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MotownWriters – Michigan Kidlit Advocate: Bridget and the Books @bridgetnbooks #MichLit #MichiganBlogger via @scbwimi

Michigan Kidlit Advocate: Bridget and the Books

Bridget and the Books is a popular blog run by a Michigan elementary school student, Bridget, and supervised by her mom, Melissa. I’m not sure how I first discovered the blog, but I think it came from several directions at once, including a librarian’s recommendation and this Detroit News article. And then I was delighted when Bridget herself showed up at Book Beat’s 35th-anniversary party this summer. She stopped at every table and asked each of the authors to sign the back of her t-shirt. She was still there hours later with her arms full of books. I was even more delighted when Bridget and Melissa later emailed me to request an author interview. Now it’s my chance to turn the tables and interview them. Introducing Bridget and the Books!

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MWN Author Feature- Ms. Hen

Amy HenricksonThis week the Motown Writers Network features Ms. Hen. Ms. Hen has been writing all her life, but has been writing children’s books since 2011 when she began to annually attend the Iowa Writers’ Summer Festival.
She began writing the Lottie Gunderson, Girl Scientist books when she worked as an elementary library supervisor and was disappointed in the offerings for girls and boys. She — and her students — wanted to read books that featured a smart, spunky, principled, and interesting protagonist. Ms. Hen says, “Girls can be anything: scientists, mathematicians, astronauts. Girls are so much more than glittery princesses; they are self-reliant problem-solvers.”
John Ball is a biography of the man who donated the land to establish the Grand Rapids, Michigan park and zoo that bears his name. His life was amazing — he had Christmas dinner with a king, traveled across the United States, and walked unannounced into the White House to have a chat with the U.S. President.
Mackinac Island is a place that many wish to visit. Even those who have been there may not know how it’s history helped to shape the United States. The book includes a walking tour, travel tips, and a bit of a scavenger hunt as well as historical and current information that will prove interesting and helpful for visitors as well as students who are writing a report on the special island.
Ms. Hen lives in Michigan, the Mitten State. She has two grown children, two grandchildren, and two kitties. Her favorite color is orange and she loves to travel.

Where are you from?  

