, the worst thing happened: I sold the very first short story I ever submitted anywhere. The Kansas City Star paid me $ 50.00, which sadly remained the most I was ever paid for a story until around 1995. It was the worst thing because it convinced me this writing thing was going to be really easy. I went to college at Westminster College, where I majored in beer. I was the editor of the literary magazine and the student newspaper, which, contrary to my expectations, did not lead to a greater incidence of sexual intercourse.

I staggered out of college and became a freelance writer. This didn’t pay for much of anything, so I embarked on a course which was to set the pattern for my writing life: I got a day job to support my writing habit. In my life, I’ve driven an ambulance; repossessed cars; sold life insurance, wine making equipment, and men’s clothing; programmed computers, and analyzed financial statements. I’ve had titles like Collection Manager, Director of Operations, Director of Human Resources, VP of Sales, and, my all time favorite, Chief Knowledge Officer. I’ve worked for small companies like General Motors and weird ones like Resume Network America.

And through it all, I wrote. I started getting up at 4:30 AM in order to write before heading off to my day job.

In 1995, two things happened. First, I decided that after eight unpublished novels I was simply never going to be published, not ever, and that as I started book number nine might as well write something for myself, a novel that was intended strictly for my own consumption. As I wrote it, I found something interesting: it was funny. Apparently, when I stopped writing to sell and just wrote from my own voice, it made me laugh. Also in 1995 I started an on-line Internet column. I began it with six subscribers, four of whom were related to me or were me. I asked people to pass it along to others if they liked it, and they did. At its peak, the Cameron Column had 40,000 subscribers in 52 countries, if you count Texas as a country.

I showed my columns to the Rocky Mountain News and in 1998 they began featuring me weekly in their Home Front section. Before long I was considered one of their most popular columnists, even more of a reader favorite than the woman who wrote about birds, though not as popular as the one who wrote about wine, oddly enough.  I use the past tense because the Rocky Mountain News is now out of business, I am so, so sad to say.

Meanwhile, that book I wrote for myself turned out to be a sprawling, unreadable novel, funny but way too long. It should never be published, but when I showed it to Jody Rein of Jody Rein Books, she loved the writing and asked me what else I had. I told her about a column I’d written, “8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter,” and she suggested we turn it into a book proposal.

Workman Publishing put the book into the stores in May 2001 and response was excellent. Though the last three cities on my book tour were completely out of books, it hit #14 on the NY Times Bestseller List and was still on its way up when the first printing sold out. Crazed book buyers nearly toppled the government.

My national media included a CNN profile filmed entirely in the dangerous territory of my daughters’ bedrooms, a People profile, USA Today Weekend, the CBS Early show, some national radio, John Walsh, Iyanla, Wayne Brady, The Other Half, and CNN Headline News. I did countless radio shows and local television news shows. I have had many media producers tell me I am welcome to come back any time. People find me funny and engaging and I have excellent personal hygiene.

Oliver North (bet you didn’t see this coming!) took an interest in 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter because he has a teenage daughter. He had me on his radio show and introduced me to Creator’s Syndicate, which picked me up in October 2001.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing some public speaking. I’m not a stand up… well, I can stand up, I have two legs and everything, but I mean I am more of a corporate speaker than the type of person you would see in a night club or any place where popular people hang out.

8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter was snapped up by Disney and co-developed as both a feature film and a TV show, the first time anyone can remember such a thing happening. The TV show is a hit and the screenplay I wrote was moving forward until the tragic death of John Ritter led Disney to reconsider.

I am the author of two other humor books:  How to Remodel a Man, and 8 Simple Rules for Marrying my Daughter.

I have three children about whom I write frequently in my columns. They hate it.

I love dogs and my new book is about a dog: A Dog’s Purpose, which is a NY Times bestselling novel.

I am divorced and in a serious relationship, though it doesn’t seem all that serious since we spend most of our time laughing.  We’re engaged to be married but I haven’t closed the deal yet and I’m anxious she may come to her senses before I get her served with the legal paperwork.


