ALERT: AUTHORS!! Don’t break the bank on editing. @AuthorCKBrooke #amediting

Get affordable, professional, quality flat-rate editing, just $175 for 20,000 words. That’s it.

Plus, I don’t just copy-edit for grammar and spelling, but analyze content (POV, plot holes, inconsistencies, etc.) to bring your manuscript to publication/submission-ready quality. Visit to learn more.

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#FreePromotionOpportunity frm Creative Expressions Literary Services via @LatoyaAuthor

Author Interview:
Book Review:
Book Spotlight:
Beta Reader:


For more information visit Creative Expressions at:

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Before You Hit The “Publish” Button: An Indie Author’s Checklist


Most indie authors grapple with the all-consuming issue of how to stand out from the crowd by creating memorable content and sufficient “buzz” for their self-published novels. Of one million books published a year, some 700,000 are self-published. Very few indie authors reach sales in the thousands, and fewer still break even after costs for giveaways and promotions and advertising are taken into account. A recent article by author Nicole Dieker  (on the website of publishing industry expert, Jane Friedman) attested to just how disheartening statistics for self-published authors can be.

Hitting The “Publish” Button Too Soon

Some indie authors simply hit the publish button too soon. Often, that’s obvious on the very first page of the novel, or the typos, grammatical errors, formatting mistakes and plot holes begin to pile up as you plow through the pages.  Others have great concepts/themes or plots, beautifully written , but don’t know how to reach readers.

Checklist for Success


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Michigan Authors: Sign up for #MotownWriters Blogging Challenge for September 2017 #amblogging

Motown Writers Network . . . Michigan Literary Network

We all need help in blogging. I’m an avid blogger. I love to blog, but I sometimes need that inspiration and encouragement from others.

So I want to bring first a 4-week blogging challenge starting September 1st.

Just 4 times a month you can go to your blog and post out a message, answer the question, meet the challenge.

4 times

That’s it.

So even if you don’t blog, it’ll be good to just try.

Now usually in a blogging challenge, you have to wait for that week in order to get what the challenge is, but I’m like I’m going to help you in advance and as the challenges are release come back and post your link so others can come visit and see what you did.

View original post 333 more words

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#MotownWriters: Free Downloads to help Writers & Authors #FreeFriday

Are you ready to do more?
Promote and Market?

Download these files to give you assistance in your literary journey.

mini-guide-toselfpublishingw-freeresourceRelated imagesocial media for authors worksheet.pnghowtogetpodcastinterviews


And don’t forget, you can always request Sylvia for your writer’s group to speak or request a private consultation!

Literary Empowerment Coaching Service

Are you frustrated and just need quick questions to all your eBook needs without breaking your bank?
Sylvia Hubbard has been in the eBook industry since 2000 and can become your eBook whisperer. Called an author’s best friend, she has spoken in the United States and Canada on Ebook Writing Publishing and Marketing.Let her spend a little time helping you get to your eBook Literary goals!For $30 dollars you will receive ONE HOUR of coaching and answers to your questions.

Price: 30.00 USD



Are you an author that would like us to feature your free book on Friday? Contact us

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#MotownWriters: #ParadiseValley Days 3rd Annual “Back in the Day” Dance via Detroit Writers Guild Sept 15th #Detroit #MichLit #Events #Books

DWGuild presents Paradise Valley Days 3rd Annual “Back in the Day” Dance, September 15th.

 Buy tickets in advance for $20/each through our Paypal portal below or call (313) 535-6169 or (313) 580-4121 for mail purchase options.

read more:

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#MotownWriters : Free at the Time of Post #fatop || August 31st