Grandville, MI
Latest News
I just published “Let’s Explore Mackinac Island,” and will be speaking at the Michigan Reading Assoc. Conference in Detroit — March 2016
When and why did you begin writing?
I was an English major in college and taught English for a couple of years.  I also did some proofreading and editing. I had never written creatively but always wanted to, so in 2010, I went to the University of Iowa for the Summer Writing Festival and have been writing creatively ever since.
When did you first consider yourself a writer?  
When my first book, Lucky Lottie, was published in 2012 and my library (KDL Grandville) hosted a book-signing party.
What inspired you to write your first book?
Originally, I thought I wanted to write Memoir, but found that I have a knack for writing for children.  As all authors do, I incorporated some of my own story into the character of Lottie Gunderson, Girl Scientist.
Do you have a specific writing style?
I enjoy writing fiction and poetry, but I think my forte is researching and distilling information in non-fiction.
How did you come up with the title? 
The Lottie Gunderson, Girl Scientist books are a series of 4 books with rhyming(ish) titles that give a hint of the story:  Lucky Lottie, Spotty Lottie, Rocky Lottie, and Lakey Lottie.  My great aunt’s name was Lottie and I loved her to pieces.  My writing group helped with the series title.
Is there a message?
Each book has not only some nuggets about science, but also information about Michigan and some character lessons, delivered in a light-hearted way.
How much is realistic?
The Lottie stories could happen to any curious child.
Experiences based on someone or events?
I believe every author inserts some of him- or herself in all of their fiction writing.  I would say that Lottie is the girl I wish I had been.
What books have influenced your life most?
The Bible, My Antonia, Pippi Longstocking, Harold and the Purple Crayon, The Blessing, The Gifts of Imperfection, To Kill a Mockingbird, Whistling in the Dark, One True Thing
Which writer would you consider a mentor?
Willa Cather
What are you reading now?
Sapphira and the Slave Girl; The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up; The Torah
New authors who have grasped my interest?
Katie Van Ark, Wendy Booydegraaf
Current Projects?
Just published “Let’s Explore Mackinac Island.”
Entity that supported you outside of family members?
My writing group:  FLAG (Four Ladies and a Gent)
Do you see writing as a career?
Yes, but not a dependable financial path
Would you change anything in your latest book?
No — but it’s fresh.  I’m sure I’ll see/think of something as time goes on.
How did my interest in writing originate?
I loved books and reading for as long as I can remember.  I’m sure that influenced my interest in writing.
Share a little of current work?
I’m revising a novel that has been in the works for a few years.  It’s a project close to my heart. That’s all I can say about that right now.
Anything particularly challenging in my writing?
I get impatient to publish, but I find if I let the manuscript simmer a bit, the revisions are better.
Favorite author/why?
I would have to say that Frederick Buechner is my favorite author.  He writes beautifully with great candor about life, faith, doubt, and hope.
Do you travel much concerning your books?
I have traveled in West Michigan to promote my books at various author events and libraries.  I traveled to Mackinac Island to research and take photos for my latest book.
Who designed the covers?  
I illustrated the books and took the photos, but my daughter, Abby Bedford, is a graphic designer and she professionally formats the covers.
What was the hardest part?
Ignoring distractions of life to hunker down and get ‘er done.
What did you learn from writing your book?
I learned to trust my “muse.”  The stories unfold and characters appear and sometimes I’m surprised to see what I’ve written.  That’s the best!
Any advise for other writers?
Write as much as you can,  keep a notebook for ideas (you never know when something will inspire you), join a writing group,  engage in social media,  be an extrovert about your writing, read, be a constant observer/listener, don’t quit.
Anything specific to say to readers?
In my work in elementary libraries, I found that many books for children are pretty silly or fluffy.  That’s okay in small doses, but in the Lottie books, I wanted to portray a girl who wasn’t a princess or a fairy, but spunky, real, and full of curiosity.  Science is not only interesting, it’s important.  Kids can enjoy reading fun stories that also teach.
Lucky Lottie
Rocky LottieLakey LottieSpotty Lottie
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#MichLit Blog Tour w/Author, Angeline Lawrence @entrepreneurexg starting 9/8. Join us! Share/RT

Please join us as we take newly published co-author, Angeline Lawrence across our SocialVerse as we introduce her, her book and her message. Check in, like her articles and share her message with others.


Order Book | Author’s Website

blogtourButton#MichLit Blog Tour Schedule | Michigan Literary Network Book
Spotlight 9/8 ARTICLE: When Bullying Hits
Home 9/10 Article: 5 steps to
Overcome Workplace Bullying 9/11

MotownWriters Archive Blog – Book Spotlight 9/12 Article 9/9 Article: The Power
of Your Story

Added Bonus

MotownWriters Archive Blog – Author Feature 9/15

Order Book | Author’s Website

About this author:

YE8ZOEi5_400x400Angeline Lawrence

Life Strategist, consultant, author & speaker who helps people do the impossible. Resourceful, insightful and all about getting things done.

Metro Detroit, Michigan


Michigan Authors, Would you like a book tour or us to share your message in our SocialVerse. Go to for more information.

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Those Red Pumps May Have To Wait~ Featured Article

Those Red Pumps May Have To Wait

By Mary Delia Eatmon

So what if you can’t keep up with the latest dress styles or wear those red bottom shoes that seem to keep calling your name. Right now your main focus is to remember that this too shall pass. This time with your children is precious and it should be used wisely to pour in some much-needed knowledge into your children. Before you know it, time will have passed and you will be able to look back and be glad that you made these little sacrifices. The memories that you are making now will allow you to learn about yourself as you teach them about life and how they will fit in it. Think about it for a moment, this is the time that you will tap into your own creativity while demonstrating the different good and bad things life has to offer. For now, just enjoy each moment you have because time is fleeting. It’s the simple things that you manage that will make you who you are.  You gain strength, confidence, and wisdom by what you are doing now in your life. So, while you are raising you babies raise the inner you.  Save yourself from the unnecessary stress that presents itself on a daily basis and stop looking at the mother down the street that seems to have it all.

