Article: The Ultimate Guide to Launching a Book for Indie Authors #motownwriters

The Ultimate Guide To Launching A Book For Indie Authors

Launching a book is an exciting moment in an indie author’s life–but there’s so much to do. What order should you do it in and how much time do you need in advance of your launch to complete it? Today’s post is the Alliance of Independent Authors’ Ultimate Guide to Launching a Book (including timeline).

A few caveats before we begin this post.

No two indie authors launch books in the same way. The below is not a strict “this must be done here” guide but a suggestion of how you can time the activities for your launch. Of course, not everyone will have a long lead time either and not every author does every single item listed.

What is a Book Launch?

When we use the term “book launch” here we’re referring to all the planned marketing activities surrounding your new book, in its first weeks or months.

The most well-known and popular ways of drawing attention to a new book are:

  • Media coverage and PR
  • Social media campaigns leading up to, and during, the launch
  • Email marketing
  • Hosting a launch party
  • Book signing(s) either stand alone or as part of a book tour

The Ultimate Guide to Launching a Book for Indie Authors — Alliance of Independent Authors: Self-Publishing Advice Center

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Grosse Pointe Theatre’s Ten-Minute #Playwriting Workshop Series starts July 2021 – Registration Now Open, All Welcome #michlit Metro #Detroit

MEDIA CONTACT: Patricia A. Ellis, 313-410-3417 |

Grosse Pointe Theatre’s Playwriting Workshops will teach the art of storytelling

Workshops prepare authors for the upcoming ten-minute play festival competition.

GROSSE POINTE, MI – All playwrights and those interested in becoming one are invited to participate in
Grosse Pointe Theatre’s Take Ten Playwriting Workshops, which will be held virtually July – October 2021,
from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on the second Saturday of the month. Registration for the workshop series is
now open. The cost for the four-workshop series is $25. However, the workshops are complimentary for
Grosse Pointe Theatre members, so all participants are welcome to become a GPT member. Membership
information is provided on the registration page. The workshops will teach skills in storytelling through
playwriting, specifically the ten-minute play format. This year’s playwriting theme is, “While You Were Out,”
similar to the message slips used in offices and the twists and turns that can happen communicating the
message. The virtual workshop format will make it easy for playwrights from around the state to participate.

By the end of the workshop series, participants should have a finished ten-minute play that they can submit
to Grosse Pointe Theatre’s Take Ten, Ten-Minute Play Festival competition. The competition is open to all
playwrights. The workshop series will be a worthwhile educational exercise for newcomers, as well as those
who have experience in playwriting. Play submissions to GPT’s playwriting competition will be accepted
through Dec. 31, 2021, and the winning submissions will be performed next spring.

Grosse Pointe Theatre’s ten-minute play festival, now in its eighth year, is the brainchild of longtime GPT
member Mary Lou Britton who has been leading this program as its executive producer since it began.

After assuming many technical and administrative responsibilities at GPT through the years, Britton honed-
in on her writing skills creating ten-minute plays. She has written several short plays since. Having spent her
career as an executive communicator and editor, and now playwright, Britton is excited to share her skills
and enthusiasm for playwriting with other playwrights and newcomers. Britton will team-teach the
workshops with Stella Woitulewicz, an actor and theatre buff who got hooked on comedy writing at Second
City Detroit. She has written and co-directed numerous short plays since.

“Playwriting has grown in popularity through the years and it’s exciting to see someone take a story idea
and create a plot, characters and a setting that audiences can relate too,” said Britton. “Playwriting opens
up another dimension to storytelling, connecting each character’s experiences in a believable and
entertaining way – in this case, all in ten minutes! We look forward to working with this year’s participants
and seeing their creative process develop into a finished ten-minute play.”

For more information on Grosse Pointe Theatre’s Take Ten Playwriting Workshops and Ten-Minute Play
Festival, visit Additional questions can be addressed by emailing or by
calling 586-779-8974.

About Grosse Pointe Theatre
Grosse Pointe Theatre, a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is honored to celebrate more
than 72 years of entertaining audiences in southeast Michigan – connecting, creating and inspiring
communities through theatre. For information on virtual and live performances, youth and educational
programs, membership and other ways to get involved or show support, visit or call 313-881- All donations are tax deductible and appreciated.

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Article: Who should you ask to endorse your book? #motown writers

Posted on February 3, 2021 by Sandra Beckwith •

endorse your book

Book endorsements – the publishing industry refers to them as “blurbs” – are testimonials from knowledgeable, influential, or important people.

You add blurbs to the cover, online sales pages, and several other places where your target audience will see them.

Like reader reviews, they’re social proof that tells us that the book we’re thinking about buying is a safe purchase.

The “right” person is key

They only make a difference, though, if that endorsement is coming from the right person – someone with a logical connection to the book, the genre, or the topic.

Let’s say that you think you can secure an endorsement from someone you admire and respect but who has no connection to your topic and won’t be recognized by your ideal readers.

Should you ask that person to endorse your book?