Content Marketing: POWERFUL TIPS AND TRICKS FOR SUCCESS IN BUSINESS (content marketing agency,content for web,web marketing for profit, web marketing that works,content marketing strategy,seo 2017)
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Successful Self-Publishing: How to self-publish and market your book in ebook and print (Books for Writers 1)
Successful Self…
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Instagram Marketing That Sells: The Secrets They Don't Want You To Know (IMTS Book 1)
Instagram Marketing…
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MASTERING ONLINE MARKETING - Create business success through content marketing, lead generation, and marketing automation.: Learn email marketing, search ... and Entrepreneurship Series Book 1)
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Content Marketing Strategy Guide: Your Formula For Achieving Success Across Social Media, PR and SEO
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Jonny B Deviant
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Writing With A Heavy Heart: Using Grief and Loss to Stretch Your Fiction
Writing With A Heavy…
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Mastering Simple Facebook Ads For Authors: Find Readers and Build Your Mailing List
Mastering Simple…
Mark J Dawson
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Nail Your Novel Instant Fix: 100 tips for fascinating characters
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Memoir Writing 101: 10 Steps to Crafting a Compelling Memoir (Memoir Network Writing Series)
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How to Land (and Keep) a Literary Agent
How to Land (and Keep)…
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#motownwriters: Fiction Writing Contests Worth Your Time (Fall 2017 Edition) via @WriterUnboxed 

Inspired by Lit Hub’s 100 rejections per year post, my goal was to make at least 50 submissions in 2017. Since my last contest roundup, I’m at 78 submissions and 51 rejections. That rejection count has been a bittersweet goal to reach, but the year’s far from over.

Fall is submission season! Many literary journals reopen their reading periods as another academic year begins so there should be no shortage of places to send your work. I’ve curated another list of promising contests for your submitting convenience through Thanksgiving.

Much like editors are looking for reasons to reject work, I want to focus on opportunities worth my time. Thus, my list of writing contests below once again includes reasons to submit to that particular writing contest. May you find a promising opportunity among this list and spend less time searching for where to send that exciting draft.

If you only submit to one…

I’m personally going for SmokeLong Quarterly’s Kathy Fish Fellowship. Repeat publications and experience working with a literary journal sound like a promising outlet for anyone fascinated with flash fiction. Also, no fee.

read more:

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What is Your Michigan Amazon Author Page? Help #MotownWriters build a database #MichLit

We love authors and we want you to share your amazon author page in the comments


So click this link and add your page to the comments.


  1. Must be a Michigan Author!
  2. Must be to an Amazon Author page and NOT your book page.

Thank you!


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Watch “5 Ways Writers Can Stay Creative | #FRIDAYFIVE” on #motownwriters

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#MotownWriters Free at the time of Post @Amazon Books #freebooks #downloads

At the time I posted this, the books listed here are free.

Thank you


Facebook: The Marketing Blueprint – How To Make $$$ With Your Likes (Marketing Blueprints Book 3)
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Marketing Blueprints
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Unusually Effective: 25 Unusual yet Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies for Creating an Irresistible brand, Ultimate Business Growth and Massive Profits
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Starting a Successful Blog when you have NO CLUE!: 7 Steps to WordPress Bliss.... (Beginner Internet Marketing Series Book 1)
Starting a Successful…
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HOW I SOLD 80,000 BOOKS: Book Marketing for Authors (Self Publishing through Amazon and Other Retailers)
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52 Ways to Sell More Books: Simple, Cost-Effective, and Powerful Strategies to get More Book Sales
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TWITTER MARKETING: PREMIUM EDITION: PROVEN Strategies & Process for Sales and Marketing! Generate MANY followers, buzzing trends, and LOYAL customers! ... Twitter Revolution, Facebook, Youtube,)
F.R. Media
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Instagram Marketing That Sells: The Secrets They Don't Want You To Know (IMTS Book 1)
Instagram Marketing…
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HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETING (AMAZON): The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide To Making Money From Home (Or Anywhere In The World) (Business Books) (Marketing Books Book 1)
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Content Marketing Strategy Guide: Your Formula For Achieving Success Across Social Media, PR and SEO
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Beginner's Guide to Writing Powerful Press Releases: Secrets the Pros Use to Command Media Attention
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Social Media: Social Media Marketing Mastery Bundle - Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
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How To Write A Novel In 30 Days: Supercharge Your Writing Productivity
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Perrin Briar
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5 Secrets of Story Structure: How to Write a Novel That Stands Out (Helping Writers Become Authors Book 6)
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How to Write a Book: A Guide to Nonfiction Writing
How to Write a Book: A…
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Writing a Book a Week: How to Write Quick Books Under the Self-Publishing Model. Write Free Book Series
Writing a Book a Week:…
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The Zen of Blogging: Make money with your blog, fire your boss and live the good life (Blogging for a Living Book 1)
The Zen of Blogging:…
Daniel Welsch
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Character Development For Badass Writers (The Badass Writers Series Book 1)
Character Development…
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How to Write a Children's Book: Tips on how to write and publish a book for kids or writing children's books by an award-winning author of the Amazon Bestseller How to Promote Your Children’s Book.
How to Write a…
Kindle Edition
How to Write a Book From Outline to Finish Line: 10 Simple Ways to Outline Your Nonfiction Book
How to Write a Book…
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Alright enjoy and if you’re a Michigan Author who has a freebie you’d like us to put up, please contact us!
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#MarketingMonday w/@PamPerry: How to Social Network to Have True Success #bookpromo #ammarketing