As a young mother of 8, I learned quickly to accept the role of motherhood. And over the past 70 years I’ve witnessed, as well as experienced first hand, that we innately have the ability to nurture. But on the other hand, to be a mother (to birth, raise, and display appropriate affection) it is a learned process. Now, if you are like I was, and started off having several babies early, you’ll need to pull on a little hidden trait called patience: and you will have to practice it often. Coupled with persistence you will get the hang of this thing called motherhood. Things will fall into place over time as you naturally do what needs to be done. In this fast pace of today’s living, before you know it, you’ll turn around and your little ones will be all grown up and out the door.

We have all heard of the empty nest syndrome. The repercussions are real and when it happens it’s a real shocker. So, it would behoove all young mothers to value this time and make the sacrifice of spending as much time as possible with your loved ones while they are young and yours. It will really pay off in the long run. I can safely say this, don’t worry they will let you know later if you’ve done a good job or not
. Make life, for yourself, as enjoyable as possible. When you’ve secured your own foundation, your children will benefit.

Here’s a little tidbit of info that supports the benefits of being a great mom. Back in the early 1900’s a woman named Anna M. Jarvis, out of Grafton West, Virginia, honored her mother Ann Reeves Jarvis’ who died May 2, 1905 by celebrating mothers everywhere. Anna continued the task that her mother started and successfully marked the 2nd Sunday in May of 1908 as Mother’s Day at Andrew’s Church in Philadelphia.  Today, we all are acknowledged and celebrated because of one woman’s child decision to remember her loving mother.

When Ann originally drafted this task she highlighted the virtues of what a good mother is by pointing out that such a woman is a blessing and her love is never exhausted; She makes endless sacrifices no matter what the obstacles are; She works tirelessly to take care of her children and her home; and she loves deeply. Mothers know the personality of each of her children and generally do not compare one child against the other. She simply loves each child for who they are.

There are women who may not be a biological mother; but instead they were thrust into the role of motherhood. There may be adopted mothers, grandmothers, or stepmothers with the same instinct and all the attributes of a biological mother. If you are a mother good or bad you must remember that it’s a learned process. But if you are in need of a mother, you don’t always have to look far. These women are usually right by your side. Who knows…she may even be your teacher. Granted there are a lot of rotten mothers out there; but if given the chance, along with their own desire, they too can become sweet.

It takes love; passion; patience; a lot of sacrifices; as well as wisdom to accept what your role is as a mother. 
 Through the grace of God every woman bearing a child can rejoice in the fact that the base of her heart is a manifestation of divine mercy.  It is a privilege to be able to produce a child for the glory of God.

Mary Eatmon II

Mary Delia Eatmon, 84yr.

Author of Nine Houses

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Got Books? Help Strengthen Detroit’s Literary Community! #michlit #mwn #motownlit

Starting now until forever, it will be our mission  to try to collect 100, 000 books for the Metro Detroit Literary Community every year.

I know the impact of books in a home for a child and I want to give every home that doesn’t have books in Detroit some.

This sounds like an interesting challenge and I’m asking everyone to help me.

Photo by: J Michael Collins

Why? Continue reading

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Got Books? Help Strengthen Detroit’s Literary Community! #michlit #mwn #motownlit

Starting now until forever, it will be our mission  to try to collect 100, 000 books for the Metro Detroit Literary Community every year.

I know the impact of books in a home for a child and I want to give every home that doesn’t have books in Detroit some.

This sounds like an interesting challenge and I’m asking everyone to help me.

Photo by: J Michael Collins

Why? Continue reading

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Real Men Write Feature~Cesar Torreano


I am Caesar Torreano and poetry to me is greatness! Poetry is the friend who never abandoned me; the lover who’s always been faithful and the entity that never judges me for my past discretions. It is the air that I need to heal me, the eyes that I need to see me, and the voice I need to express myself; so I can be heard and so I can hear. If I can make one person feel the joy that I feel – that poetry has brought to me- my life would be more fulfilled. For its existence has made me a better man.

I chose the name “Caesar” because it means King and fearless leader in Greek.

