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40 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Sylvia,

    I just wanted to let you know that I think the site is great and I hope it generates a lot of members for your group and inspires even more people to find their “inner books.”

    • thank you so much Oscar for the compliment and praise. I hope we can be ten times better as we begin to celebrate our 9th year!

  2. Happy New Year Sylvia:
    Do I send you the jpeg files of my book covers?

    I’m finishing 2 books hoping to release April 20th

  3. kleopatra A. Fero

    I have a new book out calledRamzII i would like to have on your web page contact me by e-mail.


    Written By
    Kleopatra A. Fero

  4. I have written a book in the satirical style of Elmore Leonard called: Deathryde: Rebel Without A Corpse. The book is available on

  5. kleopatra A. Fero

    I would like my new book on your web page its called.
    RAMZII its great read contact me soon thank you.

  6. I have a book called RamzII its a great fine I would like. To have it on your website, thank you contact me by.
    E-mail thank you.

  7. Hi, I’d like to have my books posted on this site. I’d also like to meet up with other locak writers and poets. Is there anyone who’d like to collaborate?


  8. Hi Sylvia, I thank you for all the assistance I get from your many sites at time, you have given me quite a bit of a insight on many things, as I began to figure out how to work some of these tools you supply so willingly, I will began to network with you more often, I’m in the process of writing my next novel, right now and I just want you to know that with the stuff I have learned from you and others like you, it will be easier for me to to get it published and promoted. thank you for being there in the time of need. STAY BLESSED!!!

  9. Clarence Young

    This is a cool feature. I think my book covers (God, Quiet Spaces and Two Brothers) are still on the site somewhere.

  10. How do I addmy books to this banner?

  11. ok,ay please add KILL SWITCH and SHADOWS IN THE SUNLIGHT (under WL BUSH) to the marquee.

  12. WL: I’m adding the book as we speak

  13. i would like to get my book on your web-page contact me about it thank you.

  14. My latest book Whispers, Tears, Prayers, and Hope is listed on

    (It is actually in contention for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry this year)

    Sony has just listed my first three poetry collections as e-books
    (Have been working on this for over a year now.)
    They will also be listing my newest book later this month.

    I am not anyone special, I work in the billing department for a car rental company, that is how I buy my groceries. I write poetry to try and change the world.
    Believe me, sometimes the world does listen.

  15. Thank you for letting me be a part of such a great social site. I would like my book “Kill the Messenger: Gemini” to be on your banner. Thanks.

  16. Hi Sylvia,

    It looks like you’re doing some great things here. Keep up the good work!


  17. Hi Sylvia,

    Id like to add my book the the banner. Its scheduled to come out June 30th.. The title is In Between Lies. How do I have it added to the marquee?


  18. I love this site! It is full of information. Good job!

  19. Have learned so much about literary world since I joined MWN.

  20. Love the site

  21. Sylvia gets the OSCAR, GRAMMY and a host of other awards for relentless effort and passion in the promotion of Motown Writers. A shining example of walking the walk that matches talking the talk.
    Thanks Sylvia for the constant reminder, motivation………

  22. Hello, Sylvia–I just signed up for Michigan Literary Network, completing the author info page, uploaded photo, etc. My latest book, Who’s Jim Hines?, is available on and the cover is available there. Thanks! See you soon, I’m sure.

  23. Hoping to see my book on the site with other books would be great!

  24. Sylvia — I’m enjoying the new version of the MWN feed. Keep it coming!

  25. Bonnie White

    Please contact me regarding some of my material that Google has picked up on this site.

    • Bonnie White

      Would like to know when my comment will be moderated and/or responded to. Thanks.

  26. I really would to see some kind of tool to help with dist. of pod/self-publiacation

  27. Sylvia,
    I would like to ask of you… if you would post two of my books on your site. I think that your site is all that and then some. I have written two Urban fiction Novels and I am struggling to get my Novels out into the world for everyone to enjoy. As much as I enjoyed creating and featuring these two books, the works were done for everyone’s reading and mind enhancements which were very important to me as I worked very hard. I have a very deep and strong passion as an a Author and yearn to continue following my dreams as another creative writer. Sylivia, hopefully you can lend a helping hand in these hard and surviving times. My latest Book is called I’m Coming For Yah! And it is all action, drama with a twist of firery intellengence throughout it’s contents of the whole book. My first Book is called A Sin At Birth. This book is an all in one with it’s Urban fiction relations to how it is in today’s world with the effects of our urban everyday living. These are Two Hit Tales that were made to be really enjoyed and they can be viewed at my Author’s Websites At: or
    God Bless and Thanks for listening Sylvia!

  28. Hello’we met in 2000,at one of your events over on greenfield.I must say i’am really proud of you,and you have my upmost respect for staying true to yourself and your dream.I can remember when Motown writers group was just a thought.I would love to be part of your program and organization,it is time for me to step up my game a change my surounding an direction and be more prductive in promoting my writing skills.Pleae check out my book State Prison my fifteen year

  29. Hello Sylvia,
    There have been slight changes made to my Websites which had to be corrected for the sites to show. As of now, everything is completed for viewing at any time. Thank You for being patience and I hopefully can get my book called A Sin At Birth on the book display. I appoligize for the error in the links to anyone who have tried to view my Websites. We can meet up At: (OR)
    Looking To hear from you!

  30. I have a recently released novel available through called ‘Eden’s Fallen Shaman’ that I would like to post on your wonderfull site. Thank You

  31. Reviews for Backstop: A Baseball Love Story in Nine Innings, by Michigan author J. Conrad Guest:

    “… by the time you get to the last ‘inning’ of this
    ‘game,’ you’ll be rooting for Backstop to succeed both on and off the field. He’s not perfect, for sure, but he’s a good guy at heart, and a great baseball player! And like me, you’ll be glad you read this book, whether you’re a sports fan or not.”

    —Terri Kirby Erickson, author of Telling Tales of Dusk

    “In Backstop, J. Conrad Guest offers an entertaining and instructive journey into both major league baseball and major league matters of the heart.”

    —Jeff Vande Zande, author of Landscape with Fragmented Figures

    “Baseball, like love, is a game of errors and regrets. Pop-outs, ground-outs, strike-outs. A bad swing, a bad throw, a bad hop. But what captivates us most is the possibility of the next at-bat, of the chance for a rally, of an unlikely clutch play that suddenly changes the stakes. This is where J. Conrad Guest meets us in Backstop: in this beautiful, hopeful place closest to our hearts, where we play for the love of the game, and we love with everything we have.”

    ─Rachael Perry, author of How to Fly

  32. Hi,

    I just joined the Michigan Literary Network and can’t believe I hadn’t joined earlier. It looks like a great place to be to meet and network with other folks in the literary community.

    I just self-published my first fiction book, a short story collection, called The Fear Within. It’s available at amazon. Do I need to be a member of the MLN for some time before I can have it added to the site?

    I look forward to networking with others here and possibly attending some of the events coming up. Just a note, I’m a tad on the shy side so aggressively promoting my book will be a huge step for me. :-)


    • we’re putting together our own member database as we speak and we’ll keep all the members updated. Just keep opening up your emails from us for updates.



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