KDP Now Supports Arabic eBooks (Beta)

It may have taken Amazon about eight years longer than it should have, but earlier this month Amazon added Arabic support to its digital publishing platform, KDP.

KDP Now Supports Arabic eBooks (Beta) Kindle (platform)

They sent out an email to authors on the 14th (I did not get it). According to the email and the relevant page on Amazon’s site, authors can sell an ebook in Arabic and earn a 70% royalty.

read more: https://the-digital-reader.com/2017/12/25/kdp-now-supports-arabic-ebooks-beta/

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YOUR PURPOSE WILL GIVE YOU PROSPERITY from Detroit Author, @SylviaHubbard1 interview w/@weamnamou (Video)

Your Purpose Will Give You Prosperity

I met Sylvia Hubbard, Detroit’s literary diva, some ten years ago when I attended one of her workshops. The most memorable part of the workshop is seeing her children there, one crawling under the table and she going about her business with the most pleasant attitude. As a new mom going crazy and wondering how I’m going to continue my writing career, I thought, “Oh, this is doable.”

We kept in contact and continued to watch each other grow as authors, especially as we’re both members of Detroit Working Writers. She went on to publish over forty books, five which became bestsellers, she won awards, and she continued to nurture Motown Writers Network which she founded decades ago. She did all this while raising three children on her own.

“How did you do it?” I asked her when she came on my show last week.

“I start off with the grace of God,” she said. “And the spirit of starting with myself, and making myself happy. Writing makes me happy.”

She found that, as a single mom, pursuing her dreams led her children to jump on board. It also helped her find creative ways to nurture their passion so that they got to do their own thing while she did her thing. This led her to see what lying looks like.

But initially, it was her mother who geared her toward the power of writing and storytelling. When Sylvia was six years old,  whenever she’d lie about something, her mother would have her write the lie on paper.

“My pain became my pleasure,” she said. “I began to understand the power of storytelling.”

After Sylvia’s divorce, her mother also put her into focus. She said to her, “Your purpose will give you prosperity.”

Evidently, that advice was wise and true.

read more:


Your Purpose Will Give You Prosperity

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BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Truth About Harry’ by J. Paul Ghetto



You peel one skin and there’s another skin underneath it—all stories are true.  -John Edgar Wideman

I drove up Winchester Road (in Southeast Memphis, Tennessee) toward Mendenhall Road looking for a Wal-Mart store to buy socks. I’d left the Benjamin L. Hooks Public Library with plenty on my mind still thinking about a book which had caught my attention, in its introduction, a man, the author, who’d spent time in prison. He described how he’d had sex with other men while in prison, but he, as a heterosexual, did not really derive any sexual pleasure from the men he had sex with. He explained in graphic detail what is was like to penetrate another man, and why the act, for him, to stick his dick in another man’s ass, had meant nothing more than the desire to dominate control and power over the individual, “to break him,” he wrote. I…

View original post 1,604 more words

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Fortify Writers Retreat Returns to #Detroit! via @CaseyRocheteau #michlit #motownwriters #writers May 18-20,2018

 Fortify Writers Retreat Returns to Detroit!

***For Immediate Release***

Fortify Writers Retreat returns to Detroit for its second year May 18-20, 2018. Applications are open today through the end of the month. We encourage writers of any level or genre to apply for this weekend of generating new work, skill sharing, and building connections while attending workshops led by our phenomenal faculty.  

2018’s retreat is being coordinated by inaugural Write A House winner Casey Rocheteau and Disquiet International fellow Corina M. Fadel. Fortify will take place in a beautiful home in the historic Boston Edison neighborhood. Airea D. Matthews, 2015 Kresge fellow and winner of the 2016 Yale Younger Poets Prize will be give the keynote address. Our faculty includes Casey Rocheteau, poet Rachel Mckibbens, author Morgan Willis, journalist Anna Clark, and poet Nandi Comer. The retreat is sponsored by Write A House and the law firm Dickinson Wright.

Fortify is a weekend-long retreat centered around the generation of new work, sharing of skills and building connections between writers in Detroit. We want writers in any genre, at any experience level to have a space to hone their craft and acquire new tools for their writing practice. We are offering workshops and events led by acclaimed poets, storytellers, journalists, fiction and non-fiction writers. Detroit-based law firm, Dickinson Wright PLLC, is helping sponsor the event and will lead a special workshop / panel conversation, pertaining to the various legal issues writers may face in their careers. This years retreat also features a dinner time storytelling event that will be open the public. There is space for 45 participants, with five tuition scholarships available. Applications will be open between February 1st and 28th , and acceptances will be sent out in March. The cost of the retreat is $110 and includes meals, tuition and entrance to all retreat programming.