I developed an interest in writing poetry when I was younger but I did not begin my poetic quest until three years ago when I first “spit” at Cliff Belles. Now I am fondly known as “a venue junky” because I enjoy going to two to three venues in one night. I enjoy poetry that much!

I am extremely diverse in my poetic writing. My poetry ranges from social injustices/conscious topics to love and/or erotic. I pride myself in discussing topics/situations or events in my pieces that, as men we never discuss. For that, I believe one poet’s poem can be another person’s moment of clarity. To my credit, I have a poetic album named “The Rise of an Emperor” where I demonstrate my poetic flexibility towards all life’s subjects.

I have been the host of Nandi’s Knowledge Café in Highland Park since 2012. My belief/motto is to provide a poetic haven where all people, regardless of where they come from, can come and perform, express and enjoy poetry in all formats. I want everyone who comes through the door to feel like they matter and are at home.

I have featured, participated and performed in many poetry showcases in the Detroit/Metro area. I have performed in a play for Poetically Speaking Productions and performed at the Jazz Café at Music Hall.

I am a Direct Care worker, father of five beautiful children and repair computers in my spare time.

I truly believe it takes a village to raise a child especially a child of poetry.

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New #MichLit Radio Show w/children’s authors: @superdaddieslit & @MarquinParks #mwn [PODCAST]


Feb 13, 2013 Guest Backgrounder

1. Guest:  Anita Gibbs     

Guest summary: Anita Gibbs is the author of two children’s books, “Daddy, I Broke My Snowball” and “Daddy, I Can Read It For You.” Her newest book is “Daddy’s Magic Stamp” part of her Super Daddy’s series. Anita’s definition of a SUPERDADDY (noun, plural – dies) 1. Any man who makes a deliberate attempt to enrich the life of a child, especially his own.  


Author bio:

Anita T. Gibbs is a seasoned sales professional who was raised to believe in herself and her dreams.  Inspired by her own father as well as raising her son as a single mom, the creator of “Superdaddies The Series™”, aspires to create a positive perception and motivation in the relationships between fathers and their children in this children’s book series.


Her freshman release in Nov. 2009, “Daddy, I broke My Snowball” was well received, as illustrated by the following editorial comment:


In times such as these, we need reminders about the fact that “quality” men and fathers do, indeed, exist and how they provide security, love and reassurance to their children. “Daddy, I Broke My Snowball” reminds us of the vast influence that committed fathers provide for their children, ESPECIALLY girls, as is depicted in this heart-warming story. Such simple things as building a “snow-woman” provide unique opportunities to bond and reinforce the sacredness of fatherhood; this is a touching example of how empowerment and self-esteem is cultivated in both boys and girls.

–Dr. Kathy A. Morrow, Clinical Psychologist

 The sophomore offering, “Daddy, I Can Read It For You,” is the story of a middle aged divorced father of two who has a very “special” relationship with his gifted son and precocious ‘tween’ daughter.  This Superdaddy only attended school through the eighth grade.  He values healthy eating and the family’s favorite but healthy guilty pleasure happens to be sweet potatoes.


About the book Daddy’s Magic Stamp:

Daddy’s Magic Stamp is a PreK-2 children’s book about a dog and his twin puppies. They can’t hide from Daddy Dog!

2. Guest:  Marquin Parks    

Guest summary: Marquin Parks is an educator, consultant, interventionist, and author of the new book “Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School”.

Author bio:  Marquin’s goal is to inspire, motivate, and promote writing and reading to a larger audience. Honestly, he just wants to write and write and write and write (yeah, that much writing) books that humor and help kids.

About Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School

Follow the zany adventures of Wrinkles Wallace and his classmates who have to come together as a team to outsmart their teacher and pass 5th Grade. After all, they’ve failed it a number of times–so many that Wrinkles is already 28-years old. The students deal with real-world issues and themselves in order to overcome the antics of their diabolical teacher, Mr. Sittin’ B. Quiet. (By the way, he’s only ten.) Join them in this upside-down world where non-stop humor serves as a guide to character-building and success.



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Got Books? Help Strengthen Detroit’s Literary Community! #michlit #mwn #motownlit

Starting from now to November 10th, it will be my mission  to try to collect 50, 000 books for the Metro Detroit Literary Community.

