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#MichLit Events this week… got one? Let me know… #motownlit #Detroit #Michigan #amwriting #amreading Plz Share

I was on Facebook and saw there were a lot of literary events that needed to be talked about. I know there are some that are actually not on Facebook or don’t see what I see when you log in, so I decided to create a post about it.



#MichLit  #Event 8/11/15 @ 7pm Springfed Writers Contest Winners Read in Birmingham #literacy #writing #michigan




8/12, 5:30p ET, w guest . Listen live online and comment or call in and listen in 646-915-9177.






Finance and the Artist – Free financial workshop

Tomorrowat 8/12/15 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Tomorrow · 76°F / 59°F Partly Cloudy

Oakland Avenue Missionary Baptist Church
309 Harper Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48202

Crystal Reign Brock invited you


“Reading Room” Ice Cream Social




Author Visit: Anna Clark

Anna Clark invited you





Rosemarie Wilson invited you



Also if you are signing up for NanowriMo, please let me know in the comments after you have signed up.

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Those Red Pumps May Have To Wait~ Featured Article

Those Red Pumps May Have To Wait

By Mary Delia Eatmon

So what if you can’t keep up with the latest dress styles or wear those red bottom shoes that seem to keep calling your name. Right now your main focus is to remember that this too shall pass. This time with your children is precious and it should be used wisely to pour in some much-needed knowledge into your children. Before you know it, time will have passed and you will be able to look back and be glad that you made these little sacrifices. The memories that you are making now will allow you to learn about yourself as you teach them about life and how they will fit in it. Think about it for a moment, this is the time that you will tap into your own creativity while demonstrating the different good and bad things life has to offer. For now, just enjoy each moment you have because time is fleeting. It’s the simple things that you manage that will make you who you are.  You gain strength, confidence, and wisdom by what you are doing now in your life. So, while you are raising you babies raise the inner you.  Save yourself from the unnecessary stress that presents itself on a daily basis and stop looking at the mother down the street that seems to have it all.

As a young mother of 8, I learned quickly to accept the role of motherhood. And over the past 70 years I’ve witnessed, as well as experienced first hand, that we innately have the ability to nurture. But on the other hand, to be a mother (to birth, raise, and display appropriate affection) it is a learned process. Now, if you are like I was, and started off having several babies early, you’ll need to pull on a little hidden trait called patience: and you will have to practice it often. Coupled with persistence you will get the hang of this thing called motherhood. Things will fall into place over time as you naturally do what needs to be done. In this fast pace of today’s living, before you know it, you’ll turn around and your little ones will be all grown up and out the door.

We have all heard of the empty nest syndrome. The repercussions are real and when it happens it’s a real shocker. So, it would behoove all young mothers to value this time and make the sacrifice of spending as much time as possible with your loved ones while they are young and yours. It will really pay off in the long run. I can safely say this, don’t worry they will let you know later if you’ve done a good job or not
. Make life, for yourself, as enjoyable as possible. When you’ve secured your own foundation, your children will benefit.

Here’s a little tidbit of info that supports the benefits of being a great mom. Back in the early 1900’s a woman named Anna M. Jarvis, out of Grafton West, Virginia, honored her mother Ann Reeves Jarvis’ who died May 2, 1905 by celebrating mothers everywhere. Anna continued the task that her mother started and successfully marked the 2nd Sunday in May of 1908 as Mother’s Day at Andrew’s Church in Philadelphia.  Today, we all are acknowledged and celebrated because of one woman’s child decision to remember her loving mother.

When Ann originally drafted this task she highlighted the virtues of what a good mother is by pointing out that such a woman is a blessing and her love is never exhausted; She makes endless sacrifices no matter what the obstacles are; She works tirelessly to take care of her children and her home; and she loves deeply. Mothers know the personality of each of her children and generally do not compare one child against the other. She simply loves each child for who they are.

There are women who may not be a biological mother; but instead they were thrust into the role of motherhood. There may be adopted mothers, grandmothers, or stepmothers with the same instinct and all the attributes of a biological mother. If you are a mother good or bad you must remember that it’s a learned process. But if you are in need of a mother, you don’t always have to look far. These women are usually right by your side. Who knows…she may even be your teacher. Granted there are a lot of rotten mothers out there; but if given the chance, along with their own desire, they too can become sweet.

It takes love; passion; patience; a lot of sacrifices; as well as wisdom to accept what your role is as a mother. 
 Through the grace of God every woman bearing a child can rejoice in the fact that the base of her heart is a manifestation of divine mercy.  It is a privilege to be able to produce a child for the glory of God.

Mary Eatmon II

Mary Delia Eatmon, 84yr.

Author of Nine Houses

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Book Feature ~ @sonyavisor


Love For Who I Am


Available on B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, GooglePlay, Lulu

Synopsis 1:

Today, I want to know…


Have you ever wanted someone to simply love you for WHO you are? Have you ever made a mistake that the “church folks” trampled you under the pew for? Have you ever loved the wrong person for the right reasons? If so, I invite you to take a short ride in the pages of, Love Me for Who I Am, my new novella.