About the books Emory’s Gift & A Dog’s Purpose:

Bruce Cameron offers his profound second novel, EMORY’S GIFT, an endearing and sometimes hilarious look at one boy’s discovery of what really matters—faith, family, and love—when all seems lost.


After 13-year-old Charlie Hall’s mother dies, his father retreats into the silence of grief and Charlie finds himself drifting lost and alone through the brutal halls of junior high.  He’s hurting, and he can’t seem to find a way to reach his father.  Dinner is an almost silent affair, and the sight of his mother’s beloved tomato cages—cages she’ll never use again—pierces his heart.


But Charlie is not entirely friendless.  A wanderer, Charlie often explores the woods and mountains behind his house in rural Idaho.  And one particular day, his life changes forever.  He startles a mountain lion, and just as it’s about to spring in attack, an enormous grizzly bear—thought to be extinct in the area—rears out of the forest on its hind legs, scaring the lion away.


Almost immediately, Charlie feels a connection with the bear.  For one thing, it doesn’t run away, instead regarding Charlie in a serene, almost human way.  Stunned, Charlie realizes something is veryvery different about this bear.  And so begins an unusual—and undeniable— relationship between a 13-year-old boy and a grizzly bear.


But there is much more to the bear than the fact that it seems he doesn’t mind hanging around a human.  He manages to convey to Charlie that his name is Emory and he has and important message he needs to give to the world.  And in doing so, he helps Charlie reconnect with his father and helps them both discover that they can and will survive.


Deeply moving—and  interwoven with hope and joy—EMORY’S GIFT is not only a heartwarming and charming coming of age story, but also a page-turning insightful look at how trust and unconditional love can heal a broken family and bridge the gaps that divide us.  W. Bruce Cameron’s latest book is truly a gift to us all.



A Dog’s Purpose:

We spend countless hours with our beloved dogs—playing with them, training them, or just hanging out with them—and we probably spend just as many hours wondering what our canine companions are thinking about.  Now, New York Times bestselling author and award-winning humor columnist W. Bruce Cameron brings us into the minds of our furry friends with humor and warmth!


In his latest book he turns to fiction for the very first time and offers a dog’s-eye view of the world.  A DOG’S PURPOSE: A Novel for Humans is the remarkable story of one endearing dog’s search for his purpose over the course of several lives and explores the universal quest for an answer to life’s most basic question:  Why are we here?


Told from the charming perspective of a dog named Bailey, whose name and breed changes with each new life, A DOG’S PURPOSEwill touch every person who reads it—whether they have a dog now, haven’t had one since childhood, or even if they’ve never had one at all.  Cameron’s clever narrative convincingly conveys what really could be going on in a dog’s mind and his gentle wit will have readers both laughing and crying.


Listen to the show now:

2. Guest:         Rob Boyd                                                                      Interview RESCHEDULED FROM 12/7     

Guest summary: Our first guest today is community activist and author Rob Boyd. His book The Streets Don’t Love You Back is an endeavor he’s turning into a movement.


Bio and About the book The  Streets Don’t Love You Back:

“The Streets Don’t Love You Back” book is a story of strength, prayer, and perseverance” by Robert D. Boyd Jr. It is the autobiography of a man who grew up in the eastside ghetto of Detroit, MI. His father, a prominent reverend and well known author chose not to be a part of his life. His stepfather was a good man and treated him and siblings as his own, until one day when Rob was nine years old he watched his grandfather stab his stepfather to death. And by age 10 he was involved in the gang, drug violent street life. Rob became a Boss and Drug Kingpin, spent time in and out of jail and watched many friends get killed and many friends go to prison. 
This book is definitely a story of hope, change, healing and forgiveness. After reading this book you will see that crime doesn’t pay and “The Streets Don’t Love You Back”.

Listen to the show now:

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PODCAST Michigan Literary Radio Show #blogtalkradio Authors: @EddieConnorJr & Andrea Daniels

To listen immediately, click here:

2. Guest: Eddie Connor Interview time: 5:45 p.m.

Guest summary: Eddie Connor a motivational speaker and author or three books, Purposefully Prepared to Persevere, Collections of Reflections and his latest book, E.con the Icon.

