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New #MichLit Radio Show w/children’s authors: @superdaddieslit & @MarquinParks #mwn [PODCAST]


Feb 13, 2013 Guest Backgrounder

1. Guest:  Anita Gibbs     

Guest summary: Anita Gibbs is the author of two children’s books, “Daddy, I Broke My Snowball” and “Daddy, I Can Read It For You.” Her newest book is “Daddy’s Magic Stamp” part of her Super Daddy’s series. Anita’s definition of a SUPERDADDY (noun, plural – dies) 1. Any man who makes a deliberate attempt to enrich the life of a child, especially his own.  


Author bio:

Anita T. Gibbs is a seasoned sales professional who was raised to believe in herself and her dreams.  Inspired by her own father as well as raising her son as a single mom, the creator of “Superdaddies The Series™”, aspires to create a positive perception and motivation in the relationships between fathers and their children in this children’s book series.


Her freshman release in Nov. 2009, “Daddy, I broke My Snowball” was well received, as illustrated by the following editorial comment:


In times such as these, we need reminders about the fact that “quality” men and fathers do, indeed, exist and how they provide security, love and reassurance to their children. “Daddy, I Broke My Snowball” reminds us of the vast influence that committed fathers provide for their children, ESPECIALLY girls, as is depicted in this heart-warming story. Such simple things as building a “snow-woman” provide unique opportunities to bond and reinforce the sacredness of fatherhood; this is a touching example of how empowerment and self-esteem is cultivated in both boys and girls.

–Dr. Kathy A. Morrow, Clinical Psychologist

 The sophomore offering, “Daddy, I Can Read It For You,” is the story of a middle aged divorced father of two who has a very “special” relationship with his gifted son and precocious ‘tween’ daughter.  This Superdaddy only attended school through the eighth grade.  He values healthy eating and the family’s favorite but healthy guilty pleasure happens to be sweet potatoes.


About the book Daddy’s Magic Stamp:

Daddy’s Magic Stamp is a PreK-2 children’s book about a dog and his twin puppies. They can’t hide from Daddy Dog!

2. Guest:  Marquin Parks    

Guest summary: Marquin Parks is an educator, consultant, interventionist, and author of the new book “Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School”.

Author bio:  Marquin’s goal is to inspire, motivate, and promote writing and reading to a larger audience. Honestly, he just wants to write and write and write and write (yeah, that much writing) books that humor and help kids.

About Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School

Follow the zany adventures of Wrinkles Wallace and his classmates who have to come together as a team to outsmart their teacher and pass 5th Grade. After all, they’ve failed it a number of times–so many that Wrinkles is already 28-years old. The students deal with real-world issues and themselves in order to overcome the antics of their diabolical teacher, Mr. Sittin’ B. Quiet. (By the way, he’s only ten.) Join them in this upside-down world where non-stop humor serves as a guide to character-building and success.



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PODCAST: #MichLit w/Authors: Antoinette Davis & Felecia Berry #mwn #motownlit #blogtalkradio

Listen to podcast here:

May 23, 2012 Guest Backgrounder
1.  Guest: Antoinette Davis              Call-in Time:  5:30 p.m.
Antoinette Davis bio:
ANTOINETTE MARIE DAVIS is a native of Michigan. In addition to writing, she loves math, which led her to pursue a career in mathematics. She enjoys teaching mathematics to her students. Overall, Antoinette is a woman who loves the Lord and she sees him as a consistent source of strength in her life.
She is an alumnus of Lake Michigan College, Oakwood University, and Wayne State University. She has earned an Associate of Arts Degree in Secondary Education, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics, and a Master of Arts Degree in Applied Mathematics. She currently serves as a university instructor while she pursues Doctoral study in the area of Instruction/Administration with a specialization in Mathematics Education.
About the book  Lessons on Church Folk Volume 1 & 2:
Lessons on Church Folk is a two book series. Volume 1 was written so that people are able to see that every church has issues. Even when you switch churches, you will see some of the same issues that you saw at your previous church. In any event, the church is a hospital where people come to get help for their issues. Only God can free us from the things that constantly stress us out. Life will be stressful but giving your stress over to God will allow you to be free to experience the love and happiness that he desires for all of his children.
Volume 2 was written so that people can see that church members of any faith are the most unique group of people around. These members come to church with various issues and they aim to let go of their issues through prayer within the community of believers. But the question is: Do they hand their issues over to God? or Do they hold on to them so that they can handle them on their own? In life, it is always better to hand over your issues to God because you cannot handle your issues on your own. Overall, we need to accept the fact that we are humans and we all make mistakes. But even when we make mistakes, we have to know that God is always ready and willing to forgive us of our sins.