Who should you ask to endorse your book? – Build Book Buzz

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What’s your #MondayMorning literary Routine? #motownwriters

I call Mondays my get myself together time.

I check what I’m planning for the week on my literary calendar and see what I can do to get some things out of the way before that day is to happen and what more can I put on my calendar.

I even tell myself what I would like to accomplish in my writing world

✅✍🏽📝What about you?

✅✍🏽📝Do you have Monday morning routines when it comes to your literary planning?

I’d love to know

Let me know and visit my blog at

✅✍🏽📝Can’t think of thing?

Grab a clarity meeting

✅✍🏽📝Need resources ?

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#MotownWriters May Featured Author: @ConnorCoyne Grab #Urbantasm, Review, Support, Share #MichLit

Gritty YA Realism with a Dash of Mystery, Fantasy and 90’s Nostalgial #Urbantasm
See full interview at
Buy Book:

About book
Urbantasm is a magical teen noir serial novel inspired by the author’s experiences growing up in and around Flint, Michigan.

Thirteen-year-old John Bridge’s plans include hooking up with an eighth-grade girl and becoming one of the most popular kids at Radcliffe Junior High, but when he steals a pair of strange blue sunglasses from a homeless person, it drops him into the middle of a gang war overwhelming the once-great Rust Belt town of Akawe.

John doesn’t understand why the sunglasses are such a big deal, but everything, it seems, is on the table. Perhaps he accidentally offended the Chalks, a white supremacist gang trying to expand across the city. Maybe the feud involves his friend Selby, whose father died under mysterious circumstances. It could even have something to do with O-Sugar, a homegrown drug with the seeming ability to distort space. On the night before school began, a group of teenagers took O-Sugar and leapt to their deaths from an abandoned hospital.

John struggles to untangle these mysteries while adjusting to his new school, even as his parents confront looming unemployment and as his city fractures and burns.

Check out Motown Writers Feature author now


#MotownWriters Network Featured Author Conner Coyne


Check out other weekly featured authors at:

To be a spotlight author, click here

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Article: Identifying Your Reader#motownwriters

One key factor to any marketing strategy’s success is knowing who your audience is, and yet, this tends to be the main ingredient many of my author clients miss from their marketing process.

In my other life, I run the digital marketing department of a creative firm, and I have a number of Facebook Ads author clients. The main difference between my business clients and my author clients? My business clients tend to know exactly who their customers are, thanks to face-to-face interactions.

My author clients sometimes have an idea of who reads their books, but more often than not, they either

  • don’t have a clue, 
  • think they have a clue but are actually way off base, or 
  • they’ve pigeonholed their core audience and are missing other potential groups of readers.

The most successful of my clients know their readers. 

Identifying Your Reader ~ WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

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Join my friend, @EmmaDhesi May 31st through June 4th for 📚💜 Start Your Story And Banish The Blank Page #Motownwriters

My friend, Emma Dhesi, is hosting a free 5 day challenge next week called Start Your Story And Banish The Blank Page. This challenge will simplify how to start your story, taking things one step at a time. She will show you how you can build a detailed and textured scene, one that will entice your reader to turn the page! Register today at

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#fearlessmarketing for author’s summit: wsg @SylviaHubbard1: 6 steps to build your book business in only 30 days #bookmasterclass #authorinterview #syltips #motownwriters

click here to find out more information |

If you were to suddenly lose your book empire or your business, what would you do in 30 days to become profitable again?

(And that is how the Fearless Marketing For Authors Summit was born!)  

Tamera Rasheed asked 30 speakers to answer that question and help authors to fast track their success over the next 30 days because authors are really afraid to market and promote their books…

What she found shocked me in the most incredible ways!

Read more..   

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Article: 3 Habits All Writers Should Follow #motownwriters

Habits. Did you know that if you do something for a month it will become a habit? Here’s why I mention it.Audio Player00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

3 Habits All Writers Should Follow

There are quite a few things that writers should follow, like other writers. But I am not talking about that today. Today, it’s all about habits.

3 Habits all writers should follow

. Write something every day.

  • a. Sit down and start typing.
  • b. You can free write until the ideas flow
  • c. The key is don’t edit yourself now. Just write.

2. Read–for fun

  • a. Reading should be fun. It was once, wasn’t it?
  • b. You learn from others
  • c. Make reading a priority to stay current on what kinds of books are out there.

3. Go for a walk

  • a. Don’t take your phone–instead focus on nature
  • b. Allow creativity to flow
  • c. Accept inspiration when it comes

Did you enjoy this episode? Please go to iTunes Podcasts and make Writer Groupie one of your favorites!

If you prefer videos, we have a YouTube channel also. You can check it out here. Please consider liking, sharing, and subscribing! When it gets to 100 subscribers, then we can get the WRITER GROUPIE name in the URL to the channel. That’s pretty exciting!

3 Habits All Writers Should Follow · Writer Groupie

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Article: Focus on Short Fiction #motownwriters


There are many bad reasons to focus on short fiction and one really good one…and both present their own problems. Stick with me as I show you how to adapt your writing to short fiction OR expand your short stories into novels.

