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MWN Features Children’s Author Judy Seaberry

Judy Seaberry

Judy Seaberry is an author who strives to write about relevant issues. As a native Detroiter she has experienced multiple challenges and changes that shaped her own life as well as the life of her city. Judy’s love of reading and writing came full circle when in 2004 she retired from corporate America and wrote her first book “Is your family dysfunctional”.  On the heels of her first success she tackled romantic relationships by writing Men from A to Z.
Judy is a rare author who uses humor seamlessly in her writing to ease into difficult subjects. Both of her previous books go to the core of what issues we face when we connect with others. “A Day in the Life of Amanda” goes one step further. Amanda allows us to experience the young soul, as family, friends and society shape her life. Through Amanda’s eyes we witness our own behaviors and how they affect her attitude. Through Amanda’s prayers we witness the impact our actions have on her spirit.

5 Questions with Judy…

Who are some of your favorite authors?             

 Being a little old school with a love for fiction, I like Jane Austen, Danielle Steele, Tom Clancy and Alice Walker.

When did you realize your calling to write?

Like most authors an English teacher praised my compositions and encouraged me to seek a literary career.

Why Children’s books?

Writing for a child was not my first choice; I am at heart a humorist.

How did you come up with the concept of your book “A Day in the Life of Amanda”?

Amanda was inspired by an incident at a local service station. A young mom chided her daughter about purchasing the wrong pop and I witnessed this ill-conceived attempt at parenting. She asked my opinion, I offered it and in an instant the concept of right parenting vs. wrong parenting was born. The name Amanda was whispered to me in my sleep and the rest of the story is history.

What’s next for Judy?

What’s next for Judy? well I am considering an e-book of how Amanda came to be with the many illustrations I rejected prior to finding the right look for my little girl. Initially, Amanda was to be black and was drawn to those specifications but over time a more multi-cultural look was adopted. With the current success of  “A Day in the Life of Amanda” a look back might be interesting.

The wait is finally over~ “A Day in the Life of Amanda”  is available

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