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[PODCAST] #MichLit Radio Show w/Michael Williams & Poet, @OneSingleRose | #BlogTalkRadio

1. Guest:  Michael Williams        

Guest summary: Michael Williams of the Author Collective, hosts the Spring Book Festival happening this weekend.

2. Guest:         Rosemarie Wilson “One Single Rose”                                                                                                                                        

Guest summary: Rosemarie Wilson a/k/a One Single Rose is an award winning poet, writer, advice columnist, singer, actress and a staunch advocate of integrity and fidelity.  She has written two poetry books, with the latest, Out of Darkness into Light, just released last month.

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PODCAST: #MichLit Show w/Poets @tmillerpoetry & Honeycomb!


1. Guest:  Tawana Honeycomb Petty        

Interview time: 5:30

Guest summary: Tawana Honeycomb Petty is a poet, activist, and host of Guerrilla Nights poetry series. Her book is Introducing Honeycomb.


Guest bio:

Tawana Petty, a mother, poet, author and activist is best known as “Honeycomb” on stage. She has been featured at many prestigious events, including but not limited to the 1st Annual Focus Hope Black Marriage Day Celebration, the International Black Expo, the 2008 Ribs n Soul Festival in Detroit, the 175th Annual Emancipation Day Festival in Canada, the 2008 Literary Arts Gala at The Charles H. Wright Museum, the 2010 African World Festival and at Lakeshore Economic Coalition Celebrating 10 Years of Freedom with Yusef Bunchy Shakur & Friends: “Granting the Formerly Incarcerated A Second Chance”. Hosted by Reggie Reg Davis, with Keynote Address by Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee.


Honeycomb has also performed at the 1st Annual I Am Woman Expo, opened for HBO/BET’s Punany Poets, was the featured artist at Wayne State University’s “A Tribute to Harlem” Showcase and performed at MTV’s Quest Mcody’s “Quest for A Cure” event, just to name a few. She has been a spotlighted poet on AM 1440, FM 107.5, The Writer’s Block on, Comcast channel 20’s Mix’n It Up with Barry Ross as well as Dr. John Telford’s show. Honeycomb has also been a featured speaker and is a regular guest on Dave Marsh’s national program the “Land of Hopes and Dreams” radio program on channel 127 on SiriusXm Satellite and is the former co-host of Poetic Vibrations radio program on 88.1 FM. Honeycomb has also been the featured artist at venues in and outside of the City of Detroit, including but not limited to the Artist Village, L!V Resto Lounge, They Say, The Key Club, The Upper Room and The Legendary Cliff Bells and Bakers Keyboard Lounge. She is the current host of Guerrilla Nights weekly poetry open mic series, held every Saturday evening  at the Urban Network Cyber Café located at 5740 Grand River, Detroit, MI 48208.


2. Guest:         T. Miller

Guest summary: T. Miller is a writer, performance poet, author, publisher, activist, producer, actress and motivational speaker.

Guest bio:

Natasha Miller is the voice of wounds exposed, and the healing balm of poetry applied to the human spirit. The passionate 26 year-old Detroit, MI native is a writer, performance poet, author, publisher dedicated activist, producer, actress and an aspiring motivational speaker. Since her debut, just over four years ago, Natasha has proven to be a poetical powerhouse. After one year on the performance circuit, in 2007, she was crowned Detroit Poetry Slam team’s Grand Slam Champion, and has been a member of four National Poetry Slam teams. She has also been a Women of The World Poetry Slam top five finalist three out of the last four years once ranking as high as the third female slam poet in the World. Natasha continued her impressive record by leading and coaching her own slam team to a championship at the 2010 Midwest Rustbelt Poetry Slam, where she also came out ranking #2 overall in the individual competition.