Eddie Connor bio:

Eddie Connor was born in Southfield, Michigan but grew up in Kingston, Jamaica. The British Education that Eddie received, during his formative years in Jamaica, can be attributed to his thirst for knowledge. As a product of a divorced family, Eddie realizes that he was not born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth, but was raised by a strong mother, who instilled in him life long values and the importance of governing himself as a positive individual.

His mother, Dr. Janice K. Connor (author of Propelling Faith) has been a missionary to Jamaica, for the past twenty-five years, yet has raised her son to be a standout man of excellence.

Eddie Connor preached his first message, after being diagnosed with cancer, at the age of fifteen in Kingston, Jamaica proclaiming from Psalm 118:17, “I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord.” Eddie affirms that he was “Destined to Overcome the Odds.” Eddie Connor is declaring the works of the Lord. The healing power of God has touched this young man’s life, as he has miraculously been healed from cancer.

Eddie has garnered prestigious honors for his community activism and role model leadership, such as the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award, Eastern Michigan University President For a Day, and the NAACP Male Student of the Year.

Eddie is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, with a focus in History. Eddie has also earned a Master’s Degree in Education from Marygrove College, as a Reading and Literacy Specialist.

As an Author, Educator, Evangelist, Motivational Speaker, Poet, Radio and TV Host, Eddie Connor shares his story of overcoming cancer in his three books, “Purposefully Prepared to Persevere”, “Collections of Reflections: Symphonies of Strength, Volumes 1-3”, and “E.CON the ICON: from Pop Culture to President Barack Obama“.

Over the years, Eddie has encouraged youth to overcome life’s obstacles on his radio program, “Youth On The March” being broadcast throughout the United States and Caribbean, to more than 25 million people.

Eddie also serves as a contributing writer for Hope Today Magazine.
In addition, he is a TV Correspondent on CBS and CW50 for the program, “Street Beat” which is designed to excite and incite young people to be positive and productive assets to their communities.

From Cancer to Conqueror to more than Conqueror, God has truly given Eddie Connor a voice to reach individuals of all ages and backgrounds in this day and time. A young man of passion, determination, and intellectual fortitude, desires to impact minds in perilous times, by enhancing the lives of others and expressing the power to persevere, which will ultimately propel individuals beyond all obstacles.

About E.Con the Icon

E.CON the ICON, redefines what it means to be an icon. Laugh and learn with Eddie Connor, as he presses past the brink of Freedom of Speech and blasts you into a lyrical litany of logic about education, faith, life, pop culture, politics, relationships, and reaching the pinnacle of success.

1. Guest: Andrea Daniel Interview Time: 5:30 p.m.

Guest summary: Andrea Daniel is an entrepreneur, operating AND Communications where she is copywriter, editor and voice over artist. She is also co-owner of the new publishing company Dakota Avenue West Publishing, publisher of f her new, first book of poetry, Like Gwendolyn.


Andrea is a lifelong poet, with work that has appeared in various publications and as part of a visual poetry exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts. When she’s not writing poetry, Andrea is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in a major daily metropolitan newspaper, and she has freelanced for an internationally distributed arts and entertainment magazine. Daniel is a member of the Motown Writer’s Network and the Michigan Literary Network and is producer of the Michigan Literary Network’s Internet radio show on Additionally, she is a registered songwriter with BMI. She lives in Detroit, Michigan with her son and a sweet little Terrier-Poodle-mix named Dot.

About the book Like Gwendolyn:

Like Gwendolyn, Andrea Daniel’s debut book of poetry epitomizes nearly 40 years of her life as a poet. The first chapter, “Life, death and stuff in between,” is about just that, as Andrea or someone else has experienced or she Andrea imagined it to be. “Love and such,” depicts the love in its many forms, As a survivor of domestic violence, Andrea shares in “Abused Tales,” poems written in her years of recovery. And she wrote the poems in “Love for Jay,’ the final chapter, during the frequent periods of separation from her (now adult) son in his early childhood years.

