Ebook Bundling For Authors With Chuck Heintzelman #motownwriters

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51% of my fiction book sales income for the last year has been from boxsets, rising to 77% of my Kobo fiction sales income.|

Without box sets, my income would be significantly less – plus, being in multi-author-boxsets enables me to reach new readers. So if you’re not bundling your books, you’re missing out on income and visibility. In today’s show, I talk to Chuck Heintzelman about some of the options for ebook bundling and box sets.In the intro, I discuss the furore over the Amazon buy boxes this week from the Author’s Guild, and Nate’s response at The Digital Reader.

read more: http://www.thecreativepenn.com/2017/05/15/ebook-bundling/

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Branding: The rule of coaching via #createspace | #motownwriters

Posted by CreateSpaceBlogger

Today’s rule could essentially be summed up in the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song, “Teach Your Children.” The song is a classic that encourages us to pass along our knowledge of life to all the generations without judgment or expectation of anything in return. I know it sounds kind of heavy for a branding strategy, but the more young writers you selflessly help along the way, the greater service you do for the community of writers and society as a whole. And, yes, even though you shouldn’t expect a return on your investment of time and knowledge, you most likely will receive enormous returns in the form of loyal disciples of your brand.

So, I say to you, seasoned writer, teach aspiring authors well. Share your dream with them. Find opportunities to assist other writers in achieving their dreams. Give them constructive feedback on their manuscripts. Help them navigate the indie publishing world. Give them marketing and branding advice. You may even encourage them to pass along what they know to up-and-coming writers.

read more: https://forums.createspace.com/en/community/community/resources/blog/2017/05/10/branding-the-rule-of-coaching

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Can You Market Your Book For 5 Minutes A Day? #motownwriters

What if I told you that you can market your book for just five minutes a day and be successful at selling more books, branding your name, and getting out your message?

From a handful. I would get the response:  “That’s too much time.”  They fear book marketing. But for the vast majority, they’d likely respond:  “That’s not possible.”

Well, after reading through a new book, 5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors: Easy and Effective Ways to Market Your Book Every Single Day by Penny Sansevieri, you will feel not only is it possible, but necessary.

The book is written in short, easy-to-follow chapters that ease even novice authors and first-time book marketers into the process of making themselves a little famous.

Sansevieri, who has penned 16 books, runs a marketing company, and teaches publishing and marketing at NYU, claims:  “This book is set-up so that you can do only 5-minute incremental work, but it also includes instructions for when you are ready to dig deeper and spend more time.”

So what goodies does she offer on the quick that can instantly ramp up a writer into a smooth-talking book promoter? She has chapters on the following:

read more: http://bookmarketingbuzzblog.blogspot.com/2017/05/can-you-market-your-book-for-5-minutes.html

also watch :

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New Research From Scholastic Reveals That More Ebooks and Independent Reading Time Are Needed in U.S. Schools #amreading

Scholastic recently released its new report on the state of school reading in the United States. Two of the many findings include the need for more time devoted to independent reading and a desire for more ebooks in school libraries.

Independent Reading

Independent reading time is the segment of a school day in which students are allowed to read on their own. Because this activity is not directly related to a specific lesson, many schools have reduced or removed independent reading time. One principal surveyed stated, “We have lost independent reading time as a result of the numerous curriculum mandates.”

Educators, however, overwhelmingly assert that free reading contributes to student achievement, and its loss may indirectly affect learning. “Independent reading fosters a love for reading,” said Michael Haggen, Chief Academic Officer at Scholastic Education. Reading is one of the foundations for educational success.

