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Got Books? Help Strengthen Detroit’s Literary Community! #michlit #mwn #motownlit

Starting now until forever, it will be our mission  to try to collect 100, 000 books for the Metro Detroit Literary Community every year.

I know the impact of books in a home for a child and I want to give every home that doesn’t have books in Detroit some.

This sounds like an interesting challenge and I’m asking everyone to help me.

Photo by: J Michael Collins

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Got Books? Help Strengthen Detroit’s Literary Community! #michlit #mwn #motownlit

Starting now until forever, it will be our mission  to try to collect 100, 000 books for the Metro Detroit Literary Community every year.

I know the impact of books in a home for a child and I want to give every home that doesn’t have books in Detroit some.

This sounds like an interesting challenge and I’m asking everyone to help me.

Photo by: J Michael Collins

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A Salute to Sylvia Hubbard Fundraiser

Sylvias fundraiser

Anyone who can’t attend the fundraiser, can still donate through PaylPal.

Click on the Paypal logo below to donate


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Got Books? Help Strengthen Detroit’s Literary Community! #michlit #mwn #motownlit

Starting from now to November 10th, it will be my mission  to try to collect 50, 000 books for the Metro Detroit Literary Community.

I know the impact of books in a home for a child and I want to give every home that doesn’t have books in Detroit some.

This sounds like an interesting challenge and I’m asking everyone to help me.

Photo by: J Michael Collins


I love books. My mother put that love in my heart way before I came into this earth and I’m blessed to have passed this love to my children.

Now I want to share my love with everyone out there who struggles to make a choice to buy a book or pay a bill in Detroit. I don’t want to see anyone have to make that choice.

Plus statistics states even one book in a household increases the chances of a child graduating from high school.*

If you would like to drop your book off in person, subscribe to this site (see sidebar) and when you see I’m having an event, come and bring your books to donate (while picking up a couple of copies of mine – although that’s not a requirement).

If you aren’t in Detroit and would like to send books, please ship them to:

Detroit Impact Community Center

Attn: MWN Book Drive

9930 Greenfield, Detroit, Michigan 48227

You can also drop off from 9am to 6pm


I know 50,000 books is a lot of books, but there is a meaning to my madness. These are the organizations that will benefit from your donation:

Pro-Literacy of Detroit –

During December, this organization has a graduation program for their adult readers who have successfully completed tutoring. Your book donations will go towards gifting them books they may take home as their reward to continue and strengthening their new-found reading skills.

The Detroit Impact Center –

Geared toward the youth in the Metro Detroit Community, The Detroit Impact Center provides literary services, programs and more. The library inside the center is under serviced and in desperate need of current books geared toward ages between tween and teen. I would love to give them what they need to encourage young adults to read more and provide Mr. Colbert, the director, the power to give these kids the gift of reading.

Also I’ve been approached by the following organizations to help them provide books for their participants.

My Sisters Keeper – Single Family Non-profit to gift single parents and their children with books for the holidays.

Sit On It Detroit – A bus stop with donated books from the community.

313 Little Libraries – As part of Detroit’s revival, little librarires (small phone book style containers filled with books) are popping up around Detroit. Just for the taking, we want to make sure these stay filled with great reads. For more information and how you can donate a Little Library around the City of Detroit, visit:

Help me help them!! I want to be the Oprah of book giving! The Santa Claus of the Literary Community. (I could go on with these metaphors, but they’d just get really corny. )

We hope to soon work with Kickstarter, so we can have a monetary donation system in place, but if you would like to contribute still, you can PayPal your donation to

For all monetary donations, we plan to buy gift certificates from John King Books.  (

Established in 1965, recently, we found out that two of their stores were in danger or closing. In my creative way to shed light upon a low foot traffic situation to the stores,  I’ve decided that proceeds earned from donations will go to buy gift certificates from John K. King Bookstore and donated to the groups above so they can also make selections.

Also, this will ensure your donations will go right back into the literary community of Metro Detroit!

I do hope you help me meet my goal. I’m so excited about my mission and I’m going to blog all about it here at my website with the category tag 100,000.

Spread the word! Send the message! Shout it from the rooftop: There’s a crazy book lady in Detroit who needs books! (I don’t mind the crazy part, because even my mother said I’m a good crazy.)

I thank you in advance for your help to my literary endeavors!

*I couldn’t remember where that statistic came from before I blogged this, but it was in the last couple of months that I read it.

As the list of sponsors grow, I’m going to be posting sponsors to this post. If you’d like to know when I make updates to this particular post, please add a great comment and subscribe to comment updates.

I’d also like to know what efforts you are doing to strengthen your literary community and if you have creative ideas to help me encourage my own literary community to donate more.

