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Annual Planner for the Author in mind to help writers stay on track of writing, publishing and marketing goals.

Free Writing Publishing and Marketing Checklist when purchased and a one hour consultation with me. (Either face to face if in Metro Detroit or a phone)

All Planners will be delivered in 5 to 10 days.



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Are You the Next Twisted Storyteller? via @twistedtellers

Are You Our Next Twisted Storyteller?
The #TwistedStorytellerChallenge
Dear Twisted Family, Friends and Supporters,

Everyone has a story to tell! We realize now, more than ever, the importance and power of telling our own stories. Win a chance to tell yours on stage at a Twisted Storytellers event. Post a 2-minute video of your true and personal story on Facebook about a profound experience you’ve had during COVID-19. For example, before COVID-19 you had a hobby and now you’ve turned it into a business. You or a family were quarantined or experienced job loss. You had the virus and battled your way back to health. You lost someone important to you to the virus. You graduated, got married, delivered a baby, fell in love. You’re an essential worker who spent time away from family serving on the front lines. You marched and protested to create change. Whatever your story is, we want to hear it.

You Must Meet The Following Eligibility Requirements:

  • Videos must be 2 minutes or less (video will be disqualified if over 2 minutes)
  • Post story on your Facebook Page and The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers Facebook page
  • Use the hashtag #TwistedStorytellerChallenge in your post caption
  • Make your story public and invite others to share it
  • You can post as many stories as you like, as long as they meet the above requirements

Encourage your friends and supporters to like and comment on their favorite stories. Videos of the top three finalists will be shown during our virtual event on Friday, September 18, 2020. After the show, the public will be invited to vote for their favorite story on The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers Facebook Page to decide the winner. Rally your friends and loved ones to support you in telling your story on The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers stage. Break a leg, everybody!

To donate in support of this contest and our live and virtual events, please hit the CLICK TO GIVE button below. Thank you for your continued support and for being an important part of our past, present, and big, bright future!

Tag us on The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers Facebook Page

Use the hashtag #TwistedStorytellerChallenge

Visit our giving page
Click to Give
Share Via:


Visit our website b49ee3_dd9b1a8812ae41138409a667954a6088~mv2.png
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#MotownWriters: Word of the Day: Rumbustious #wotd

Part of speech: adjective
Origin: British English, late 18th century

Boisterous or unruly.

Examples of Rumbustious in a sentence

“The kids were being too rumbustious, so I shooed them outside to play.”

“Expect the litter of puppies to be rumbustious when they hit 6 weeks.”

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Reminder: #Meetup with #Motownwriters on our FB page – every 2nd Saturday


Motown Writers Meetup Group

Detroit, MI
3,232 Writers

Hi everyone. This is a group for everyone in the Detroit Area (and Michigan area) who like to write. Whether it’s a novel, short story, poem, autobiography, or any other gener…

Next Meetup

#MotownWriters Monthly @Meetup

Saturday, Jul 11, 2020, 10:00 AM
3 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

If you’re interested in speaking at our group or sending promotional items to our group, please contact us

Find us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterView our profile on LinkedInView our videos on YouTube

Please send items in bulk of 50, please.

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Upper Peninsula author to host writing workshop from 1 to 5 p.m. on Tues, July21 @FineAngeline #motownwriters #michiganwriters #michlit

Angeline Boulley

Author Angeline Boulley will have a writing workshop, “From Spark to Story: Workshop for Writers” from 1 to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, July 21 at Avery Arts & Nature Learning Center – Hessel School House.

This building is located at 3206 West Cedar Road in Hessel.

Boulley will cover a range of writing topics, including plot, character, theme, voice and hero versus villain. The workshop will address how to question a literary agent, what happens during a book auction and working with an editor.

The cost for the workshop is $50 per attendee.

To help ensure safety, program participants will be required to practice distancing protocols and wear face coverings.

To register, call (906) 484-1333 or visit hesselschoolhouse.org.

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#MotownWriters: Word of the Day: Proboscis #wotd

Part of speech: noun
Origin: Greek, early 17th century

The nose of a mammal, especially when it is long and mobile such as the trunk of an elephant or the snout of a tapir.


(in many insects) an elongated sucking mouthpart that is typically tubular and flexible.

Examples of Proboscis in a sentence

“At the zoo I had the chance to watch an anteater use its proboscis to stir up the dirt and eat insects.”

“The garden was planted with flowers known to have pollen to attract bees and other insects with a proboscis.”

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Article: Writing, Pitching & Promoting in the Age of the Coronavirus #motownwriters

Stefanie Sanchez von Borstel and Leslie Zampetti

Today’s guest post is a Q&A by Sangeeta Mehta (@sangeeta_editor), a former acquiring editor of children’s books at Little, Brown and Simon & Schuster, who runs her own editorial services company.