Listen to podcast here:

2.  Guest: Felicia Berry              Call-in Time:  5:45 p.m.
Guest summary: A survivor. A victor. A living testament of grace. Felecia Berry LMSW shares what she went through to become all three in her poignant memoir The Desires Of Thine Heart.
Felicia Berry bio:
Felecia Berry LMSW earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Marygrove College and her Masters Degree in Social Work from Wayne State University. As an undergraduate student intern, Felecia implemented Hamtramck Harvest, a feeding program, in the city of Hamtramck. She has professionally worked in the Alzheimer’s Association, Big Brother/Big Sister, My Sister’s Place, the Children’s Center, St. John Open Arms and Neighborhood Services Organization.
Felecia has provided clinical interventions and treatment to a diverse population of individuals, families and groups impacted by trauma such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, suicide ideations and attempts and grief and loss. She has provided trainings in schools, conferences, churches and community mental health agencies.
About the Book, The Desires of Thine Heart:  
In The Desires of Thine Heart ,Felecia is brave in her honesty to share what proves to be the darkest and most painful part of her life. She was exposed to insufferable hardships at a very young age: she lost her father when she was only three years old and, at nine, she lost her innocence forever when she became a victim of sexual abuse by a brother of a classmate. Very soon her life spiraled into a cesspool of drugs, alcohol, abusive relationships and suicide attempts- all desperate but futile efforts to disavow her pain.

Listen to podcast here:

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[PODCAST] #MichLit Radio Show w/Michael Williams & Poet, @OneSingleRose | #BlogTalkRadio

1. Guest:  Michael Williams        

Guest summary: Michael Williams of the Author Collective, hosts the Spring Book Festival happening this weekend.

2. Guest:         Rosemarie Wilson “One Single Rose”                                                                                                                                        

Guest summary: Rosemarie Wilson a/k/a One Single Rose is an award winning poet, writer, advice columnist, singer, actress and a staunch advocate of integrity and fidelity.  She has written two poetry books, with the latest, Out of Darkness into Light, just released last month.

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PODCAST: #MichLit Show w/Poets @tmillerpoetry & Honeycomb!


1. Guest:  Tawana Honeycomb Petty        

Interview time: 5:30

Guest summary: Tawana Honeycomb Petty is a poet, activist, and host of Guerrilla Nights poetry series. Her book is Introducing Honeycomb.


Guest bio:

Tawana Petty, a mother, poet, author and activist is best known as “Honeycomb” on stage. She has been featured at many prestigious events, including but not limited to the 1st Annual Focus Hope Black Marriage Day Celebration, the International Black Expo, the 2008 Ribs n Soul Festival in Detroit, the 175th Annual Emancipation Day Festival in Canada, the 2008 Literary Arts Gala at The Charles H. Wright Museum, the 2010 African World Festival and at Lakeshore Economic Coalition Celebrating 10 Years of Freedom with Yusef Bunchy Shakur & Friends: “Granting the Formerly Incarcerated A Second Chance”. Hosted by Reggie Reg Davis, with Keynote Address by Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee.