It is the legacy of poet Gwendolyn Brooks and the beauty of her work that inspired the completion of this book.

(to make a comment to win tickets, please go to and make a comment on the Oct 19th Radio Show for Michigan Literary Radio Network Show)

To listen immediately, click here:

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PODCAST: Michigan Literary Network Radio Show Oct. 12, 2011 with Author, Quincy Lewis & Passion Fruit Poetry Event Rep #mwn #blogtalkradio

1.  Guest:         Quincy Lewis        Interview Time:  5:30 p.m.      

Guest summary:  Quincy Lewis is a journalist, blogger, radio show host, owner of the publishing company Flipside Ink, and author of the new book, Off the Block.




Q. Lewis is a writer, also from Detroit, who began his career as a journalist for a college newspaper.  He is a journalism program graduate from Wayne State University Now, though he started out majoring in computer science.  Now with Black Enterprise Magazine, Metro Times and countless website articles on his resume, Lewis shares his ideas and views about society, culture, and politics from an urban American point -of- view with his new compilation of poetry and social criticism, “Off the Block.”

About the book:

Off The Block contains poetry heavily influenced by the Harlem Renaissance as well as 14th century classic literature.  The combination of the two produces a concept rich in history as well as revolution.  The social commentary is a scope of real world issues from the urban American view-point. Poetry plus social commentary equals the formula for self-awareness and community growth.

Click hear to listen NOW:

2.  Guest:   Andre Royster                                 Interview time:  5:45 p.m.


Guest summary:  Andre Royster is the resident DJ for the Echoverse Poetry Series, and he’s with us to talk about the upcoming Echoverse Passion Fruit 7.0.



About Passion Fruit Festival


The seventh annual Passion Fruit Festival is The EchoVerse journey through erotic visual verse. An annual festival that showcases the creativity of notable and emerging poets, musicians, performance, visual and literary artist from Southeast Michigan and beyond. In 2011, Passion Fruit Festival 7.0 will be held in The Knight Suite of the Virgil H. Carr Cultural Arts Center in Detroit’s Paradise Valley (Harmonie Park).

Click hear to listen NOW:

 And congrats to Author, LA Jefferson for winning tickets to Passion Fruit! see her website at:

If you’d like to be a guest on our show, please contact us

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Authors, Melinda Moustakis & Phette Ogburn! on The #MichLit Radio Show Wed, Sept 7th 5:30pm EST

The Michigan Literary Network Radio Show will host Authors, Melinda Moustakis & Phette Ogburn, Wednesday, Sept 7th 5:30pm EST.
Click on the link above to set a reminder for yourself.

5:30 – Melinda Moustakis, author of the book Bear Down Bear North;

5:45 – Phette Ogburn, author of the book of short stories It Can Happen To You;

The Motown Literary Network has been live on since early fall of 2009, with nearly 5,000 downloads. Our hour-long, weekly show airs Wednesdays from 5-6 p.m. with a focus on everything related to the literary world, from the writing process, to author highlights, to the nuts and bo… [click here for more information]


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Did you miss our Michigan Literary Network Radio show on 8/3? [podcast] Listen now! #michlit



Listen to my new episode Michigan Literary Network w/ @ArnoldHannon & Michael Madigan at #BlogTalkRadio


1.  Guest:    Arnold Hannon

Guest summary:  Arnold Hannon, aka “The Romance Master” is the author of three books, his latest book is Alexander Maxamander.


Arnold Hannon bio:

Arnold Hannon, was born in Detroit, Michigan, to fifteen-year-old, unmarried, Bennie Mae Hannon, on December 15, 1948. Arnold, is the eldest of three sons, born to Bennie Mae.Arnold, attended Detroit pubic schools, and received a G.E.D. soon after dropping out of Northern High School. He went on to earn his associate degree in psychology, from Wayne County Community College, in 1988. He earned his bachelors of arts degree in Communications, from the University of Detroit, in 1990.

