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Social Media Platforms for Authors & Writers Workshop Notes 9/10/11 thx @tywebbin

I would like to thank everyone who was in attendance. Please make sure you subscribe to updates of this post so you can see where the audio for the workshop will be uploaded at.

To get a copy of the notes, click here: thanks to Tyra Moody @ tywebbin for her help in this!

Pictures will be uploaded later so subscribe for updates or leave a comment to let us know you attended!

To get your social media platforms book download, please click here

Also as a special bonus we have a download from Rodger C. Parker :

Author Platform Evaluation worksheet.

8 platform-building tips for authors who want to publish a book in 2010 (this can be used any year)

Create a social media marketing planning calendar worksheet for 2009 (this can be used any year)

A beginner’s guide to blogging: 10 tips to put into practice right away

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