In 2015, Cornetta Lane, Anna Clark, Meghan Catana, Corina Fadel and Casey Rocheteau came together with the idea of building a writing retreat in Detroit. We set out with the shared intention that attendees would leave the space feeling full of knowledge, connections,  new ideas and work. With help from the University of Michigan and Write A House, we saw our vision to fruition and hosted the Fortify Writers Summit in April 2016 at the Charles T. Fisher Mansion in Boston Edison. This year, we are returning with the same intentions, under the theme of Writing the Now, which is meant to encompass many aspects of writing the present moment, be it tracking the growth of a fictional character, or reporting an event which is still currently unfolding.

We look forward to reading applications and bringing you another fantastic retreat!

Contact: FortifyWritersRetreat@gmail.com

Website: https://fortifywritersretreat.splashthat.com/

Application: https://goo.gl/forms/Q9zPfDTgM3SM2Dln1

Instagram: FortifyRetreat // Facebook: FortifyWritersRetreat

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#MotownWriters February Romance Author Feature: Raynetta Manees @raynettaman

Book: All For Love: The SuperStar

Genre: Romance

Sub-genreAuthorWebsite:  www.RManees.com

Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2DVuGv1

Buy Book Now

Is this book available in Paperback & eBook?  Yes, in both

What is your book about?

2017 Emma Award Finalist–Best Contemporary Romance!

SuperStar Series Book 2- All For Love: The SuperStar – (Darryl’s Story)

International pop superstar Darryl Bridges counts his fans, not in the millions, but in the billions, yet he sleeps alone due to the private tragedy that broke his heart. Then, in one surprise encounter his world is changed inside out! But will the very lifestyle that brought him untold fame and fortune cause the destruction of the love he would give his life to save?

Widowed businesswoman Angela Delaney has suffered tragedy as well, and after years of struggle has finally achieved financial stability for herself and the child she was left to raise alone. The love she thought she would never find miraculously materializes, and from the most incredible source. But how much of her present life must she sacrifice to sustain it?

Two people so different on the surface, but such soul mates underneath. But can they survive the multitude of forces conspiring to not only tear them apart but to literally destroy them in the process? Forces willing to go to any length to demolish their love, even if it includes…murder?

Excerpt :

“Just as we rounded a corner, Alex, who was slightly ahead of me on the other side of the corridor cried out, “Look out, man!” a second before I ran smack into something soft and shapely.

Instinctively, my arm encircled her waist so she wouldn’t fall.  I looked down into the most bewitching chocolate brown eyes I’d ever seen.

“Hey…Wow…I’m really sorry!” I told her.  I was concerned; I had run into her really hard.  “Are you all right?  Did I hurt you?”

“No…no, I’m fine,” she gasped.

“Man!” She had dropped her purse.  I looked down at the things that had flown out all over the floor.  “Look, let us pick these up.  That’s the least I can do after almost sacking…”  I turned and really looked at her face for the first time, “you…”  My voice trailed off as I saw that those mesmerizing eyes adorned a beautiful heart shaped face.  Her flawless skin seemed to glow.

She seemed disoriented.  “What’s your hurry?  Where’s the fire?” she panted as she looked up at me.

The lovely eyes widened, telling me she realized then who I was.  And that’s also when I realized I still had my arm around her.  We abruptly stepped apart.

“I’ve got a press conference across town in twenty minutes,” I told her, “although that’s no excuse for knocking a lady down, Miss…?”

“Mrs….Delaney, Angela Delaney.”

Mrs.?  I quickly glanced at her left hand.  No ring.

“I’m Darryl Bridges,” I said, bracing myself for the eruption that usually followed.  But it didn’t come.

Angela just said, “Yes.  I know.”

Her quiet, calm reply surprised me.  And then I became a little embarrassed.  Well, of course, she knows, you jerk, I scolded myself.

By this time Alex had picked up her things and returned her purse.

For some reason, I was mentally fumbling for what to say next.  What finally came out was, “Well, I…uh…were you on your way out?  Could I drop you somewhere?”  We’re already late!  What did I say that for?

“No, I’m staying here, at the hotel,” Angela replied.  “In fact, I just checked in.”  She gave me a playful smile.  “Besides, if you get in any bigger rush, the reporters at that press conference will be interviewing a ball of flame.”

Well!  So the lady is not only beautiful, she has a sense of humor, too!  I started laughing just as Sam said, “Yeah, we’d better light a fire under it, man.  You’re due there in fifteen minutes.”  He gestured down the hallway.  “The limo’s waiting.”

