#Motownwriters: What is your biggest marketing fear this month? What marketing challenges have you overcome?

Take your fears to the next level and use them to gain more book sales and achieve more literary goals!


Comment now about your book fears this month or leave your marketing challenges you’ve overcome to teach others!

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Calling out the bloggers who are participating in #MotownWriters #BlogChallenge 2017!

Today we’re Calling out the bloggers who are participating in the challenge.

Let’s all do a check on the participating Michigan Authors who have said they are up to the challenge. Check out their #MotownWriters Blog Challenge articles by visiting their sites.

Let’s all challenge and encourage them; especially if they’re not doing it!!

Irma Givens – http://irmagivens.blogspot.com   Twitter: @Irma_Givens

Dr. Dee – https://drdcmatthews.wordpress.com Twitter: @DrDCMatthews

Denise Bryson – https://redwingredtail.blogspot.com  Twitter: @OneBlackRoseDJB

Lisa Lipscomb – http://somethingnewseries.com/blog/  Twitter:  @LightBreezes

L. Walker – http://www.diaryofaninsanehousewife.com Twitter: @InsaneHW313

Are you interested in signing up? There’s still time. Catch up with us at:


Got questions or comments about the blog challenge, click here and post in the comments

Share this post as well to let others know about the challenge! Especially if you’re one of the challengers.

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Authors: Swallow Your Pride and Work Book Signing Events


“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”  —Stephen King

By D.S. Edwards
Guest Blogger

When most people think of a book signing, they picture John Grisham sitting at a table in Barnes & Noble with a line of people waiting, literary treasure in hand and looks of anticipation on their faces.

While this is an accurate picture in the world of traditional publishing, it’s not necessarily what a book signing looks like in the world of Indie. Before I go further and give you some tips on becoming a known author, I want you to close your eyes, reach deep down into your soul, find that lump of pride all authors carry around, pull it out, chew on it for a minute and swallow it.

Now that we have officially gotten over ourselves, and removed our biggest obstacle, we can begin the journey to becoming a successful author. I’ll give you some ideas by sharing my own journey.

read more; https://publicityhound.com/blog/book-signing-events

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What is your literary challenge for the month? #marketing #writing #reading #publishing


I’m always available to answer questions for you because it may be the questions millions of other authors are trying to get answers and the answer we come up with could help not only you, but others as well.

If you’d like just a private consultation, click here. 

Now, HOW CAN I HELP YOU?  (Leave your response in the comments) 

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Book Copyright Page Examples For Your eBook @KindlePreneur

Access our free book copyright page example as well as learn how to create a book copyright page for your book so as to protect yourself.

read more: https://kindlepreneur.com/book-copyright-page-examples-ebook/

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#MotownWriters: PBS to Unveil America’s Favorite Books in New TV Series

From Publishers Weekly:

The Great American Read, an ambitious eight-episode documentary series that PBS has just announced, will explore the place of reading in American culture. The show, which is set to start airing in the summer of 2018, will kickoff with a two-hour program that will reveal a list of America’s 100 best-loved books.

The inaugural episode of the series, set for May 2018, will feature the list of 100 best-loved books, chosen by the public and by a panel of literary experts. The final program in the fall will unveil a Top Ten list of America’s best-loved books, culminating in the first-ever nation-wide vote to reveal America’s single best-loved book of all.

. . . .

read more: http://www.thepassivevoice.com/2017/08/pbs-to-unveil-americas-favorite-books-in-new-tv-series/

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Michigan Sisters In Crime — Don’t miss FREE event this Saturday, Sept. 9 via @Mi_SinC

We hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend!!


This is a reminder that if you haven’t registered for this Saturday’s Polygraph Seminar for Writers seminar, there’s still time. This seminar will explain the science behind the polygraph machine as well as interrogation techniques.

Here are Christopher Lanfear’s amazing credentials:

25 years Michigan State Police/Retired Detective Lieutenant. State of Michigan licensed polygraph examiner since 1979. Dual Licensure as both Public (Government) and Private Examiner. Chief Examiner for Oakland County Government (48 policies agencies and prosecutor’s office) for 18 years. Retired January 2017. Over 1000 Homicide Investigations and over 3000 Criminal Sexual Assault Investigations. Court Certified Expert, Criminal Investigation, Narcotics Investigation, Polygraph Examinations, Interview & Interrogation. Currently Forensic Polygraph Examiner, testing for Defense and Appellate Counsel. State of Michigan Appellate Defender’s Office, Federal Defender’s Office (Detroit) and Federal Defender’s Office (Flint).

To register, either visit our website

or follow the below link to the Eventbrite site:

We hope to see you Saturday!


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FINALLY USE THAT LIBRARY CARD! Use @OverdriveLibs & YOU cld be reading my books 2Nite! Even on @Kindle! #LibraryCardSignUp

The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard



Now there are various books by myself and of course, other authors you can download for free with your library card!