Like everyone in the book industry, writers have experienced considerable change over the last few months. Although they might be used to working from home, being forced to do so has impaired creativity and made it nearly impossible for some writers to focus. For others, being under lockdown has provided just the right push for them to finally finish their book project and research agents and publishers.

Please note: Although both agents answered my questions as best as they could when the interview was conducted in May, it’s a very changeable situation. Still, their answers suggest that it’s possible for writers to thrive even during unpredictable times.

Stefanie Sanchez von Borstel: While we’re all still deep in the pandemic, I am advising fiction writers not to center on the pandemic. We’re inundated with COVID-19 news 24/7, and so much is changing week-by-week that it would be difficult right now.

For fiction projects, at the moment I’d prefer to represent feel-good stories and stories that explore our humanity rather than pandemic fiction. As we’re all trying to figure out how best to navigate work, school and family life, I think we can all use laughter, hope and happy moments.

Leslie Zampetti: My advice to writers stands firm: write what you need to write. Write what you’re good at. Write what excites you. Trying to chase trends will drive you crazy. I do feel that writing about the pandemic while in the midst of it is challenging. Getting your thoughts and reactions down while they’re fresh, as they happen, can be cathartic and provide material for a later book, but I feel that trying to write a novel based on the pandemic means writing about events and emotions none of us have fully processed yet.

Not writing about the pandemic doesn’t mean you’re not thinking about its impacts. Leaving out those impacts will place a book solidly pre-2020, just as details about flying place a book either pre- or post-9/11. Details matter. I’m advising my clients writing contemporary fiction to think about how the pandemic would affect their characters, even if they’re not writing about it yet.

Continue reading

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The Branding Accelerator Digital Program is for individuals who want increased profits in their business with less costs through media exposure. Brought to you by @PamPerry #branding #bookpromo #authors

branding accelerator by Pam Perry

A Road Map to Create a Brand That Will Position You as a Legend In Your Field

brought to you by

pam perry
pam perry

This program is for individuals who want increased profits in their business with less costs through media exposure. The Branding Accelerator Digital Program will give you step by step focused training, development of tangible brand assets, PR checklists and creative resources to make it simple for you to supercharge your brand’s authority.

Imagine having a complete grasp on:

  • Successfully Pitching Your Brand and Ideas to the Media — What to say, and how to do it in a manner that gets them to invite you back over and over again.

  • Fortifying Your Platform – The base of your brand is what will act as a springboard towards success. I’ll instruct you on building an unshakable foundation. 

  • Publishing Books with Ease – How to effectively put your voice and ideas out there, making a name for your brand and gaining authority.

  • Cleverly Collaborating – Teaming up with like-minded people is at the core of creating a reputable name for your business. You will be guided towards finding the right connections and getting sponsors for your events.

  • Telling a Dazzling Story – Learn how to share your story in a way that strikes chords, positions you as the expert and delivers an experience people can’t find anywhere else. 

End result: You will be able to look yourself in the mirror and confidently claim yourself as the “go to” expert the media will love – thus getting tons of free media exposure worth thousands of dollars.

So, if your branding is not standing out and making others pay attention, then you are simply blending in.

This program is designed to help you level up and get out there!

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🎧Episode 41: Membership Programs – Your Key to Easy Monthly Income 👊 [PODCAST]

DBA Logo
DBA Podcast E41 Cover
If you’re signed up with Netflix, Hulu, or Lynda, then you know what it’s like to pay a small amount of money each month to access a whole lot of interesting content.

But have you considered what it’s like to be on the receiving end of money that’s paid every month by dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people? And depending on what you offer, they’ll pay way more than $10 or $20 a month for access.

People will pay for access to interviews, articles, recordings, worksheets, templates, videos … any way you choose to package and share your expertise.

There’s an art and a science to creating a thriving membership community, so listen to this episode where we introduce this income producing topic, including: Why you should accept payments monthly instead of quarterly or longer intervals, why Facebook is a popular place to host membership groups AND a horrible way to do it, the tools that make setting up an online membership group easier than it’s ever been, examples of successful membership programs, the simple secret to keeping people in your membership program for years … and more!

If you’d like more information about setting up a membership site or want some help untangling the mess in your online business, schedule a Private Deep Dive Session with us. We’ll listen closely, offer clarity, and point the way.