“Yeah, Sam, okay,” I answered, not taking my eyes off Angela.  “Are you sure you’re all right?” I asked her once again.

“Positive.  But you’d better hurry.”  She gave me that whimsical smile once more.  “After all, it’s not like they can start without you.”

I laughed again as I turned to go.  “Guess you’re right.  Well…uh…goodbye.”

Bio of Author :

Raynetta Manees is a best-selling, award-winning author.  Her books are in both digital and print editions and she is traditionally published and self-published.  She’s done it all!  Manees has penned 12 Black romance novels, all rated 4/5 stars by Amazon.com readers and past best-sellers, as well as a non-fiction book about #Alzheimer’s. Manees celebrated her 20th anniversary as an author with the release of Book Two of The SuperStar Series, All For Love: The Superstar in Sept 2016.  The book was a finalist for the 2017 Emma Award for the Best Contemporary Romance of the year.

Social Media Links:

Raynetta welcomes your comments at her website www.RManees.com.  She can also be reached via email at RManees@aol.com  (Please show “Reader” and your name in the subject line.)

You may also reach Raynetta via:

Facebook: Raynetta Manees, Author

Twitter:  @raynettaman,

Pinterest: Raynetta Manees Author on Pinterest

Instagram: ms.manees

Goodreads Author Page: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/21931.Raynetta_Manees

Mail:  P.O. Box 3203, Southfield, MI  48037

Please support this author by purchasing her books or gifting a reader and then sharing this page

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Twenty-two authors and illustrators become part of Michigan’s literary history

Night for Notables honors great Michigan writers

Each year, the Night for Notables recognizes 20 books with ties to Michigan at a special recognition program and enlists previous winners as speakers.

Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Richard Ford will keynote the 2018 Night for Notables at the Library of Michigan. Ford won the Pulitzer for his book “Independence Day” in 1995, his book “Canada” was selected as a Michigan Notable Book in 2013.

Ford will be interviewed by another Notable Book author, Monica McFawn, whose collection of short stories and her first book, “Bright Shards of Somewhere Else,” won a Notable Book Award in 2015 and was selected as the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction. McFawn is an assistant professor at Northern Michigan University. Ford is a graduate of Michigan State University.

The Michigan Notable Awards come at a time when two previous award winners are receiving exceptional attention, based on movie adaptations of their literary work.

READ MORE: http://lansingcitypulse.com/article-15729-Twenty-two-authors-and-illustrators-become-part-of-Michigan&rsquos-literary-history.html

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NEI and Model D accepting submissions for Startup Story Night


Four local entrepreneurs will take center stage with the help from Satori Shakoor of the Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers

The New Economy Initiative (NEI) and Model D are seeking submissions for the Second Annual Startup Story Night, a storytelling event for metro Detroit entrepreneurs. This year’s storytellers will receive one-on-one training with host Satori Shakoor, founder and executive producer of the Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers®. Submissions are being accepted now through Friday, January 12, 11:59 p.m. Interested entrepreneurs can submit a brief overview of their startup story here.

NEI and Model D are asking local entrepreneurs to submit their stories based on this year’s theme, “Love What You Do,” focusing on the lengths business owners go to for the love of their companies. All southeast Michigan-based entrepreneurs, new and experienced, are encouraged to apply.

read more: https://michronicleonline.com/2018/01/10/the-new-economy-initiative-and-model-d-now-accepting-submissions-for-second-annual-startup-story-night-on-february-16/

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Vendor App sign ups are now available for the 2nd Annual Detroit Festival of Books July15th


Vendor application signups are now available. Please click here to sign up
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Kick Open the Doors! by Michigan Sisters in Crime (@Mi_SinC) #michlit #motownwriters #authors #michigan #writers

We’ve had a tremendous response to our February 24 members-only event, but have room for more.


Sat, February 24, 2018

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Add to Calendar


Clubhouse at Country Club Village

39554 Dun Rovin Drive

Northville, MI 48168

View Map

Inline image 1


Kick Open the Doors at our first all-members board meeting, where you’ll hear the latest on what’s ahead for MI-SinC in 2018 and have the opportunity to participate in brainstorming its future and volunteering for roles in its development.

The brief meeting will be followed by a panel discussion where authors from every side of publishing, from national best sellers to successful indies, will discuss their experiences and answer questions.

Following the panel will be a fun social activity–Cafe Conversations, where various topics will be discussed for ten minutes among those seated at one of four tables. At the end of that time, you will move to a different table for a different discussion. Details will be provided at the session.

