Check out the Index! [#iaindex]

Independent Author Index

The best reason to join the Independent Author Index as a member author is to gain more exposure for your work.

How does that happen?

I’m glad you asked. 🙂

Unique Link

Share your profile with the world when you receive a unique link that’s simple and easy to remember.

Book Listings

You can have unlimited books listed on your profile complete with synopsis, book video, excerpt and buy links. You’ll also get short links for each of your book listings.

Social Sharing

Your listings are shared on several social media sites, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more!

For the first 30 days that you are a member of the Index, updates with links to your author profile and all book listings are placed on repeat tweet for over 66,300+ to  click and view. Click here to see an example of the kind of clicks generated by this 30-day repeat tweet campaign.

Calendar Listings

You can have your literary events added to the Index Events Calendar for free. Non-members pay $4.

Satellite Sites

There are other sites associated with the Index. Your book summaries, book videos and book covers are shared there and linked back to your content on the Index. There’s also another site on, and there’s Indie Books All Over, that lists your book(s) on up to eight of the Amazon sites.

Sell Your Print Book

Everyone can list print book free on the Index, but member authors pay less in commissions to do so.

Member Author Only Links

Member authors have access to certain features and links that are not available to the regular visitor to the Index. These include links to add more books, update your information, past emails sent to authors, member-author-exclusive giveaways/contests and more.


Sponsor giveaways of your books or other products on the Index, and the Index will advertise your giveaways through social media.

Premium Services

Member authors can take advantage of more services to gain even more exposure for their books, like an exclusive sidebar.

Members of the MWN receive a $5.00 discount on the one-time, set-up fee of $24.95. To get the discount enter the code: 1MW1THSYLV1AMWN

Click here to get started.

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