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Motown Writers Poet Spotlight~ Dimonique Boyd

Dimonique Boyd

“I wish I could disappear into a fine mist, but if I did, someone would probably choke on me.”  The day she uttered this statement in a casual conversation, Dimonique Boyd became fully aware that she…is…a poet.

A daughter of the Café Mahogany days, Dimonique experienced a rebirth in poetry when she became a regular at EchoVerse Poetry and Slam Series in 2007.  She has had featured appearances at the Blushing Sky Honors Series, The Beat Café, Sweet Epiphany,and the Detroit Public Library, among many other venues and shows.
By popular demand, she self-published and released her first volume of poetry, “This is How I Feel: My Life in Verse.”  Her book chronicles her life’s journey from ages fourteen to thirty. Though best known for her love and erotic poems, her writing delves into the socio-political, religious, and Hip-Hop realms.  An admitted Confessional Poet, most of her poems are short glimpses into pieces of her life.  She sees her poetry as both an outlet and an outreach.  She is unafraid to give the most personal parts of herself to her audience because she feels that it’s important to be a voice for who fear that they’re alone or don’t have the words to express how they feel.  No matter the subject of her prose, the focus is always humanity.  We love, we hurt, we cry, we lust, we sin, and she pours it all on the page and the stage to achieve oneness with her audience.
Her second volume of poetry, “Queen of Heart” follows the design of a deck of cards and is written in two parts-Court and Suites. From Ace to “Dimons,” or God to Self, Dimonique offers the full range of her versatility as a writer.

Questions with Dimonique…

Describe what you believe is the purpose of your poetry?

My poetry is for personal self-expression and release, as well as for the expression and release of others.  I write for myself, but I share as a means of giving others someone to relate to. I don’t mind giving the most personal parts of myself because it’s more important to me that someone who feels alone knows that they are not.  I write to heal, change, save lives-even my own.
When you heard your first poem how did it make you feel?

I really can’t remember hearing my first poem.  I grew up as a fan of music and drama.  I’d been exposed to poetry in elementary school. The first poem I learned was “Dreams” by Langston Hughes, which didn’t mean anything to me until I got much older.  I wrote poetry as class assignments through middle school, and I even wrote raps as a kid, but I really didn’t get into and saved by poetry until high school.

Who are some of your favorite poets?

My first favorite poets were Khari Kimani Turner and LaShaun Phoenix Kotaran (then Moore). Some of my more current favorites are Jeff Nelson, Clarity, Rhonda Welsh, UNtitled, and my newest favorite is Andrea Daniel.
What inspires you to write poetry?
What is your favorite poem? (It could be one of your own or someone elses)

My favorite poem is probably still “1999” by Khari Kimani Turner.  I wish more men and boys could be exposed to it today.


Dimonique’s Favorite Poetry Quote:  “I love you in melodies too heartbreaking to play…” This Is How I Feel: My Life in Verse, “I Love You in Hushed Tones”

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Poet Spotlight~Caesar Torreano

Caesar TorreanoCaesar Torreano believes poetry is a beautiful vessel of expression. He chose the name  “Caesar” because it means King and fearless leader in Greek. Approximately 2 1/2 years ago, Caesar started his poetic journey and “spit” for the first time at Cliff Belles. Caesar is fondly known as “a venue junky” because he enjoys going to two to three venues in one night. He is extremely diverse in his poetic writing.  His poetry ranges from social injustices/conscious topics, love, and erotica. Caesar is the host at Nandi’s Knowledge Café in Highland Park and will soon celebrate his one year anniversary. In addition, he is a 38-year-old father of five beautiful children and repair computers in his spare time.

Questions with Caesar…

What fuels you to write poetry?

My life experiences and every day encounters fuels me to write poetry.

Do you remember when you wrote your first poem? 

I remember writing my first poem in the 7th grade at Durfee  Middle School for an extra credit assignment in English.

How would you describe your poetry?

Poetry is a learning experience for me therefore trying to  describe my poetry is hard because it covers a wide range of  emotions, it is raw, comes straight from my heart and authentic.

 Who are some of your favorite poets?

I have too many favorite poets to name them all but a few of my favorite local poets are LaShaun Phoenix Kotaran, Kevlaar, Claretha  Peace Robinson, Omari Barksdale and Chace “Mic Write” Morris. Also  one of my non local favorite poets is Rudy Francisco from California.


Kai Mann 

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