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Motown’s Young Adult Feature~ Dara Nichole

Dara Nichole

Join us today as we welcome another one of Detroit’s crown jewels: Dara Nichole.

Dara Nichole Walker is an author, speaker, and inspirational blogger. Mrs. Walker is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and is currently working on her Masters of Business Administration. She has worked with various youth and women organizations in the metro Detroit area assisting in developing programs and activities to build their self-esteem, facilitate group discussions, and provide resources and opportunities for them to develop their gifts and talents. Mrs. Walker truthfully understand the troubles of the teenager in this generation and the pitfalls they must overcome to be successful. She is aware of the calling on her life to minister to the issues of youth and inspire them to grow closer to Christ. “Once we show young women who they are and their value, they will start to understand their worth, and really start to walk in the things God has for them.” Mrs. Walker is committed to fulfilling the calling. Dara lives in the Metro Detroit area with her husband and son.


5 questions with Dara:

How old were you when you realized that you have the gift of writing?

When I was in the 1st grade I would write stories for my mom and she would read them aloud. I used to love to write in high school and we would actually start a story and pass it among friends to continue the story. By the time I got to College, I just knew in my heart I had to write.

How does writing coincide with your ministry to mentor young girls?

I try to talk about issues they deal with now. Peer pressure, drinking, drugs, not getting an education, bullying, all those are issues young girls need advice on, but may not seek the answers. I want the girls to learn as much as possible, even when they don’t think they’re learning!

How does your writing style differ from other young adult authors?

Sometimes I can be heavy handed with my message concerning Christ. I know there is a balance and i am working on it, but it is apart of me, and I want people to know who I stand for, and what I stand for throughout every book I write.

Are there any messages in your books?

Loving yourself, loving others. Focusing on our destiny, sex can wait, among other Christian Principals.

Now that you’re a mother, how does that change the way that you write?

I have more of a  drive to be successful. I want my son to be proud of me, and know that when you work hard, and do your best, you will be fulfilled. There’s no other feeling like walking in your purpose.

Check out Dara’s books…

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