Bad Reasons to Write Short Stories

Short stories are great for your career, they say. Start with short fiction, they say, to

  • Build your publication credits
  • Help new audiences find you
  • Let editors know you’re serious
  • Raise your profile by winning contests
  • Keep your novel fans happy in between books

The problem is not everyone loves short stories. I’m talking about readers and writers, here.

Writing short, while undeniably a useful skill, just isn’t something everyone loves. Maybe you’re in that group.

The bigger problem for you is that the mythical ‘they’ who tell you short stories are a great tool in your toolbox aren’t wrong.

But don’t worry, I’m going to explain some of the reasons you find it hard to write short, and I’m going to show you some techniques for stopping your story’s attempt to become an epic 14-part novel series.

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#Learnwithme: How to Focus on one literary 📝project at a time✍🏿 #Motownwriters 📚💜 #writingcommunity

Deciding on the project and 8 tips to help you concentrate and get to THE END

Sunday, May 16th @ Noon –

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Article: This is How You Find Your Readers: Book Marketing in 2021 #motownwriters

If you have designs on publishing and selling a book this year, there’s work to do before, during, and after your book launch. My goal is to help guide you through the process so you can find your readers in 2021.

Thankfully, the American election season is now in the rear-view mirror, but there’s been one more landslide recorded when votes of another kind were tallied.

Every so often, I poll the BookBaby audience by asking this question: What do you want to learn about self publishing?

It’s the fourth time I’ve asked this question in my regular Saturday email. My previous queries have elicited a variety of responses. Some respondents asked for writing tips. Many others asked me to write about self publishing. And I’ve always received a smattering of requests for book marketing tips. Up to now, it’s been a mixed bag without any one area receiving a majority response.

Well, that all changed in my latest request for input. Here’s a representative sampling of the latest responses.

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🌟 New Episode #32: Purposeful + Practical PR = Rockstar Publicity, with Yetunde Shorters w/@pamperry

Pam Perry PR
Podcast Episode 32
Do you know what you’ve been put on this planet to do, but you don’t know what to do next? Do you want to make a profit while standing tall in your purpose? Then you need to meet this week’s guest, Yetunde Shorters.

An award-winning international publicist, entrepreneur, and author, Yetunde Shorters has spent 20 years getting publicity features for musicians, artists, and solopreneurs all over the world.

Now she’s helping women entrepreneurs get crystal clear on their life’s purpose, and with that clarity, activate it for impact and income.

If you have knowledge and know-how and are tired of being a best-kept secret, then listen in and level up while Yetunde and I talk about: the childhood adventures that reveal our true purpose, a single question to uncover your target audience, proof that what you offer isn’t for everybody, why big engagement is worth more than a big following, what to do before launching your book, what personal branding is really about … and more!
Highlights From This Episode:

  • What the Revenge of the Nerds movie sparked young Yetunde to do
  • How she switched from pre-law to PR in just 30 seconds 😉
  • Not sure about your target audience? This one question will make it crystal clear…
  • Perfect Example: No one is a fit for everyone
  • How to expand your business and still stay focused
  • What is NLP?
  • Your publicist isn’t your therapist, buuuut…
  • Are you ready to be seen?
  • What personal branding is really about
  • Your mindset shift for reaching out to the media
  • How social media has warped our sense of timing
  • How long it really takes to build an engaged online community
  • Why follower engagement > number of followers
  • What to do before launching your book
Listen to This Episode

Stay blessed!


P.S. If you’re a speaker and want to be featured in Speakers Magazine, go here.

Pam Perry
Publicity Strategist
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Farmington Hills, MI 48335
United States

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Join #MotownWriters @meetup 10am on our FB Group 5/8/21 – Saturday w/ Shar Halliburton #qdpllc @Sassy_Spartan96

Has your introvert spirit kept you from being great?

Join us this Saturday at 10am in our Facebook group where you’ll get your worries soothe and your social media jumping.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Shar Halliburton, CEO of Queashar Detroit Publishing, LLC, MSU Spartan, Author, Insurance Agent, Notary and CMU Grad student determined to make my dreams my reality. #qdpllc

To get updated about upcoming events, news and more click here to subscribe

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Article: Step #1 To Finding Your Readers: Make The Best Book You Can #motownwriters

make the best book

Before you embark on a book marketing campaign, you need to make the best book you can. Without professional editing and design, your product won’t rise above the other great books in the marketplace.

Author’s note: This is the first in a regular series of blog posts focused on essential book marketing topics for self-published authors in our months-long campaign, 2021: The Year To Find Your Readers. These posts will cover topics in two categories:

  1. 100 days before publish. Tasks to accomplish while your book is still in production.
  2. 100 days after publish. The latest and greatest book marketing tactics for self-published authors.

My last BookBaby Blog post outlined my plan for devoting time and energy to helping self-published authors find readers. For the next few months, I’m going to share the latest, best, and most-effective marketing ideas we’ve discovered by working with thousands of BookBaby authors. So off we go!

Step #1 To Finding Your Readers | BookBaby Blog

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