Honeycomb has also performed at the 1st Annual I Am Woman Expo, opened for HBO/BET’s Punany Poets, was the featured artist at Wayne State University’s “A Tribute to Harlem” Showcase and performed at MTV’s Quest Mcody’s “Quest for A Cure” event, just to name a few. She has been a spotlighted poet on AM 1440, FM 107.5, The Writer’s Block on, Comcast channel 20’s Mix’n It Up with Barry Ross as well as Dr. John Telford’s show. Honeycomb has also been a featured speaker and is a regular guest on Dave Marsh’s national program the “Land of Hopes and Dreams” radio program on channel 127 on SiriusXm Satellite and is the former co-host of Poetic Vibrations radio program on 88.1 FM. Honeycomb has also been the featured artist at venues in and outside of the City of Detroit, including but not limited to the Artist Village, L!V Resto Lounge, They Say, The Key Club, The Upper Room and The Legendary Cliff Bells and Bakers Keyboard Lounge. She is the current host of Guerrilla Nights weekly poetry open mic series, held every Saturday evening  at the Urban Network Cyber Café located at 5740 Grand River, Detroit, MI 48208.


2. Guest:         T. Miller

Guest summary: T. Miller is a writer, performance poet, author, publisher, activist, producer, actress and motivational speaker.

Guest bio:

Natasha Miller is the voice of wounds exposed, and the healing balm of poetry applied to the human spirit. The passionate 26 year-old Detroit, MI native is a writer, performance poet, author, publisher dedicated activist, producer, actress and an aspiring motivational speaker. Since her debut, just over four years ago, Natasha has proven to be a poetical powerhouse. After one year on the performance circuit, in 2007, she was crowned Detroit Poetry Slam team’s Grand Slam Champion, and has been a member of four National Poetry Slam teams. She has also been a Women of The World Poetry Slam top five finalist three out of the last four years once ranking as high as the third female slam poet in the World. Natasha continued her impressive record by leading and coaching her own slam team to a championship at the 2010 Midwest Rustbelt Poetry Slam, where she also came out ranking #2 overall in the individual competition.


Natasha has awed audiences across the country at universities, festivals and numerous venues including slams and shows like the famous Nuyorican Poets Café in New York, Vancouver Poetry slam, Seattle poetry slam, Girl Fest Hawaii and Chicago’s Green Mill. She has premiered on stages with celebrity actors and comedians Oscar award winning Mo’nique, Star of the movie “Paper Hearts” Charlyne Yi, Brandon T. Jackson, actor Malcolm Jamal Warner, legendary poet Jessica Care Moore, hip-hop artist Talib Kweli, and many more. Mo’Nique, impressed, personally invited Natasha to feature on her radio show.  In 2010, she starred in a national commercial campaign for Sprite. In the same year, she released her solo spoken word album “Poetry for Change,” and featured in the stage play “The Revolution’s In The Ladies Room” produced by Jessica care Moore.


Natasha is currently ranked as the number 5 female slam poet in the World. She now produces the popular “Its Not About You” Poetry Slam Series. Recently she started her own publishing company “All I Wanna Say Publishing”, in 2010 she published her first book of quotes “Dreams Of A Beginner”, and in 2011 she published her second book “Coming Out of Nowhere” a Social Networking Memoir that allows readers to mentally and emotionally “log-in” to their favorite websites (Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube) and view the opinions of others on love, hate, suicide, tragedy, politics, religion, cyber-bullying, entertainment, mental illness, freedom of choice, homophobia, and all other things surrounding homosexuality by simply turning a page. She is currently working with popular video director Erica D Hayes on a documentary that focuses on prostitution and placement in the transgendered community. Natasha uses her words to enlighten, create equality, imbue life, and most importantly spread love and peace in the tradition of great leaders before her.



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[PODCAST] Michigan Literary Radio Show w/@RhondaWelsh & @SLathen #michlit

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michlit radio podcast

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Michigan Literary Radio Show [podcast] for December 21, 2011 |Authors: @wbrucecameron and Rob Boyd Boyd

Each Wednesday at 5:30 pm EST, The Michigan Literary Network Radio Show on edu-tains listeners with news, information and more of the Michigan Literary Community.