820d9-pamperry-731603Networking with Real Power – From on HIGH!

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have always been wired to network. I love sharing information; connecting cool people with other cool people, seeing groups come together for a common cause. There’s strength in numbers. Jesus said, “I can of mine own self do nothing” (John 5:30).

Because networking is so much a part of my personality, I have been teased a lot. I had even begun to think I was a bit strange – until I realized Jesus was a networker. He had to be. He took twelve folks and revolutionized the world. He turned it upside down!

He had a life-changing message that He imparted into mankind through the networking of men. The twelve disciples told some people, and they told some people, and so on and so on…

Isn’t that what life is all about? No man is an island – we all need each other. How could anyone have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior if they had not heard the Gospel? And how can they have heard without someone telling them? (Romans 10:14). That’s the ultimate “network.” Hooking people up to the “true vine” because Jesus said, “apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:1 and 5).

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King talked about networking too. He said, “As long as there is poverty in the world I can never be rich, even if I had a billion dollars… I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. No individual or nation can stand out boasting of being independent. We are all interdependent.”

Networking is not always about getting. It’s really about giving. Actually, you’re more blessed when you give than when you receive (Acts 20:35). I have a passion for God which has caused me to have compassion for people.

We must be committed to helping people. Ephesians 4:3 says, “make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.” When we network together, we weave a bond of ultimate power. Creating alliances and cultivating relationships is critical today, especially in business.

Networking is love in action (see 1 Corinthians 13). The master networker, best-selling author of “Success Runs in Our Race” and publisher of the Success Guide, George C. Fraser said, “I think success really involves the situations you get yourself into and the people you meet. No one can be successful by themselves – it’s the relationships that you develop with the people around you. Throughout my life, I’ve had people who helped me do better.”

Success does run in our race. Fraser has been on a mission to link African Americans together for the betterment of them all. For more than ten years, he has published The Success Guide to accomplish this goal. More than an upscale directory of contacts, it is the only vehicle that has African American professionals from 7 different countries and 75 cities. “It’s networking in an instant with real people getting real results,” said Fraser. He is also the author of the new book, “Click.”

The Bible tells us in Matthew 25:39 to “love your neighbor as yourself.” This is the key to a successful life. Another recurring phrase in the Bible is “one another.” We are to: love, instruct, encourage, stir up, lift up, rejoice with, prefer, serve, pray with, submit to, admonish, minister to, fellowship with and edify one another. Sounds like networking to me.

Nobody gets to the highest peaks without help from others. Networking is the identification of relationships for the purpose of sharing information and resources. Taking time for people and communication is the key. Don’t ever get too busy to share information or your wisdom.

Success comes when you hook up with like-minded folks and kindred spirits. Moving ahead often involves reaching out and being willing to give. We reap what we sow.

So, how does one “network” for success?

Here are some practical tips to implement:

1. Be visible. Dress sharp and snappy. Look like someone others want to know because your image says “success.” Be willing to attend functions alone. Networking expands your circle of influence, builds your personal brand, and garners support.