Before Arnold’s undergraduate education began, he earned his masters degree in streetology, from the school of hard knocks. Same school that Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines attended.

From these experiences, he wrote the American Scheme. It took him a half century to live it, and three years to write his remarkable journey through life in a very tough city called Detroit, Michigan.

In 2010, he finished Sketches of Murder, a definitive guide to fifty years of tragedy in Detroit.

Arnold’s other books are Sketches of Murder: 50 Years of Murder in the Motor City and The American Scheme: The Cold-Blooded Naked Truth.

About the book, Alexander Maxamander:

When was the last time you shed a tear for a billionaire? Wesley Wellborn’s alter-ego, Alexander Maxamander, will leave readers grieving over the young billionaire’s plight in life.

You won’t view Internet dating the same after reading this poignant and touching love story steeped in timeless charm. Ladies you can now exhale. Once you meet Alexander Maxamander: The Cyber Seducer, you won’t forget him!



2.  Guest:    Michael Madigan

Guest bio: Michael Madigan is a Community Relations specialist for Oakwood Healthcare System, moderator of the Oakwood Creative Writing program, leader of the Common Expressions writing workshops at Oakwood Common, and coordinator of the Oakwood Speakers Bureau.  On weekends he teaches screenwriting to children.  He wrote the 2006 feature film Perception: The Letter.  He has written or co-written screenplays and designed productions for short films including The Bigger They Are, Freedom and Privacy, Game Face, Glimpses of the Moon and It’s A Jingle Out There.  He has completed the novels Illusion of Light (2000) and Drowner’s Bliss (2007), and is at work on a third, Each Thing that in Season Grows.  He has written collections of short stories and homilies, and Oakwood’s faith-based health education series, Stewardship of Health.  His stories and poetry have been published in Oakwood’s annual creative writing retrospective, Poetic Resonance Imaging (2008-11), and the fantasy art journal, Graphic Stories (2010).  He is an enthusiastic amateur photographer, cook, and pruner of trees and shrubbery.


Oakwood Healthcare, Inc., a nonprofit based in Dearborn, Michigan, is a major provider of health care to the people of southeast Michigan.  The Oakwood system comprises four general hospitals and numerous urgent and outpatient care centers, family and specialty practices.  Oakwood has about 10,000 employees and 1,300 physicians.

Oakwood Creative Writing is a personal development program for Oakwood employees, physicians, family members, patients, and all other residents of southeast Michigan.

Creative Writing’s workshop series and its events and publications promote personal growth and a healthy life through the active use and full rounding of participants’ creative and intellectual gifts.  Its encouragement of meritorious, print-worthy poetry, short fiction and memoir affords amateur writers recognition and advances their professional and artistic associations.

Oakwood believes the opportunity for free creative expression by staff and patients contributes to a vital, receptive healthcare environment.  More generally, Creative Writing workshops offer structure, vigorous artistic exercise, professional discipline, and an environment of mutual growth and support that can benefit any person with a love for writing, and therefore are open to everyone in the community.

Regular after-work Creative Writing workshops began in 2004 as an employee enrichment project of Oakwood Community Outreach and were initially led by the distinguished poet and musician M.L. Liebler.  A number of published authors and literary mentors are now active in the program as instructors, including Joy Gaines Friedler, Lynne (Schreiber) Golodner, Ann Holdreith, Cheri L.R. Taylor, and Creative Writing moderator Michael Madigan.  About half of the current participants work in or are retired from occupations other than health care.

Since 2006 Oakwood Creative Writing has published Poetic Resonance Imaging, an annual “best of” journal of short works by participants in its writing programs.  The program also has presented and exhibited its writers’ work to the public through live readings and combined shows with visual and performing artists, including its summer open mics and Graphic Stories, a collection of fantasy with local comic book artists.

In 2010 Oakwood began offering an additional, regular daytime program, “Common Expressions,” at Dearborn’s Oakwood Common Retirement Community.