Her sins traveled well beyond the sheets. Rainey Thomas wasn’t looking for a soul mate to avoid triggering her “sexual appetite” as she walked before the Lord. She is what one would call a good, hardworking church girl who always did the right thing. Rainey and her two sisters live life drowning in the desires and practices of their strict mother, commonly known as “Mother Thomas”, a recognized walking Bible—even from the grave. That was until she found herself caught up in the web triangle of Malik Johnson, a high ranking, hands-off trafficking drug dealer. He not only pushed Rainey’s sex button, he enraptured her mind and soul. Malik made her come alive where she then was able to see herself for who she really was well beyond the bed. For Rainey, will finding herself cause her to lose her God as she fans another flame?

Always Be Your TruU!

Sonya Visor

Author of Who I’ve Become  

Available at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble

New Release!  Love Me for Who I Am 

Available at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Social Media Links:

To purchase:


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Michigan Male Authors: Help support #MotownWriters literacy efforts #RealMenRead #mwn #amreading #MotownLit #Detroit

realmenReadAre you interested?

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Michigan Male Authors: Help support #MotownWriters literacy efforts #RealMenRead #mwn #amreading #MotownLit #Detroit

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Michigan Male Authors: Help support #MotownWriters literacy efforts #RealMenRead #mwn #amreading #MotownLit #Detroit

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Michigan Male Authors: Help support #MotownWriters literacy efforts #RealMenRead #mwn #amreading #MotownLit #Detroit

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Michigan Male Authors: Help support #MotownWriters literacy efforts #RealMenRead #mwn #amreading #MotownLit #Detroit

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Michigan Male Authors: Help support #MotownWriters literacy efforts #RealMenRead #mwn #amreading #MotownLit #Detroit

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Michigan Male Authors: Help support #MotownWriters literacy efforts #RealMenRead #mwn #amreading #MotownLit #Detroit

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Local #Detroit Book Release: TROPIC HEAT by H.Stokes, author June 21st


Tropical Heat
Book Launch

A Saby Stone Story                    H. Stokes, Author
Book Signing for “Tropical Heat”
(Romance, Murder, Mystery, Suspense and Intrigue)
Friday June 21, 2013
At the
Roberts Riverwalk Hotel
1000 River Place Dr.
Detroit, MI

Time: 6 – 10PM       Refreshments        Music by DJ Coach

It is the beginning of summer and the heat is on: “Tropical Heat”
“Tropical Attire”


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New Meetup Group: Genesee County Literature Lovers #mwn #michlit

New Meetup Group!
This is a group for people who love literature in all forms whether it be a novel, poetry, play or lyrics. Reading is what I love most in this world and being able to share that love with other people makes reading even more enjoyable. I am looking forward to sharing in the joy of the written word with all of you!
Organized by Julie Hannah Bissett

Hello! My name is Julie and I love to read. I love reading so much that as a young child my mother used to ground me by taking away my reading privileges, little did she know that I had books hidden all over the house. :)
What is your favorite form of literature?
I love every form of literature. The written word speaks to me, there are novels that make laugh or cry, there are songs which I can’t help but sing along to, there are plays which make me question my very existence and there are movies (screen plays) which fill my with unending questions. Whatever form literature comes in the connection and love is always there.
What book would you suggest we read?
Although I have read more books than I can count, one which I would recommend for anyone to read would be Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
Yes, it is a little bit older and a “romance” novel but it is so beautifully written and has such memorable characters that it can quickly become one of your favorites. Until about a year ago I had never even wanted to read a Jane Austen novel, now I am one of her biggest fans.
Who is your favorite author?
Can anyone ever have just one favorite author??? Just to list a few; Novels: J. K. Rowling, Chinda Williams Chima, Suzanne Brockmann, Jennifer Cruise, Betty Neels, Jane Austen, Mitch Albom, James Patterson, Rick Riordan; Poetry: Robert Frost, Elizabeth Bishop, W. H. Auden, e.e. cummings; Plays: William Shakespeare, Tony Kushner, Steve Martin; Songs: Blue October, Ke$ ha, P!nk, Adele, Christina Perry, Nickelback, Shinedown, Seether, 3 Doors Down, Michael Buble. To me there are different writings for different times in our live and that is what these authors represent to me, different times, thoughts, emotions, feelings, needs, wants, but most of all life.
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Michigan Male Authors: Help support #MotownWriters literacy efforts #RealMenRead #mwn #amreading #MotownLit #Detroit

realmenReadAre you interested?

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Congrats to Soulful Readers of #Detroit Bookclub Contest Winners! frm @KimberlaLRoby #mwn #michlit #amreading

Congratulations to my 2013 Book Club and Readers National Contest Winners!!!

Winner of the Kimberla Lawson Roby National Book Club Contest for

Soulful Readers of Detroit, MI – submitted by Nina Katrina Fowler

***Each member of Soulful Readers Book Club will receive a signed copy of the hardcover for
A HOUSE DIVIDED when it is published in May 2013.