To wrap up the day, there will be refreshments and informal discussions–a great opportunity for you to meet other MI-SinC members.

NOTE: This is a members-only event. Registration begins at 12:30


Distributed by
Sylvia Hubbard, Motown Writers Network

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Ludington Writers’ Rendezvous July21st #michlit #motownwriters #authors #readers

Ludington Writers’ Rendezvous will definitely be held this year.

Last year (you might recall) we had to cancel due to not getting the word out soon enough. Here’s what we know so far:
July 21, Saturday 10 am – 3 pm
Ludington Area Center for the Arts
40 possible vendor half tables, minimum 15 to hold the event (shouldn’t be an issue, starting to publicize now)
VERY short author interviews and opportunities to read from your work
possible short “discussions” where several authors give their take on interesting questions
free light breakfast during setup
lunch delivery available from local food services via volunteers
Registration will be available through Eventbrite within a couple of days.
$25 half table general price. $15 half table for Ludington Writers Members
Questions: contact , Joan H. Young, through PM, or jhyshark at gmail. com

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Michigan Notable Books 2018: Six winners talk about the award and their work via @freep

Ellen Piligian, Special to the Detroit Free Press


636514668587470427-MichiganBooks.jpgFrom food to famous Michiganders, baseball heroes to breweries, poetry about shipwrecks to a song turned into children’s book, the subjects of the 2018 Michigan Notable Books range far and wide. They do have one thing in common: They all represent Michigan or the Great Lakes region — through the book’s setting, a history or exploration of its people or places, or the Michigan roots of its author.

This year’s 20 books were chosen by the Library of Michigan from a list of nearly 300 published in 2017, according to State Librarian Randy Riley, who has coordinated the selection committee for nearly two decades. The statewide program, which began as part of the 1991 Michigan Week celebration, pays tribute to what makes Michigan unique.

read more: https://www.freep.com/story/entertainment/2018/01/14/michigan-notable-books-2018/1025681001/

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#MotownWriters February Romance Author Feature: Mia Bailey


      • Is this book available in Paperback & eBook?  Yes\
      • What is your book about? Richelle Sommers has inherited her mother’s magical gifts: empathic and telepathic, she can feel and hear the thoughts of others as well as speak with the beasts of nature. Raised in the mountains, she becomes a beautiful woman dedicated to saving her beloved wolves.
        For centuries, Valya cel Mare has defended the innocent against the evil forces seeking to destroy them. One fateful day, he loses an innocent–a powerful psychic witch–and is left to protect her only child, Richelle, from a cult of religious fanatics led by a demented old priest bent on using her powers to fight on the side of his ‘God’ and serve The Evil One, the most ancient and powerful of Vampyres.
        Hunted by both man and monster, can Valya save Richelle from the religious fanatics and the Evil One, Luka cel Rau, who plans to use her powers to enslave the world?
      •  Excerpt 
        “Where is Richelle?”
        “Gone.” Duncan began to cough furiously as Valya stopped breathing at the one word before Duncan could continue. “She’s gone. She left a few days ago after I told her about her mother, how and why she was murdered.”
        “Why did you let her go?”
        “I couldna stop her.”
        She must have been so frightened, to take off when she had nowhere to go, Valya thought, but she must have gone somewhere. “Where did she go?”
        Duncan’s smile fell.
        “I dinna know. She wouldna tell me. She went to the bank, withdrew the money left by her mother, and left.”
        “You should have sent word to me.”
        Duncan nodded.
        Valya felt as if he were being compressed in a vise. Every muscle in his body constricted, and he couldn’t get enough air into his lungs. He should have been here. He should have come to her after Richelle graduated. Then he could have been here to protect them, and Richelle would not have run in fear and Duncan would not be lying in a pool of blood, dying.
        “I should have been here,” Valya stated.
        “Dinna berate yourself, lad. The Fates have made their decision. There is nothin’ to be done when they select yer thread.”
        Duncan mutely nodded. The Fates were impartial and immovable. Valya also knew that destiny could be changed by turning a different corner, by going left instead of right. Richelle had changed her destiny by leaving. Duncan started coughing again as Valya held his head up trying to ease his discomfort, his pain. He wished there was more he could do for him.
        “Lissen carefully, me lad. Richelle left before I could tell her everything aboot you, about the Immortals, and the Vampyres. She left because she dinna wanna put me in danger. Do ye understand what I’m sayin’?”
        Valya shook his head.
        “She dinna know the true danger. She dinna know what her true destiny is. Ye must find her quickly.”
        “Do the Vampyres know where she is?”
        “Vampyres?” Duncan questioned with his brow furrowed. “’Twas not Vampyres that came here. ’Twas the old priest with His Believers. ’Twas them who came here lookin’ for the lass. The old priest went mad when he couldna find her here. He destroyed the cabinHe killed her beloved animals that were protectin’ her home.”
        Valya’s fear was minimally dispelled. He thanked the Gods that it wasn’t Vampyres who were coming for Richelle. She would have no defense against them alone, without him. While the old priest was relentless in his pursuit of Richelle, Valya had hidden her well. However, the old priest wouldn’t stop searching for Richelle, and Valya would not rest until Richelle was safely with him as his mate.
        “She wouldna tell me where she was goin’. She left a note. She wrote she would be fine and she dinna want me to come lookin’ for her. She dinna want me to worry. As if her bein’ away would stop me from worryin’.” He scoffed, laughing before a fit of coughing over took him, leaving him wheezing in its wake. He grasped at Valya’s jacket, pulling himself up, his voice raspy but deathly calm in his request.
        “Find her, Valya. I’ve loved that wee lass since you brought her here to me home. I couldna love her less if she were me own daughter. Find her, Valya. Protect her.”
      • Buy this book now: http://amzn.to/2s9DgoO