2. Give before you get. Sow before you reap. Look for ways to be a blessing. Share information and resources with contacts before asking them for anything. Search for their interests and goals when meeting someone new. Figure out a way to help them.Gather, collect, and distribute info. Position yourself as the “go to” person for ministry information. Provide regular updates about helpful events or books. Use an email database system like Constant Contact or AWeber to simplify the process and send information attractively.

3. Write your vision. Make it plain. Make the most of networking opportunities by having eye-catching marketing materials. Have more than a business card when going to a conference or event. Be intentional about your purpose. Have a bookmark or postcard describing your book. Offer a CD or brochure as a speaker.

4. Demonstrate your sincere faith by being a person of character and integrity. Follow the Golden Rule which says, “Treat others as you want to be treated”, with respect and courtesy. Follow up and follow through. Deliver on your promises.

So be deliberate in creating partnerships, building relationships and keeping friendships. Make it your intent to be kind, really care about people, treat others with respect and value everyone.

If professionals work together, exchange ideas, contacts and learn how to joint venture – we’d really be about our Father’s business and that’s real power networking! By letting God direct and guide our actions, we’ll have the ordained relationships for success and that’s better than any social network.

Ministry marketing pioneer, Award-winning social media strategist and PR Coach Pam Perry helps African American Christian authors garner publicity and leverage online strategies. As a 20-year PR veteran, she is also the co-author of “Synergy Energy: How to Use the Power of Partnerships to Market Your Book, Grow Your Business and Brand Your Ministry.” For a free MP3 of “What Every Author Should Know,” go to She offers help through her private mentorship program at

Article Source:

Article Source:


pam-perry-pr-site- banner

Work With Pam

Take The Next Step:

I’m interested in coaching/consulting services

I’m interested in “Done For You” Marketing, Branding & PR Services

I’m interested in Pam’s low priced mentoring program

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#Motownwriters: How To Use Beta Readers To Launch Your Book #KindlePreneur

Learn how to build a beta team and ARC team all in one. Launch your book with reviews, get free editing and build momentum before you even hit publish.

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Writer Spotlight: Dave Stricklen from The Mitten #scbwimithemitten

You’re retired now, but your previous career is more colorful and unusual than most. Can you tell us a little about the job you used to do?
I was the Chief of the Airport Police in Grand Rapids for 22 years. I was always in the middle of anything that went wrong or right. We had a 16 person police department and 6 person dispatch center. 

I’m sure you’ve collected many stories about your experiences with the airport Police. Could you give us one example? Have you considered writing a memoir?
We received a call from a tenant that a woman was being forced into a Lear jet. She was screaming “Help, I’m being kidnapped!” My Sergeant and I jumped in the patrol car and raced toward the main runway. The aircraft was turning to take off so we drove at them as they started to roll toward us. We turned sideways blocking the aircraft. The doors flew open and people spilled out. Arrests resulted.
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Amazon Keywords Can Make or Break Your Book Sales

Amazon is always changing. This means that your  Amazon keywords may not be as effective as you would like. Your Current Amazon Keywords May Be Obsolete They may even be out of date. Where keywords on Amazon used to be a “set and forget” marketing effort, now with more than 4,500 books being published daily,…

Amazon Keywords for Book Sales by Penny Sansevieri for BookWorks.comAmazon is always changing. This means that your  Amazon keywords may not be as effective as you would like.

Your Current Amazon Keywords May Be Obsolete

They may even be out of date. Where keywords on Amazon used to be a “set and forget” marketing effort, now with more than 4,500 books being published daily, things change more quickly than ever. While we suggest updating them quarterly, at a minimum, you may find that keyword recommendations are changing more frequently, sometimes monthly or even weekly.

So how can a committed indie author keep up?

Follow the tips on this blog for one, and two, spend some time on Amazon at least once a week, checking your current batch of keywords to see if they’re still worth using. Not sure how to do this? I recently wrote an article on Amazon keywordsthat you may find helpful.

Besides keywords, there are other Amazon trends you’ll want to stay abreast of. While previously we recommended adding keywords to your subtitle to help with your algorithm, now we’re finding that subtitles are a must. Without them, your book might not gain the visibility it deserves.


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