I plan to do more face to fact book drop off events for the next couple of months. If you would love to help me plan these, please do not hesitate to contact me at my email:  .

If you are media interested in requesting an interview about our literary cause, please contact Andrea Daniels of ANDCommunications at: 313.468.2459.


  • Picture Books
  • Young Adult Books
  • Self- Help
  • Diet/Health
  • Uplifting memoirs and novels
  • Dictionaries
  • Adult Contemporary of all type except Erotica (they’re going into public places)

Please Please Please don’t forget to share this message with others and help us strengthen Metro Detroit’s Literary Community.

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Author Tech: Get Money!

Like I wrote before, being an author is like being a small business owner.  You have products (books) to sell and its up to you a lot of the time to get the word out (marketing) about how awesome your product is!  If you are a self-published author you also spend a lot of time selling the product too!

So its important to know about PayPal, Google Checkout, Square Up and any other easy payment gateways out there because you want to GET MONEY!! Right?

So here is my official review of Square Card Reader for SMART Phones (Androids & iPhones, sorry Blackberry peeps).  Now if you’re reading this I HOPE you have taken my advice (from previous articles) and picked up your SMART Phone and Optimized it!  So now you’re ready to do business on the go!

I signed up for the Square Card Reader for a couple of reasons.

  • I am an author and need to sell books on the fly or at book signings and other events
  • I do home parties and sell products and services out and about
  • I wanted to try a cool new gadget to review for you all!

While I already had a mobile payment solution , it was for another business account and I wanted an alternative to keep funds separate and the money straight. Also with the other solution I have to key in all the info which can be a pain. With this reader, it’s swipe & go! You can also capture their signature using the touchscreen, this is good as a secondary way to prove they were really there in case of a dispute (always a concern when using plastic).

Getting It

After opening my account (very simple, but you do have to give your SSN & link it to a bank account for payment), I thought my reader was on the way and would arrive within 2-5 days (as promised), but either I missed some instruction or there was a glitch in the matrix b/c a couple of weeks went by with no reader. So I logged back in to see what was up and lo and behold there was a “ship another card reader option.” My reader arrived within a week! (Yay! It looked so cute, nestled in its little box & protective foam).


I  put the unit into the audio jack (3.5 mm only) on my phone and then headed over to the Android Market Place and downloaded the Square App.  Once installed I simply entered my username/email address and password and I was pretty much up and running.

Using It

The interface is pretty simple, key in the dollar amount and then add the description by typing or  (this is really cool) TAKING A PICTURE!  How awesome, especially if you sell physical items!  Next SWIPE THE CARD to charge and it will tell you immediately if its approved or not.  Finally the person signs using their finger (pens don’t work) and you choose whether the receipt is texted or emailed and input the appropriate information.  What’s cool is that there is a option for tips & taxes and you can eliminate the signature option for payments <$25 (but that also eliminates the tipping option).  What’s nice is that  you can pull up your sales history right from the app or via the online account management tool.

Pretty simple right? What’s nice is there is no worrying about paper and pens, but if you’re in an area with spotty reception, you may be cash only!  Also keep your charger and/or extra batter handy.

Getting Paid

So next up is getting my money!  This Diva does not like to wait to get paid.  My favorite thing about PayPal is INSTANT access to your money if you get the debit card.  Too bad they don’t allow swiping yet 😦 .  With Square, you do have to wait a couple business days to get your money.  I did a transaction Friday night and the funds were available today (Tuesday).  The delay I am sure had to do with it being the weekend.  Yes they took out their 2.75% fee (as was expected), but overall the experience was simple and my money is now safely home with me 🙂


I just put in request to REFUND one of my test payments and will update this post with how long it takes to complete.


Overall so far Square is alright with me, but its still pretty new and some people have had negative experiences.  I know there are some limits in how soon you can get your cash for transactions over $1000 in a week AND getting to customer service is only available via email so read the fine print and be aware.    It also records the GPS location of each transaction which is kinda creepy to me.

I prefer to collect cash and will still use my PayPal Virtual Terminal for payments over the phone or other keyed in methods b/c I want access to my money quickly, but this is a great tool to help increase profitability because you can take deposits, retainers, or sell products via credit card wherever you are that has reception!  The only thing I need now is a cute little carrying case to protect this baby!!

Kania "technodiva" KennedyKania “TechnoDiva” Kennedy is a graduate of Duke University and holds her B.S.E. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. In addition to being a self-published author she is a life long fan of technology, loves “gadgets,” and she has always been the “goto” girl when technological things need to be “hooked up” or “figured out.”Connect with her on Facebook | Twitter | Google + | LinkedIn
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