Listen to the show now:

1.  Guest:         W. Bruce Cameron                                                               

Guest summary: Bruce Cameron is a blogger, web writer, public speaker, divorced father of three and an engaged man waiting to “close the deal” as he puts it in his bio. He is also the author of five books. His most recent books are Emory’s Gift and A Dog’s Purpose, which is a New York Times Best Seller.


Detail Bio & Book Information: 

I was born in Petoskey, Michigan and for a long time it looked like that would be my most impressive life accomplishment. Nothing distinguished me from other children save the fact that I occasionally stuck peas up my nose and had to visit the emergency room. The third time I did this they x-rayed my skull, perhaps looking to see if there was anything inside my brain besides vegetables.

Other boys wanted to be ball players, astronauts, and soldiers, except for a guy named Pauly who always talked about growing up to be a dancer. (This was sort of a tough thing for third graders to understand, but I think I get it now.) I never wanted to be any of these things, I wanted to be a writer. I actually sat down in fourth grade to write a novel and made it through 26 pages before my hand gave out. It was about a boy who grew up in “a small town in Chicago.” (I didn’t actually know what Chicago was.)

When I was 16 years old, the worst thing happened: I sold the very first short story I ever submitted anywhere. The Kansas City Star paid me $ 50.00, which sadly remained the most I was ever paid for a story until around 1995. It was the worst thing because it convinced me this writing thing was going to be really easy. I went to college at Westminster College, where I majored in beer. I was the editor of the literary magazine and the student newspaper, which, contrary to my expectations, did not lead to a greater incidence of sexual intercourse.

I staggered out of college and became a freelance writer. This didn’t pay for much of anything, so I embarked on a course which was to set the pattern for my writing life: I got a day job to support my writing habit. In my life, I’ve driven an ambulance; repossessed cars; sold life insurance, wine making equipment, and men’s clothing; programmed computers, and analyzed financial statements. I’ve had titles like Collection Manager, Director of Operations, Director of Human Resources, VP of Sales, and, my all time favorite, Chief Knowledge Officer. I’ve worked for small companies like General Motors and weird ones like Resume Network America.

And through it all, I wrote. I started getting up at 4:30 AM in order to write before heading off to my day job.

In 1995, two things happened. First, I decided that after eight unpublished novels I was simply never going to be published, not ever, and that as I started book number nine might as well write something for myself, a novel that was intended strictly for my own consumption. As I wrote it, I found something interesting: it was funny. Apparently, when I stopped writing to sell and just wrote from my own voice, it made me laugh. Also in 1995 I started an on-line Internet column. I began it with six subscribers, four of whom were related to me or were me. I asked people to pass it along to others if they liked it, and they did. At its peak, the Cameron Column had 40,000 subscribers in 52 countries, if you count Texas as a country.

I showed my columns to the Rocky Mountain News and in 1998 they began featuring me weekly in their Home Front section. Before long I was considered one of their most popular columnists, even more of a reader favorite than the woman who wrote about birds, though not as popular as the one who wrote about wine, oddly enough.  I use the past tense because the Rocky Mountain News is now out of business, I am so, so sad to say.

Meanwhile, that book I wrote for myself turned out to be a sprawling, unreadable novel, funny but way too long. It should never be published, but when I showed it to Jody Rein of Jody Rein Books, she loved the writing and asked me what else I had. I told her about a column I’d written, “8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter,” and she suggested we turn it into a book proposal.

Workman Publishing put the book into the stores in May 2001 and response was excellent. Though the last three cities on my book tour were completely out of books, it hit #14 on the NY Times Bestseller List and was still on its way up when the first printing sold out. Crazed book buyers nearly toppled the government.

My national media included a CNN profile filmed entirely in the dangerous territory of my daughters’ bedrooms, a People profile, USA Today Weekend, the CBS Early show, some national radio, John Walsh, Iyanla, Wayne Brady, The Other Half, and CNN Headline News. I did countless radio shows and local television news shows. I have had many media producers tell me I am welcome to come back any time. People find me funny and engaging and I have excellent personal hygiene.