More Digital and Diverse Books

Read more: http://www.digitalbookworld.com/2017/new-research-from-scholastic-reveals-that-more-ebooks-and-independent-reading-time-are-needed-in-u-s-schools/

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Writer Spotlight! Meet #MichLit @JaniceBroyles1 @ #motownwriters

Today we’re shining the Writer Spotlight on Michigan author Janice Broyles.|

Janice was born in Royal Oak, raised in Madison Heights and spent her childhood and teen years in the downstate area. Janice married and received her bachelor’s degree and was then offered a teaching position in Gaylord. She was surprised by the snowy, cold winters compared to the southeastern part of the Mitten! After 13 years in Gaylord, Janice got hired by Baker College in Cadillac, so she and her husband decided to make the move, and they’ve been in Cadillac ever since. Janice dreams of moving south someday (trust me Janice, it’s way too hot down there:), because she hasn’t learned to like winter yet. But she still thinks Michigan is beautiful- April through November! So happy to have you here today Janice. Now let’s get started on your writer story. . .

Mitten: When did you start writing for children or otherwise, and how did you know it was something you wanted to do?
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“Write What You Know” is Not Good Writing Advice #motownwriters

You’ve heard it before: Write what you know.|

I wonder what you think of that, because, frankly, I don’t think much. I’ve been known to pooh-pooh it as well-meaning but ultimately second-rate advice. It’s reassuring to hear, and probably reassuring to say, but I believe it misdirects beginning writers and costs them time. It cost me time. If I could tap myself on the shoulder—my younger self, setting out across seven states to start my MFA—I’d say, “Be careful with that one; it’s not what you think.”

So what is it? An instruction, a rubric, a dictum? Rummage around in your thesaurus a little, and you might land on “Adage: a proverb or short statement expressing a general truth.” To the left and right of this you’ll find axiom, aphorism, platitude, maxim, and even apophthegm, a doozy from the Greek apophthengesthai, meaning to speak out, that spins you around and shoves you right where you started, back at maxim and aphorism again. Write what you know is all of these. It is simultaneously broad and narrow; it sounds universal and trustworthy, and is therefore easily mistaken for a magic pill.

read more ; http://lithub.com/write-what-you-know-is-not-good-writing-advice/

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Win a Illustrator Mentorship – 2017-2018 from #SCBWI

Illustrator Mentorship 2017-2018


Prize: The grand prize is a one-year mentorship with acclaimed illustrator, Kirbi Fagan.

Kirbi has illustrated the covers of more than 50 books, and illustrated the interiors of several series of illustrated chapter books. Kirbi won the Jack Gaughan Award for Best Emerging Artist in 2017 and the Muddy Colors Rising Star Award.



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“It’s,” Complicated: National Grammar Day and Apostrophe Abuse

harm·less drudg·ery

Yesterday was National (U.S.) Grammar Day, which is the high holy day for us word nerds. Everyone celebrates in their own way–I celebrate by using the singular “they” and ritually burning seven copies of Strunk & White–but one thing that is constant across all of nerddom is the worship of Almighty Grammar. Adherence to Grammar will save us: it will make us happy. It will get us the best job. It will increase our sexiness by 400%.

It’s a shame then that Grammar is so damned mercurial. A cursory look at the history of most usage issues tagged as “grammar” shows that “correct” hasn’t always been–and I’m not just referring to those fine-grain shibboleths of usage that no one can quite get right, like whether you should use “different from” or “different than.” Let’s keep things simple. Let’s talk about the apostrophe.

That hanging tittle is the source of much grammatical spleen, plenty of it vented in the dictionary’s…

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Watch “Ebook Bundling For Authors With Chuck Heintzelman” on YouTube

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Promo checklist

Going through several promoting articles I started to build a checklist.

Beginnings would love this and intermediate can use this list as reminders.

Advance people?

Just share it or make special articles about your promoting checklists.

Checklist when publishing books

1. Make a great book cover
2. Edit your book well
3. Create a good description of book
4. Complete Amazon Author Page
5. Announce on all social media
6. Encourage reviews
7. Do a book trailer & video promos
8. Become an Amazon Affiliate
9. Get promo material for your book
10.Create a hashtag for book
11. Check out AmazonAuthorInsights.com
12. Blog – a least once a week

What is your promotion to do lists?  Comment below

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Feeling Invisible on Facebook? How’s Your Organic Reach?