September is Library sign up month and I would like to remind readers that you can read a lot of my work for FREE just by signing up and using your library card! Even if you have an Amazon Kindle. (which are on sale this month and there are instructions at the bottom of this post)

cover image of Stealing Innocence I

Stealing Innocence I

Stealing Innocence Series

Book 1

Sylvia Hubbard Author

cover image of Beautiful


Sylvia Hubbard Author

cover image of Diamond In the Rough

Diamond In the Rough

Heart of Detroit Series

Sylvia Hubbard Author

cover image of Road to Freedom

Road to Freedom

Sylvia Hubbard Author

cover image of Love Like This

Love Like This

Black Family Series

Sylvia Hubbard Author

cover image of Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Heart of Detroit Series

Sylvia Hubbard Author

cover image of Stone's Revenge

Stone’s Revenge

Sylvia Hubbard Author

cover image of Red Heart

Red Heart

Heart of Detroit Series

Sylvia Hubbard Author

View original post 76 more words

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#MotownWriters: Do you know what a book publicist does?

Buy your copy now 

Buy your copy now 

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#MotownWriters: Do Daily Deal Services Work? One Author’s Experience with 19 Promo Sites @LH_writes

Please welcome Laura Heffernan, the author of America’s Next Reality Star and Sweet Reality, to WU today! A little about her:

Laura is living proof that watching too much TV can pay off. When not watching total strangers get married, drag racing queens, or cooking competitions, Laura enjoys travel, baking, board games, and seeking new experiences. She lives in the Northeast with her amazing husband and two furry little beasts.

When Laura first pitched writing a piece on her experience with a large number of promo sites, we thought it could make for a fresh and interesting case study–and it does. Sales are a funny thing, and linked to variables that are often unknowable to us. Laura’s personal analysis of her sales numbers and their correlation with a roundup of ad runs provides food for thought and may introduce you to services you never knew existed.

Thank you, Laura, for taking the time to compile and share your numbers for us!

You can learn more about Laura and her novels on her website, and by following her on Facebook and Twitter.

read more: http://writerunboxed.com/2017/09/03/do-daily-deal-services-work-one-authors-experience-with-18-promo-sites/

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#MotownWriters Article: You’re Never Too Old To Pen A Book

It’s never too late to find love or do what you love.  Writers know this well.
My first cousin, Amanda, 39, just got married for the first time, to a man a few years older.  She shows that one can find love at any age.  Plenty of widows remarry in older age and plenty of people who get divorced find new loves later.  It’s wonderful to see people never give up on pursuing love.
It’s also wonderful to see writers doing what they love, well into their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  In fact, our seniors hopefully have lived long enough to be in a position to have something worthwhile to share and write about.
Just when you think you are too old to do something or to take up a new profession or start a hobby remember that age doesn’t have to block your dreams.  Why not write your first book at age 50 or 85?  Go for it!
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ALERT: AUTHORS!! Don’t break the bank on editing. @AuthorCKBrooke #amediting

Get affordable, professional, quality flat-rate editing, just $175 for 20,000 words. That’s it.

Plus, I don’t just copy-edit for grammar and spelling, but analyze content (POV, plot holes, inconsistencies, etc.) to bring your manuscript to publication/submission-ready quality. Visit http://ckbrooke.com/editing/ to learn more.

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#FreePromotionOpportunity frm Creative Expressions Literary Services via @LatoyaAuthor

Author Interview: https://goo.gl/forms/4aumE708h3zK28ih2
Book Review: https://form.jotform.us/authorlatoya/book-review-request
Book Spotlight: https://goo.gl/forms/78XJi2ZU9wgALAio1
Beta Reader: https://goo.gl/forms/PAk1EBqIGq2le40G2


For more information visit Creative Expressions at: http://www.latoyamurchison.com/literaryservices

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Before You Hit The “Publish” Button: An Indie Author’s Checklist


Most indie authors grapple with the all-consuming issue of how to stand out from the crowd by creating memorable content and sufficient “buzz” for their self-published novels. Of one million books published a year, some 700,000 are self-published. Very few indie authors reach sales in the thousands, and fewer still break even after costs for giveaways and promotions and advertising are taken into account. A recent article by author Nicole Dieker  (on the website of publishing industry expert, Jane Friedman) attested to just how disheartening statistics for self-published authors can be.

Hitting The “Publish” Button Too Soon

Some indie authors simply hit the publish button too soon. Often, that’s obvious on the very first page of the novel, or the typos, grammatical errors, formatting mistakes and plot holes begin to pile up as you plow through the pages.  Others have great concepts/themes or plots, beautifully written , but don’t know how to reach readers.

Checklist for Success

READ MORE http://www.joannaelm.com/indie-authors-checklist/

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Michigan Authors: Sign up for #MotownWriters Blogging Challenge for September 2017 #amblogging

Motown Writers Network . . . Michigan Literary Network

We all need help in blogging. I’m an avid blogger. I love to blog, but I sometimes need that inspiration and encouragement from others.

So I want to bring first a 4-week blogging challenge starting September 1st.

Just 4 times a month you can go to your blog and post out a message, answer the question, meet the challenge.

4 times

That’s it.

So even if you don’t blog, it’ll be good to just try.

Now usually in a blogging challenge, you have to wait for that week in order to get what the challenge is, but I’m like I’m going to help you in advance and as the challenges are release come back and post your link so others can come visit and see what you did.

View original post 333 more words

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