Oliver North (bet you didn’t see this coming!) took an interest in 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter because he has a teenage daughter. He had me on his radio show and introduced me to Creator’s Syndicate, which picked me up in October 2001.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing some public speaking. I’m not a stand up… well, I can stand up, I have two legs and everything, but I mean I am more of a corporate speaker than the type of person you would see in a night club or any place where popular people hang out.

8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter was snapped up by Disney and co-developed as both a feature film and a TV show, the first time anyone can remember such a thing happening. The TV show is a hit and the screenplay I wrote was moving forward until the tragic death of John Ritter led Disney to reconsider.

I am the author of two other humor books:  How to Remodel a Man, and 8 Simple Rules for Marrying my Daughter.

I have three children about whom I write frequently in my columns. They hate it.

I love dogs and my new book is about a dog: A Dog’s Purpose, which is a NY Times bestselling novel.

I am divorced and in a serious relationship, though it doesn’t seem all that serious since we spend most of our time laughing.  We’re engaged to be married but I haven’t closed the deal yet and I’m anxious she may come to her senses before I get her served with the legal paperwork.


About the books Emory’s Gift & A Dog’s Purpose:

Bruce Cameron offers his profound second novel, EMORY’S GIFT, an endearing and sometimes hilarious look at one boy’s discovery of what really matters—faith, family, and love—when all seems lost.


After 13-year-old Charlie Hall’s mother dies, his father retreats into the silence of grief and Charlie finds himself drifting lost and alone through the brutal halls of junior high.  He’s hurting, and he can’t seem to find a way to reach his father.  Dinner is an almost silent affair, and the sight of his mother’s beloved tomato cages—cages she’ll never use again—pierces his heart.


But Charlie is not entirely friendless.  A wanderer, Charlie often explores the woods and mountains behind his house in rural Idaho.  And one particular day, his life changes forever.  He startles a mountain lion, and just as it’s about to spring in attack, an enormous grizzly bear—thought to be extinct in the area—rears out of the forest on its hind legs, scaring the lion away.


Almost immediately, Charlie feels a connection with the bear.  For one thing, it doesn’t run away, instead regarding Charlie in a serene, almost human way.  Stunned, Charlie realizes something is veryvery different about this bear.  And so begins an unusual—and undeniable— relationship between a 13-year-old boy and a grizzly bear.


But there is much more to the bear than the fact that it seems he doesn’t mind hanging around a human.  He manages to convey to Charlie that his name is Emory and he has and important message he needs to give to the world.  And in doing so, he helps Charlie reconnect with his father and helps them both discover that they can and will survive.


Deeply moving—and  interwoven with hope and joy—EMORY’S GIFT is not only a heartwarming and charming coming of age story, but also a page-turning insightful look at how trust and unconditional love can heal a broken family and bridge the gaps that divide us.  W. Bruce Cameron’s latest book is truly a gift to us all.



A Dog’s Purpose:

We spend countless hours with our beloved dogs—playing with them, training them, or just hanging out with them—and we probably spend just as many hours wondering what our canine companions are thinking about.  Now, New York Times bestselling author and award-winning humor columnist W. Bruce Cameron brings us into the minds of our furry friends with humor and warmth!


In his latest book he turns to fiction for the very first time and offers a dog’s-eye view of the world.  A DOG’S PURPOSE: A Novel for Humans is the remarkable story of one endearing dog’s search for his purpose over the course of several lives and explores the universal quest for an answer to life’s most basic question:  Why are we here?


Told from the charming perspective of a dog named Bailey, whose name and breed changes with each new life, A DOG’S PURPOSEwill touch every person who reads it—whether they have a dog now, haven’t had one since childhood, or even if they’ve never had one at all.  Cameron’s clever narrative convincingly conveys what really could be going on in a dog’s mind and his gentle wit will have readers both laughing and crying.