      • Bio of Author
    • Mia Bailey lives near Detroit with her supportive husband and childhood sweetheart. She continues to consult and provide speaking engagements, as well as conduct various presentations as a counselor in career development, creative therapies and writing. But most importantly, she writes daily and looks forward to the day when she can walk into someone’s home and there, on the bookshelf, she will see their library of Mia Bailey novels. She truly lives by the mantra…
      “Embrace Every Dream…Live Every Moment…Fulfill Every Fantasy”.

Support This Author by Supporting her work | Buy Her Book | Gift to A Friend & then Share this post

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#MotownWriters: DWW Speak, Poetry Event on February 13, 2018 #MichLit

Greetings lovely and handsome DWW writers!

Our next DWW event is the ONTV taping of “Speak, Poetry” on
Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Here are the details:
  • Address: Lake Orion ONTV: 1349 Joslyn Road, Lake Orion, MI 48360
  • Orion Center Building. Senior Center entrance on right, ONTV entrance on left
  • Parking in front of building
  • Phone #: 248-693-3377
  • Arrival time: 6 p.m.
  • Taping time: 6:30 p.m.
  • Seating capacity is 30
  • DWW President will welcome audience and viewers, give brief history of DWW, and introduce each reader
  • Taping concludes by 8:30 p.m.
  • THIS IS NOT LIVE TAPING. The reading will be edited for viewing on YouTube and Lake Orion ONTV.
  • A green screen will be used for taping, so avoid wearing green clothing.
  • Joe Johnson (who was on the panel at the September DWW Conference) will mock Detroit Working Writers lettering into the screen to identify the group.
  • We’re encouraged to bring refreshments, including coffee and tea. Joe says it makes the event more welcoming.
  • Guidelines for poetry lines and fiction/nonfiction word count:  since this is going on the air, subject matter should be for general audiences.  Each reader has @ 10 minutes.
Only DWW members can read, but family/friends/nonmembers are welcome to be in the audience.  We have four DWW members signed up to read thus far; we would love to have more!
Please RSVP to
 by Tuesday, February 6, 2018, if you are interested in participating.
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Romance is in the Air at #MotownWriters! Great Romance Authors will be featured this month. See our lineup

#MotownWriters February Romance Author Features

Feb 5th: Mia Bailey – Book

Feb 8th: Raynetta Manees – Book

Feb 12th: Breathless – Book

Feb 15th: Parker J Cole – Book

Feb 19th: Jada Pearl – Book

Feb 22nd: India Norfleet – Book

Feb 26th: Kimberly Batchelor Davis – Book

Please support these authors by purchasing their book, gifting to a reader and then sharing this page 





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Free Downloads at the time of Post : Books on Authorship #Motownwriters

Hello there and I’ve found another stash of free downloads that I thought you might like


The Author Startup: A Radical Approach To Rapidly Writing and Self-Publishing Your Book On Amazon (Self-Publishing Success Series 1)
The Author Startup: A…
Kindle Edition
Mastering Book Hooks for Authors: How to Capture Reader Attention and Book Sales in 30 Words or Less
Mastering Book Hooks…
Write and Publish Your First Book: A Step-By-Step Blueprint to Write, Self-Publish and Market Your Fiction or Non-Fiction Book (The Storyteller's Roadmap Series 1)
Write and Publish Your…
Kindle Edition



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