Highlights From This Episode:

  • What a membership program (aka continuity program) is and what it does
  • For Example: Pam’s first membership program
  • Why membership programs have become more popular over the past few years
  • Why you should have a monthly payment option
  • The big benefit for participants in your membership program
  • The best thing about Facebook Groups, which is also the worst thing…
  • The problems with hosting your membership program in a Facebook Group
  • Why we believe that using Facebook Groups cheapens your brand
  • How Facebook Groups should – and shouldn’t – fit into your business model
  • A platform created especially for membership programs (and it sure ain’t Facebook)
  • What we like about Mighty Networks, and a vital piece that it’s missing
  • What Mighty Networks has that 10XPRO doesn’t – and vice versa
  • One huge benefit to using 10XPRO to host your membership program
  • A rare exception to Vernita’s rule about digital asset ownership
  • For Example: The Black Speakers Network’s two online communities
  • For Example: James Schramko’s switch from products to membership programs
  • How long people usually stay in a membership program
  • How you can keep people in your membership program for years
  • Two different community participation mindsets
  • Will a membership program work for you?

Pam & Vernita

P.S. Let us know what topics you’d like us to
discuss next…we drop knowledge to help you grow
your digital business.

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Don’t forget to Subscribe to MotownBookClub.com | Subscribe for updates at http://dld.bz/hU37Q | Would you like to be featured?

Don’t forget to Subscribe to MotownBookClub.com Connecting readers to Michigan authors. Subscribe at http://dld.bz/hU37Q
Would you like to be featured? Contact us www.motownwriters.com/sla
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#MotownWriters: Word of the Day: Heyday #wotd

Part of speech: noun
Origin: English, late 16th century

The period of a person’s or thing’s greatest success, popularity, or vigor.


An exclamation of joy, surprise.

Examples of Heyday in a sentence

“The heyday of the silent film ended in the late 1920s.”

“Michael Jordan was unstoppable in his heyday.”

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New #michiganwriters join our #Motownwriters Facebook group #michlit


and then also join us offline at Motown Writers Network meetup


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New #michiganwriters join our #Motownwriters Facebook group #michlit


and then also join us offline at Motown Writers Network meetup


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Still A Man for Our Times

Willow Books

…Cherry’s stories are brutally realistic refusals to mourn what is most deplorable in life in the United States from African American male perspectives… Still a Man is a powerful book that speaks convincingly of intersectionality, of the inter- and intra-ethnic confluences wherein readers dwell…”

Dr. Jerry A. Ward, Jr.

In 2011, Willow Books had the distinct honor of releasing Still A Man and Other Stories by acclaimed writer James E Cherry. Praised as “one of the significant literary voices rising out of Tennesee in the early 21st century,” by New York Times bestselling author Alice Randall, Cherry wrote a contemporary yet timeless collection of stories about the everyday lives of black people in America.

“Come back, Eldrige! I ain’t wearing no gotdamn mask!”

–from “Ghosts of Salvation,” Still A Man and Other Stories

In this story about the interaction in a nursing home between a young black janitor who hears…

View original post 63 more words

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Join #MotownWriters @Meetup ONLINE in our FB Group wsg Jesse A Cole, Jr. as he helps #MichiganWriters with Spirit-Led Writing Techniques. #michlit


Author’s Website | Author’s Books 

(Please forward this to a friend and bring several friends with you.)

See ya Sat and please bring a donation to help us out.

We’re still meeting, just online in our Facebook Group

Join in advance and let’s discuss your literary challenges and successes, plus receive tips and tricks to help you with your writing, publishing and marketing.

On June 13th at 10am, we’ll have special guest, Jesse A. Cole, Jr.

TOPIC: Spirit-Led Writing Techniques: “Accomplishing Your Writing Goals With A Spirit-led Strategy”

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JesseColeSpeaks
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/CoachJesseCole
Website: www.KingdomMogulCoaching.com
Books: www.kingdommogulcoaching.com/store/

Jesse Cole is the COO (Chief Obedience Officer) of Kingdom Mogul Coaching. A Kingdom Consulting company that helps entrepreneurs grow their faith as they grow their business. The author of 5 published books, Jesse knows what it feels like to choose audacious faith in the face of doubt, and to have the courage to be unapologetic and obedient to who God called you to be. Even when you are uncertain about your ability to perform or execute. Through his Kingdom Platforms Coaching Program, he helps people cultivate their experiences, uncover the transformational principles that are hidden beneath the surface, and convert those principles into a message they can monetize.

Author’s Website | Author’s Books 

Jesse says, “I’m still amazed that I get to use all of my spiritual gifts to empower others to live boldly in their calling. Seriously, from teaching, to giving a word of knowledge, from using discernment or taking a worship-break in the middle of a coaching session, to encouraging a clients’ faith, no gift is left out! And that’s what I enjoy most about my assignment, not only do I get to experience the unforced rhythm of God’s grace, but I get to teach others how to do the same in their life and business!”

Jesse resides in the Metro-Detroit area with his wife, Shaleena, and two children, Dean and Nya.

Please visit this author’s website, connect with him online and support his literary endeavors!

Networking is key to our survival as writers and authors! This is your chance to learn, network and connect!

“What you want to become depends on your willingness to become it.” 
 – Jesse A. Cole, Jr.
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