I know the impact of books in a home for a child and I want to give every home that doesn’t have books in Detroit some.

This sounds like an interesting challenge and I’m asking everyone to help me.

Photo by: J Michael Collins


I love books. My mother put that love in my heart way before I came into this earth and I’m blessed to have passed this love to my children.

Now I want to share my love with everyone out there who struggles to make a choice to buy a book or pay a bill in Detroit. I don’t want to see anyone have to make that choice.

Plus statistics states even one book in a household increases the chances of a child graduating from high school.*

If you would like to drop your book off in person, subscribe to this site (see sidebar) and when you see I’m having an event, come and bring your books to donate (while picking up a couple of copies of mine – although that’s not a requirement).

If you aren’t in Detroit and would like to send books, please ship them to:

Detroit Impact Community Center

Attn: MWN Book Drive

9930 Greenfield, Detroit, Michigan 48227

You can also drop off from 9am to 6pm


I know 50,000 books is a lot of books, but there is a meaning to my madness. These are the organizations that will benefit from your donation:

Pro-Literacy of Detroit –

During December, this organization has a graduation program for their adult readers who have successfully completed tutoring. Your book donations will go towards gifting them books they may take home as their reward to continue and strengthening their new-found reading skills.

The Detroit Impact Center –

Geared toward the youth in the Metro Detroit Community, The Detroit Impact Center provides literary services, programs and more. The library inside the center is under serviced and in desperate need of current books geared toward ages between tween and teen. I would love to give them what they need to encourage young adults to read more and provide Mr. Colbert, the director, the power to give these kids the gift of reading.

Also I’ve been approached by the following organizations to help them provide books for their participants.

My Sisters Keeper – Single Family Non-profit to gift single parents and their children with books for the holidays.

Sit On It Detroit – A bus stop with donated books from the community.

313 Little Libraries – As part of Detroit’s revival, little librarires (small phone book style containers filled with books) are popping up around Detroit. Just for the taking, we want to make sure these stay filled with great reads. For more information and how you can donate a Little Library around the City of Detroit, visit:

Help me help them!! I want to be the Oprah of book giving! The Santa Claus of the Literary Community. (I could go on with these metaphors, but they’d just get really corny. )

We hope to soon work with Kickstarter, so we can have a monetary donation system in place, but if you would like to contribute still, you can PayPal your donation to

For all monetary donations, we plan to buy gift certificates from John King Books.  (

Established in 1965, recently, we found out that two of their stores were in danger or closing. In my creative way to shed light upon a low foot traffic situation to the stores,  I’ve decided that proceeds earned from donations will go to buy gift certificates from John K. King Bookstore and donated to the groups above so they can also make selections.

Also, this will ensure your donations will go right back into the literary community of Metro Detroit!

I do hope you help me meet my goal. I’m so excited about my mission and I’m going to blog all about it here at my website with the category tag 100,000.

Spread the word! Send the message! Shout it from the rooftop: There’s a crazy book lady in Detroit who needs books! (I don’t mind the crazy part, because even my mother said I’m a good crazy.)

I thank you in advance for your help to my literary endeavors!

*I couldn’t remember where that statistic came from before I blogged this, but it was in the last couple of months that I read it.

As the list of sponsors grow, I’m going to be posting sponsors to this post. If you’d like to know when I make updates to this particular post, please add a great comment and subscribe to comment updates.

I’d also like to know what efforts you are doing to strengthen your literary community and if you have creative ideas to help me encourage my own literary community to donate more.

I plan to do more face to fact book drop off events for the next couple of months. If you would love to help me plan these, please do not hesitate to contact me at my email:  .

If you are media interested in requesting an interview about our literary cause, please contact Andrea Daniels of ANDCommunications at: 313.468.2459.


  • Picture Books
  • Young Adult Books
  • Self- Help
  • Diet/Health
  • Uplifting memoirs and novels
  • Dictionaries
  • Adult Contemporary of all type except Erotica (they’re going into public places)

Please Please Please don’t forget to share this message with others and help us strengthen Metro Detroit’s Literary Community.

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