Oakwood Creative Writing is presented in collaboration with Springfed Arts/Metro Detroit Writers and is funded by the Oakwood Foundation.


Oakwood Creative Writing will present its second summer “A Journal in Real Time,” a free Open Mic and Reception for all writers experienced or interested in the Oakwood Creative Writing program.

All who love to write are invited to “A Journal in Real Time,” to gather with friends and take the mic to give a taste of your latest poetry, short fiction or music.  The first Open Mic in July was thrilling, gratifying and well attended.

Oakwood Creative Writing presents “A Journal in Real Time”

  • Thursday, August 11, 2011
  • 5:30-7:30 p.m.
  • In the Learning Center at the Oakwood Family Center, 18501 Rotunda Drive (west of Southfield Freeway M-39), Dearborn MI
  • Mic opens to readers at 6 p.m. sharp
  • Please limit reading or performance to 5 minutes or less (we reserve the option of changing this limit based on attendance)
  • Food, refreshments and music
  • Free
  • Writers 15 and older, please

Our regular second-Thursday workshops will resume in September.

CONTACT INFORMATION : michaelmadigan@ | 3135864902


Listen to my new episode Michigan Literary Network w/ @ArnoldHannon & Michael Madigan at #BlogTalkRadio

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Michigan Literary Radio Show [PODCAST] J.Michael Collins of & Lenderrick Jones, filmmaker of Chasing Smoke

Michigan Literary Radio Show

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        July 13 2011 Guest Backgrounder

1.  Guest:    J. Michael Collins                       Call-in Time:  5:30 p.m.

Guest summary: J. Michael is a photographer and overall friend and a huge supporter of the literary community. He publishes the online magazine, coined as the literary community for authors, poets, playwrights, journalist and others who write.



SSW is an online magazine that’s designed around the needs of the literary community.

We started as a local newsletter (Scribblers, Screamers and other Wordslingers) and after only five months of publishing we realized that we needed a broader platform in order to better serve this community.

We are preparing many new features that we hope will benefit writers from every genre.

In the meantime, if you would like to view past issues of the newsletter in PDF form you can go to

Our goal is to make SSW Magazine the destination for writers when they need the latest news and information relative to their needs.

Additionally, SSW will be a community with the goal of sharing experiences and ideas with others. We urge you to participate by being a regular contributor and reader on this new site.

The formal title is Scribblers, Screamers and other Wordslingers. (Scribblers write, while Screamers recite, they’re all Wordslingers, you know, they’re literary types.)

The title is a parody on those who write, speak and visually communicate through artistic means by use of any medium, be it books, songs, poetry, photography, film, stage and more.

Though the title is meant to provoke humor the publication is seriously dedicated to keeping the literary community informed. It also provides information to the broader community about upcoming events, new artist, product reviews and other valuable information about the literary and artist communities.

We also want to connect new and established authors and artist with others in the community to promote, sell and/or exchange products, services, ideas and information.

We know that several credible options already exist for readers seeking information about what’s going on in the literary community and SSW simply wants to be one more option that the consumer will have.

Michigan Literary Radio Show

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2.  Guest:    Lenderrick Jones               Call-in Time:  5:45 p.m.

Guest summary: Lenderrick Jones is the CEO of Focus One Entertainment, producers of the film Chasing Smoke.

About the film Chasing Smoke:

Chasing Smoke is an urban comedic portrayal of friends seeking a place to chill out and unwind with the proverbial ‘joint.’ The group meet with resistance at every turn. The all-Detroit cast including Kemarr Brooks, T.Q. Powell and Elisa Noeske will take you on a rollercoaster ride as they, indeed, chase smoke. Will they every get to relax and enjoy their day?

