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EyeSpecs- Post #3

Are you an author, writer, blogger, book promoter, book marketer, book coach, or publisher? Drop in weekly on the Motown Writers Network site where Eyeology INC will post snippets, tips, videos, quotes, and Q/A’s to bring value to whatever it is that you do.

Today’s Q/A

facebook_1473614682691If you are an author your goal is to spend quality time on social media to build your reach and engage with potential fans. The one thing commonly felt by most authors is that they lack the time to do quality engagement. Time is the one most valued commodity that you MUST invest when building your voice and image. It is your responsibility as an author to ensure that your authentic voice and image is represented accurately and consistently. Not some of the time, but EVERY time. In the case where you are unsure of where to start there are plenty of branding, social media, and marketing firms like Eyeology INC that are more than capable to assist you in the creation of that unique voice and specified image. This is however the first step to marketing and must not be taken lightly. Again, your first impression must be your BEST impression because your fans will forever define your Brand by it.
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