Listen to the show now:

2. Guest:         Rob Boyd                                                                      Interview RESCHEDULED FROM 12/7     

Guest summary: Our first guest today is community activist and author Rob Boyd. His book The Streets Don’t Love You Back is an endeavor he’s turning into a movement.


Bio and About the book The  Streets Don’t Love You Back:

“The Streets Don’t Love You Back” book is a story of strength, prayer, and perseverance” by Robert D. Boyd Jr. It is the autobiography of a man who grew up in the eastside ghetto of Detroit, MI. His father, a prominent reverend and well known author chose not to be a part of his life. His stepfather was a good man and treated him and siblings as his own, until one day when Rob was nine years old he watched his grandfather stab his stepfather to death. And by age 10 he was involved in the gang, drug violent street life. Rob became a Boss and Drug Kingpin, spent time in and out of jail and watched many friends get killed and many friends go to prison. 
This book is definitely a story of hope, change, healing and forgiveness. After reading this book you will see that crime doesn’t pay and “The Streets Don’t Love You Back”.

Listen to the show now:

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Michigan Literary Network Radio Show 8/19/09

Michigan Literary Network Radio Show

Every Wednesday @ 5pm

You can call in

to listen or ask questions at:


Or visit the show’s website and listen online at:

and download the podcast of present and past shows!

That’s 5pm today (Wednesday). If you miss it, you can
always visit the

website to listen to older shows.

Today’s show sponsor:

Would you like to

sponsor or advertise? Click


A former student at the University of Illinois, Chicago
Campus, Larks still lives in the Chicago land area, and has been employed in the
information technology field for more than 20 years. She is married and the
mother of two daughters. She has also written “A Myriad of Emotions and is
currently working on her third book, Peaches and Cream.  Please visit Michelle
Larks on the web at

5.0 out of
5 stars
An Uplifting
, August 12, 2009

( –

See all my reviews

Jeff and Nikki Singleton is a young married couple who have their whole lives
ahead of them. Jeff created a five-year financial plan that will allow them to
live in a comfortable manner. He is determined to not live in the poverty that
he grew up in. But his strict five year plans are starting to take its toll on
Nikki. Nikki decides to find an outlet for her frustrations…the casino. Nikki
thinks that she has her secret form of entertainment under control until she
gets in over her head. Now she has to try to get her finances back in order
before Jeff finds out.

‘Til Debt Do Us Part is an excellent novel by Michelle Larks. Larks expertly
showed the dangers of irresponsible gambling and how it can affect a marriage.
Every time Nikki goes to the casino will just make you cringe and shake your
head in disappointment. This story had the perfect scriptures that pertained to
Jeff and Nikki’s struggles in this story without being preachy. Larks also did a
good job of showing how there’s always two sides to every story and that things
aren’t always as they seem to be. What made this story stand out was that
although the characters were Christians, they were not perfect. They dealt with
realistic problems that anyone can face. The overall theme of this novel is that
there’s no problem that’s too hard for God and that you need to pay attention to
what path He’s trying to lead you down. ‘Til Debt Do Us Part is an uplifting
novel about faith, forgiveness, and self-actualization.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

for Urban Reviews

The Legacies (Urban Christian)
by Michelle Larks
(Paperback – Aug 1, 2008)

Who’s Your Daddy
by Michelle Larks
(Paperback – May 3, 2006)

And also…..

The Nonnie Series…and other books

Books that amuse & educate for home and school

Please call 248-469-3461 or email
for more information. You
can order books on this website or through or

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Michigan Literary Network Radio Show: Networking!

Michigan Literary Network Radio Show

Every Wednesday @ 5pm

You can call in
to listen or ask questions at:


Or visit the show’s website and listen online at:

and download the podcast of present and past shows!

That’s 5pm today (Wednesday). If you miss it, you can


visit the

website to listen to older shows.