What: Red Carpet Premiere of Chasing Smoke

Where: Virgil H. Carr Cultural Arts Center  311 E. Grand River, Detroit

When: Saturday, July 23, 2011

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Michigan Literary Radio Show

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Radio Show: Robin Givens & Versandra Kennebrew [PODCAST]

Versandra Kennebrew & Robin Givens on the Michigan Literary Radio Show |

by MichLiterary Network

Wed, Jul 6, 2011

Author Audio Biography (click to listen)

This is the story of Versandra Kennebrew, a massage therapist, who dreams of becoming a successful business owner. But her dream turns into a nightmare when she becomes homeless. What she doesn’t know is her homelessness actually is a blessing that propels her into a life of wealth beyond her imagination.


  • $1 E-book Sale

The ever beautiful and graceful Robin Givens will be joining us on her book release and the opportunity to offer acting classes to Metro Detroit Youth at the Virgil Carr Cultural Center. | click here for more info

Michigan Literary Network:. Helping writers get to their literary goals and connecting readers to Michigan Authors.

 Purchase Robin Givens book : Grace Will Lead Me Home by clicking here.
Notes for the workshop and Ms. Given

Click Thru To Listen


The Art of Acting Workshop is for Children and Adults
Currently there are two weeks July 11th and July 18th
Children Workshop is offered 2 weeks Monday – Friday 1:00p – 5:30p; Saturday, Family Showcase
Adult Workshop is offered 1 week, Monday – Friday, 6:30p – 9:30p; Saturday, Family Showcase
Her book is called Grace Will Lead Me Home
The meet and greet is Saturday, July 9, 2011, 5 – 7pm at the Virgil H Carr Cultural Arts Center. RSVP for An Evening with Robin Givens online at or Cheryl Patterson at 313.778.4449, 313.965.8430.



Use Autoresponders and Emails to Promote Your Book

Posted: 06 Jul 2011 04:57 AM PDT

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, it’s important to have an opt-in form on your website to capture email addresses of visitors, so that you can contact them now and in the future. Keeping in touch through email helps to build relationships, reinforce your expertise, and keep potential customers from forgetting about you.

You can send “broadcast emails” to your list at any time and use “autoresponders” to automatically send out one or more pre-written emails at specified intervals after someone joins the list. Here’s an example of an autoresponder: when you submit an online form to get a free ebook from someone, you might get an email with a link to the ebook immediately, and then get a follow up message seven days later, and another message ten days after that.

Here are just a few of the ways that authors can promote through autoresponders and broadcast emails:

  • Offer a sample chapter, short story, prequel, ebook, report, or instructional video to people who sign up for your mailing list. This free bonus should be designed to promote your book or other products.
  • Send a newsletter to subscribers with educational or entertainment value.
  • Send your list an announcement of new books or products, and new editions and formats of your book.
  • Offer free or paid mini-courses, online training, or teleseminars, and use the autoresponder to deliver information to the registrants on an automated basis.

In my latest newsletter, I published a more in-depth article that explains how autoresponders work, explores ways that fiction and nonfiction authors can use autoresponders to promote books, and offers tips on choosing a service provider. If you’re not already a subscriber, sign up today to get access to the archive of in-depth newsletter articles and get three free ebooks on book marketing.

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Michigan Radio Show [Replay from June 29th] Author, @MonicaMJones!

If you didn’t listen live, please take a moment and listen to Monica Marie Jones speak on her new book, Sweet Silouquy and give advice to new and upcoming authors.

Monica Marie Jones is an educator, motivator, performer and author of three novels and one book of poetry, with one on the way, A Sweet Soliloquy: A Collection of Poems.


And don’t forget to check out Ms. Jones every other Monday at 8pm

Monica Marie Jones is an author whose published works include The Ups and Downs of Being Round (Fiction/Self-Help), Taste My Soul (Poetry) FLOSS (Fiction) and Swag (Urban Fiction). She is a contributing author in Chicken Soup for the Girls Soul, New Directions for Youth Development, 44th (A full color coffee table book about President Barack Obama)and Souls of Our Young Sisters: The Next Generation of Women Tell Their Stories, Overcome Their Challenges, and Heal Their Spirits. She has also contributed to several publications and youth development training materials for the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation. She has worked as a columnist and freelance writer for various publications and websites including the Michigan Front Page Newspaper and is an active member of the Motown Writer’s Network where she is the host of her own show, “Marketing and Motivation Mondays with Monica Marie Jones” on the Michigan Literary Network Radio.