Natasha has awed audiences across the country at universities, festivals and numerous venues including slams and shows like the famous Nuyorican Poets Café in New York, Vancouver Poetry slam, Seattle poetry slam, Girl Fest Hawaii and Chicago’s Green Mill. She has premiered on stages with celebrity actors and comedians Oscar award winning Mo’nique, Star of the movie “Paper Hearts” Charlyne Yi, Brandon T. Jackson, actor Malcolm Jamal Warner, legendary poet Jessica Care Moore, hip-hop artist Talib Kweli, and many more. Mo’Nique, impressed, personally invited Natasha to feature on her radio show.  In 2010, she starred in a national commercial campaign for Sprite. In the same year, she released her solo spoken word album “Poetry for Change,” and featured in the stage play “The Revolution’s In The Ladies Room” produced by Jessica care Moore.


Natasha is currently ranked as the number 5 female slam poet in the World. She now produces the popular “Its Not About You” Poetry Slam Series. Recently she started her own publishing company “All I Wanna Say Publishing”, in 2010 she published her first book of quotes “Dreams Of A Beginner”, and in 2011 she published her second book “Coming Out of Nowhere” a Social Networking Memoir that allows readers to mentally and emotionally “log-in” to their favorite websites (Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube) and view the opinions of others on love, hate, suicide, tragedy, politics, religion, cyber-bullying, entertainment, mental illness, freedom of choice, homophobia, and all other things surrounding homosexuality by simply turning a page. She is currently working with popular video director Erica D Hayes on a documentary that focuses on prostitution and placement in the transgendered community. Natasha uses her words to enlighten, create equality, imbue life, and most importantly spread love and peace in the tradition of great leaders before her.



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[PODCAST] Michigan Literary Radio Show w/@RhondaWelsh & @SLathen #michlit

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michlit radio podcast

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Michigan Literary Radio Show [PODCAST] J.Michael Collins of & Lenderrick Jones, filmmaker of Chasing Smoke

Michigan Literary Radio Show

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Contact Us, if you’d like to be a guest.

        July 13 2011 Guest Backgrounder

1.  Guest:    J. Michael Collins                       Call-in Time:  5:30 p.m.

Guest summary: J. Michael is a photographer and overall friend and a huge supporter of the literary community. He publishes the online magazine, coined as the literary community for authors, poets, playwrights, journalist and others who write.



SSW is an online magazine that’s designed around the needs of the literary community.

We started as a local newsletter (Scribblers, Screamers and other Wordslingers) and after only five months of publishing we realized that we needed a broader platform in order to better serve this community.

We are preparing many new features that we hope will benefit writers from every genre.

In the meantime, if you would like to view past issues of the newsletter in PDF form you can go to

Our goal is to make SSW Magazine the destination for writers when they need the latest news and information relative to their needs.

Additionally, SSW will be a community with the goal of sharing experiences and ideas with others. We urge you to participate by being a regular contributor and reader on this new site.

The formal title is Scribblers, Screamers and other Wordslingers. (Scribblers write, while Screamers recite, they’re all Wordslingers, you know, they’re literary types.)

The title is a parody on those who write, speak and visually communicate through artistic means by use of any medium, be it books, songs, poetry, photography, film, stage and more.

Though the title is meant to provoke humor the publication is seriously dedicated to keeping the literary community informed. It also provides information to the broader community about upcoming events, new artist, product reviews and other valuable information about the literary and artist communities.

We also want to connect new and established authors and artist with others in the community to promote, sell and/or exchange products, services, ideas and information.

We know that several credible options already exist for readers seeking information about what’s going on in the literary community and SSW simply wants to be one more option that the consumer will have.

Michigan Literary Radio Show

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2.  Guest:    Lenderrick Jones               Call-in Time:  5:45 p.m.

Guest summary: Lenderrick Jones is the CEO of Focus One Entertainment, producers of the film Chasing Smoke.

About the film Chasing Smoke:

Chasing Smoke is an urban comedic portrayal of friends seeking a place to chill out and unwind with the proverbial ‘joint.’ The group meet with resistance at every turn. The all-Detroit cast including Kemarr Brooks, T.Q. Powell and Elisa Noeske will take you on a rollercoaster ride as they, indeed, chase smoke. Will they every get to relax and enjoy their day?

What: Red Carpet Premiere of Chasing Smoke

Where: Virgil H. Carr Cultural Arts Center  311 E. Grand River, Detroit

When: Saturday, July 23, 2011

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Michigan Literary Radio Show

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Contact Us, if you’d like to be a guest.

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