Today’s show sponsor:

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sponsor or advertise? Click

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Marketing and Motivation Mondays With Monica Marie Listener Appreciation Show Tonight!

Visit My Website

FLOSS Book Cover

Marketing and Motivation Mondays with Monica Marie Jones
Listener Appreciation Episode on Michigan Literary
network Radio

Tune into Marketing and
Motivation Mondays with Monica Marie Jones
Monday August 10, 2009 at 8pm Eastern Standard Time.  On
tonight’s show YOU are the featured guest.  Call in with
questions, suggestions, marketing tips and your 30 second
marketing pitch for your book or service.  Listen live on

Michigan Literary Network Radio
and call in at (646)

Essence of Motown Literary Meet and Greet 2009
Author, Radio Show Host, Inspirationista,
Monica Marie Jones
at the Essence of Motown Literary Meet and Greet 2009

SWAG book cover

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Michigan Literary Network Radio Show7/22/09

can call in to listen or ask questions at:
646-915-9177. Or visit the
show’s website and listen online at:

and download the podcast of present and past shows!

That’s 5pm today (Wednesday). If you miss it, you can always
visit the website to listen to older shows.

Today we have lined up

great literary talent of poets and authors to connect and educate you!

Tonight our host is: Tracey Frazier

C. Frazier is a warrior for wellness and her weapon is words. This award-winning
author and spoken word artist has been using her writing to turn pain into power
for 25 years. Her 4WORD writing workshops help others do the same.

Tracey is
pursuing a Master’s degree in Communication at Eastern Michigan

University. She is a member of the International Coach Federation and the

Professional Coaches Association of Michigan.

Wielding written and spoken words, her mission is to: “Heal,…one word at

a time”. She communicates healing messages from the heart and helps people

write their own prescriptions for life. Her personalized approach brings

to life and breathes life with words.

Keith D Young, teacher and founder of
The Creation Station

Keith D. Young is the creator and founder of the Creation
Station Computer Graphics Learning Center. Mr. Young has been working in the
field of Graphic Design and Publishing for over a 15 years. Tired of seeing
how mass media has such a negative influence on his community by

propagating negative stereotypes and promoting unwise, reckless
and impulsive consumerism, he decided to start a program that teaches artistic
and entrepreneurial minded community members how to make constructive use of
mass media opportunities.

The Creation Station is about learning to create and manipulate
digital media for pleasure and profit. There are so many things that can be
created if one knows how; books, comics, fashion design, cartoons, video and
movie productions, 3d design and animation, and so much more. The

goal is to expose those who might not otherwise be afforded the
opportunity, to the broad range of possibilities and opportunities that Computer
Generated Imagery, (CGI) presents.

Keith D. Young is a lifelong resident of Detroit. He is a former
Detroit Police Officer and is a graduate of Cass Technical High School and is
currently pursuing a degree at the University of Michigan. Mr. Young is an Adobe
Certified Expert (ACE) for Photoshop CS3 and an Adobe Certified

Instructor (ACI) for the same, as well as being a Comptia
Certified Technical Trainer (CTT).

Keith has been a part of the success of several Publishing,
Marketing and Ad Firms. Keith was the owner/operator of II Adam Publishing, and
Studio 7 Graphic Design, and has worked for Aquent Partners, Smith Winchester,
Marketing and Management Services, SMZ Ad Agency, Valasis

Communications and Ross Roy to name a few. Keith currently owns
and operates Serious Business Graphics a Detroit based graphic design firm that
provides graphics, web design and multimedia  services to small business
owners and entrepreneurs.

In February 2009 The Creation Station CGLC Multimedia Design
Course for Youth was launched in coooperation with Vanguard CDC and Adobe Youth
Voices. The purpose of the program was to teach youth to create various
multimedia such as magazine covers, animations, web pages

and digital video at no cost to the students. Over 150 students
were serviced over the course of 5 months, with many more attempting to sign up.

Keith is currently teaching graphic design to the youth in the
NorthEnd area of Detroit, and computer basics to seniors. Courses for self
publishers and authors will be offered in late July and August to teach aspiring
publishers how to create books and magazines from start to finish.