Finding it hard to stand out from the crowd?|

Years ago, when I decided to branch out and teach virtual classes regarding craft and social media, I knew I needed to live by my own mantra—We Are Not Alone. Sure I could kill myself learning every platform and maybe even do a passable job, but I am way too Type A for that. You guys deserved the best. So I reached out to those around me who were far better than I was, the experts I looked to on various subjects.

Sure, I do a good job on Facebook and am an expert on the basics, but if you REALLY want to up your game? Really want to know how to get the most out of Facebook, particularly the fan page? There is no one I could recommend more than journalist, columnist, speaker Lisa Hall-Wilson. She taught me what I know and I have a lot more to learn so believe you me, I am taking her class.

Lisa is here to talk about a subject we all face—being invisible. It does no good to be on Facebook or create content if we don’t know how to play the game. And trust me, a lot of it is a game. What is the best content? How do we use it? Grow it? Maximize it? How can we get a fantastic ROI off Facebook without living there?

Well, Lisa is going to talk about that today, so this is me shutting up now…

Take it away, Lisa!

Meme via nuevosmedios.mx

read more: http://authorkristenlamb.com/2017/04/feeling-invisible-on-facebook-hows-your-organic-reach/

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Insider Guide To Landing A Book Promo Deal

Guest post by the incredibly entertaining Matt Stone, who is also known by his alter-ego as Buck Flogging.|

There are a lot of book promotion sites…

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What is your literary challenge for the month? #marketing #writing #reading #publishing #April


I’m always available to answer questions for you because it may be the questions millions of other authors are trying to get answers and the answer we come up with could help not only you, but others as well.

If you’d like just a private consultation, click here. 

Now, HOW CAN I HELP YOU?  (Leave your response in the comments) 

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Why authors shouldn’t obsess over one-star reviews

one-star reviews

Authors, prepare yourself for the inevitable one-star review. In the publishing industry, one-star reviews are practically a rite of passage.

And no one is immune. Whether you’ve got 10 best-sellers to your credit or it’s your first book, you can expect at least a single one-star review.

There are the one-star Amazon reviews that make you roll your eyes.

“If possible, I’d give this pile of garbage zero stars.”

“Not really of much use for me. Seems like just a lot of useless information to fill up a book.”

“The best part of this book is the cover photo.”

Then there are the one-star Amazon reviews that have a little more substance.

“If you know nothing at all and are not good at Googling this might be a good choice.”

“I really didn’t like this book. I don’t understand why it’s so highly rated. I found the characters to be either overly dramatic, willfully ignorant, or utterly apathetic. They were just too extreme.”

“I was expecting a great deal of sociological analysis that relate to the author’s personal experiences but instead got a 272 rambling, inconsistent, humble brag of a memoir sprinkled with a few facts and statistics for good measure.”


read more: https://buildbookbuzz.com/one-star-reviews/

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The Power of the Indie Bookstore #motownwriters

From Literary Hub:

Book browsers and community-seekers rejoice: this Saturday, April 29, is Independent Bookstore Day. 470 indie bookstores across the country will be participating.

. . . .

Emily Temple: What are your first bookstore memories? Do you have a favorite bookstore from childhood?

Emma Straub: There were several great bookstores on the Upper West Side when I was a kid—there was Endicott, Eeyore’s, Shakespeare and Company. We went to all of them all the time, though in truth, Channel Video, the local video store, was the only place in the neighborhood that had a thing that I could crawl inside, and so that sort of won. Mostly when I think about Endicott, I think about one of the booksellers, who my father was friendly with, who was apparently covering his entire body in tattoos in hopes of becoming a human lampshade someday. Funny what sticks.

ET: What has been the best part about starting a bookstore—and what has been the hardest part?

ES: The most fun part has been ordering books. That has also been the hardest part. I so badly want the store to have a personality, but I also want to be mindful that my taste is not everyone’s. It’s a tricky thing! We shall see.

ET: Why do you think independent bookstores are still thriving in the era of Amazon? What makes them so special?

Read more: http://www.thepassivevoice.com/2017/04/the-power-of-the-indie-bookstore/

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