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Wednesday “Motown Book Candy” Feature

This Wednesday’s Motown Book Candy feature is Dr. Tunishai A. Ford’s inspiring story “This is a Comma in Your Life, Not a Period”. 

Book Description:

Experience this life-changing saga that will leave you refreshed, renewed and
inspired to face life’s most challenging times. This is a Comma in Your life,
Not a Period will take you to a level of faith and hope never experienced

You will never look at sickness and other life challenges the
same again. Whether you are a victim or not, you will understand that everyone
has a vital role to play. Victory is an interconnection for each and every one
of us to succeed. So prepare to be encouraged, healed, strengthened, and
uplifted. Allow This is a Comma in your Life, Not a Period to literally
transform your life.”

Author website:

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Motown’s Gem-An Interview with Author Versandra Kennebrew

On October 11th I was humbled as I was blessed with the opportunity of interviewing one of Motown’s greatest gems, Author Versandra Kennebrew. As well as being an Author; Versandra is a speaker, life coach, massage therapist, teacher, workshop facilitator, and most of all, a life changer.

Take a look at the video clip below as we talk about her first book “Thank God for the Shelter, and her lastest book “The Art of Reinventing You”.

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