Monica received her Bachelor’s Degree and teaching certificate in Elementary Education from Eastern Michigan University. She also received her Masters of Social Work from the University of Michigan.


Monica is a youth development expert that does training and consultation for the Center for Youth Program Quality (a joint venture of the Forum for Youth Investment and The High/Scope Educational Research Foundation.)


She is a professionally trained dancer and dance instructor that has danced with Gospel recording artists such as Dorinda Clark-Cole, in several venues around the United States, and a three-city tour in Japan with Kierra ‘Ki-Ki’ Sheard.


Monica uses her gifts, talents and expertise to inform her work as a motivational speaker with a focus on topics including but not limited to self-esteem, empowering women and girls, fitness and wellness, and youth development.


 About the book  Soliloquy:  A Collection of Poems:

Sweet Soliloquy is a collection of poetic reflections of the heart and soul of a woman who is driven by passion. It begins with “Heart Whisper,” which focuses on faith and family. “Soul Cry” serves some thought provoking poems that prepare you for the deeper dive into the depths of the author’s soul. “Hearts Desire” is quite simply all about love and “Soul Kiss” is all about passion. Last but not least, “Soul Seduction” delves into erotic poetry. Upon completion of this book readers will be affected spiritually, emotionally physically and intellectually.


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Michigan Literary Network Radio Show 2day (9/8) 5pm EST – Life in The Mind and Memory in the Cells Authors

Michigan Literary Radio Show

Call in Number: (646) 915-9177 or listen online (now or podcast later)

Michigan Literary Network Radio | Blog Talk Radio Feed

5 p.m. – Ernestine Jones, author of In the Life and Mind of a Physically, Mentally, Sexually and Verball Abused Woman

5:30 p.m. – Luis Dias, author of Memory in the Cells

Michigan Literary Network for all things literary and helping to increase literacy rates around Metro Detroit

Call in Number: (646) 915-9177 or listen online (now or podcast later)

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Michigan Literary Network Radio Show 2day 5pm (8/25) Nakita Bowman and Ms. Robinson ~ Building Wealth w/Knowledge Author and What We Won’t For Love

Upcoming Episodes

* 5 p.m. – Nakita Bowman, rescheduled guest from July 14 because of technical difficulties, author of How to Build Wealth with Knowledge from Middle School to College,

* 5:30 p.m. – Ms. Robinson, author of three fiction books, What We Won’t Do for Love, Married to His Lies, and Executive Mistress,

Michigan Literary Network for all things literary and helping to increase literacy rates around Metro Detroit

Upcoming Episodes

9/1/2010 5:00 PMMichigan Literary Network Show

9/8/2010 5:00 PMMichigan Literary Network Show

9/15/2010 5:00 PMMichigan Literary Network Show

MichLiterary Network

Date / Time: 8/25/2010 5:00 PM

Category: Books

Call-in Number: (646) 915-9177

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The Michigan Literary Network Radio Show 2nite 5pm | Sharon Jenkins, Johnathan Rand & Luther Keith


MichLiterary Network Radio Show

Date / Time:

8/4/2010 5:00 PMMichigan Literary Network Show

Category: Books

Call-in Number: (646) 915-9177 or listen online at:

Upcoming Episodes

  • 5 p.m. – Sharon Jenkins, minister, motivational speaker, playwright, educator and author of Beyond the Closet Door:  Christ’s Rescue from Emotional Child Abuse
  • 5:30 p.m. – Johnathan Rand, author of several American chiller books
  • 6 p.m. – Luther Keith, executive director of the Detroit-based non-profit organization Arise Detroit, and organizer of the upcoming Neighborhoods Day

8/4/2010 5:00 PMMichigan Literary Network Show

8/11/2010 5:00 PMMichigan Literary Network Show

8/18/2010 5:00 PMMichigan Literary Network Show

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