Winners of the Kimberla Lawson Roby National Readers Contest for


1.  Deborah Andrews – Houston, TX
2.  Bernice Braswell – Montgomery, AL
3.  Juanita A. Roye – Livonia, MI
4.  Melanie Hill – Nashville, TN
5.  Kimberly Johnson – St. Petersburg, FL


1.  Brenda F. Holmes – University Park, IL
2.  Angela Cooper – Houston, TX
3.  Genevia Williams – Montgomery, AL
4.  Paula A. Curtis – Houston, TX
5.  Tanishia Pearson-Jones – Delhi, LA
6.  Mitzi Dunn – Pickerington, OH
7.  Christy M. McNorton – Inglewood, CA
8.  Rhonda R. Pope – Upper Marlboro, MD
9.  Trina L. Jones – Milwaukee, WI
10.  LaChelle Weaver – Durham, NC


1.  Johnnie P. Stewart – Memphis, TN
2.  Bobbi A. Jones – Florissant, MO
3.  Carmela Hicks Gordon – Huntsville, AL
4.  Stacy Campbell – Indianapolis, IN
5.  Michele Hobson – Milwaukee, WI
6.  Shelley L. Byrd – Houston, TX
7.  Cassandra L. Marcellus – Centerville, VA
8.  Shamae Crosswhite – Douglasville, GA
9.  Cedricca  Elmore – Mobile, AL
10.  Litora R. Brown – Whitsett, NC
11.  Keva McNeil-David – Farmers Branch, TX
12.  Shirley Williams – Columbus, MS
13.  Kim Melikian – Little Rock, AR
14.  Jacqueline Laws – Detroit, MI
15.  Cheryl Jones – Suitland, MD
16.  Tomeaka Edeogho – Chandler, AZ
17.  Binette Shannon – Syracuse, NY
18.  Christy Neasley – San Francisco, CA
19.  Melody McCullum – Hattiesburg, MS
20.  Catherine Vance – Kansas City, MO
21.  Naomi R. Sparks – Christiansburg, VA
22.  Helen Bagley – Snellville, GA
23.  Tanya M. Evans – Winston-Salem, NC
24.  Evelyn  Clowers – Macon, GA
25.  Tecia Garrett Marshall – Memphis, TN


For media interview requests or press material relating to my books, please contact Linda Duggins, Director, Multicultural Publicity at

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Celebrate Nat’l Author’s Day w/#MWN’s featured Author, Melissa Love (@lisasecrets29) #mwn #motownlit #michlit

For the second year in a row, Motown Writers Network celebrates National Author’s Day “Detroit Style” by featuring a local author who’s working hard to make Detroit Literary Community Better.

This year is Ms. Melissa Love whose new book out is called Holy Suspicion.

Her book was featured earlier this year as a Wednesday book candy, but today we celebrate Melissa as an author, who’s doing wonderful things and creating wonderful literary for generations to come.

Who Is Melissa Love?

A blogger, reader and candle and soap creator. A writer working on many up and coming mainstream novels.

Melissa Love published her first debut novel “Sinful Traits” in 2001. Three years later, she decided to get back into writing and published two more books; “Secret Affair” released in February 2012 and the re-edit version in September 2012. Also in that same month, Holy Suspicion was released.​

She is very active in the Motown Writer Network, and Mocha Sister Book clubs.

She continues to write stories filled with secrets and drama.

She currently lives in Detroit, Michigan working on her fourth novel.

Visit her website by clicking here.


Secret Affair is the first book in the Scandalous Secrets series. Each book has their own secrets, twist and turns along the way. Pick up a book and reach each story as you uncover their scandalous secrets.


Victoria Winter has her own selfish scheme and that is becoming the Second Mother of One True Worship, the third largest multi-billion church in Detroit. In order for this to happen, she convince her daughter to get the pastor to fall in love and married the famous and wealthy Pastor Kyle Smith. God-fearing Naomi does everything a Christian woman is suppose to do in her strict Christian’s household. She attends all the church services, events and groups meeting.

But Naomi has a secret that could ruin her mother plans of becoming Second Mother and her family’s reputation.

Product Details

​love On Death Row


Love on Death row is the story of De’Nesha Cole who was raised into the good life. She never knew hard times or living below ones needs. It took everything she had to hide her abuse she suffer from Terence Jones, her husband and co-partner at one of the top publishing company in Florida. Instead of reporting her abuse at the advice of her two best friends, she takes matters into her own hands and find herself on death row…. Coming Soon

Connect with Melissa Love

Amazon Page | Website | Google +

Look for more of this author to come and please subscribe to our updates to receive more news about Michigan’s Literary Community!

In case you’re unfamiliar with National Author’s Day, here’s a detail description:

Nov 1. This observance was adopted by the General Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1929 and in 1949 was given a place on the list of special days, weeks and months prepared by the US Department of Commerce. The resolution states in part: “By celebrating an Authors’ Day as a nation, we would not only show patriotism, loyalty, and appreciation of the men and women who have made American literature possible, but would also encourage and inspire others to give of themselves in making a better America.” It was also resolved “that we commemorate an Authors’ Day to be observed on November First each year.”

Read more:

See our last year’s selection, Author, Monica Marie Jones! Click Here!

Author’s are you interested in being featured? Click here
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