In addition to the continued operation of his graphic arts firm,
Keith plans to continue to offer innovative multimedia, web design and
publishing courses to youth, adults and seniors in the greater Detroit area.

Carlus A.Jackson Director of Natural
Touch Massage LLC
Metro Detroits Largest Mobile Spa Company. Have beens servicing Metro
Detroit Hotels and the community for over 4 years. We are a proud member of
the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. With over 40 services
providers available we are able to cater to any size group. Rather its in
your hotel, home or even office masssage we can handle it all. We specialize
in Wedding Groups, Bridal Showers and in home Spa Parties. However we have
giving chair massage at the Grand Prix, The Palace of Auburn Hills for
Piston’s Fans, and many other events of the community. We are committed to
bring health & wellness along with relaxation to all of Metro Detroit and
Vistors with our All Natural Products and Natural Touch of an unforgettable
Dorothea Sharon and Derek Denham of
Urban Flava
urban F.L.A.V.A. Talent & Entertainment Solutions is a gathering
place for area artists and technicians who want to get in on the inside
track of Metro Detroit’s growing entertainment industry.
can call in to listen or ask questions at:
646-915-9177. Or visit the
show’s website and listen online at:

and download the podcast of present and past shows!

That’s 5pm today (Wednesday). If you miss it, you can always
visit the website to listen to older shows.

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Michigan Literary Network Radio Show with host, LA Jefferson

Literary Network Radio Show

Every Wednesday @ 5pm

You can call in to
listen or ask questions at: 

Or visit the show’s website

and listen online at:

and download the podcast of present and past shows!

That’s 5pm today (Wednesday). If you miss it, you can
visit the

website to listen to older shows. 


Today we have lined up
great literary talent of authors to connect and educate you!

 P.S. If you
listened to today’s show, come back and let us know what you think!


Today’s host is LA

My Photo

L.A. Jefferson is an enthusiastic romance/contemporary
fiction author from the metropolitan Detroit area. An avid reader since
childhood, it was no surprise when L.A. began penning her own novel, Unfinished
, due for official release in September 2009. While writing
Unfinished Business, a dramatization of actual events, L.A. was busy working
fulltime, obtaining a Bachelors of Business Administration and Masters of
Business Administration, and raising two children. As L.A. is hard at
work on her next writing project, she is also blogging regularly about topics
ranging from family, to relationships to hot topics in the news. L.A.
currently resides in the city of Detroit with her two children.

Visit LA Jefferson’s website at:




Cannon, a native of Detroit, Michigan, currently resides in Dearborn,
Michigan. She was educated in the Detroit Public School System. She earned a
Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Cornerstone University and an
MBA in Business Administration.

She was so intrigued with various novels she’d read that it inspired her to
write one herself. Stuck in the Dark II is her fourth work of long fiction. 
Currently she completed her cousin’s autobiography, "I Won’t
Complain" (True life story of Sonny Burrell Bailey) UNE’, he’s a 
recording artist in LA.  Due to be released summer of 2009.  She is
happily married to her soul mate James Cannon, and they have five sons—James
Jr., Corey, Jonathan, Jordan, Jalen, and one granddaughter, Co’Mya.

out more about this author and her work, please go to:

Book Cover of Iman's Story


June 29, 2009

For Immediate


Sandra Epps



Presents a
Party with a Purpose

– Sandy’s Land presents
its 3rd Annual Fun Day at Ladels Children’s
Book Boutique on Saturday, July 11,
2009 from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
theme is "Lifting Up Our Young
This year’s
mission is to Party with a Purpose by
accepting gently used or new clothes and
books to be donated to needy children ages 3
– 10. As Michigan citizens have suffered
tremendous odds with the most foreclosures,
job losses, and school closures, children
are feeling the after affects. Sandy’s
Land’s goal is to provide little ones with
hope during these tough times.


The main
objective is to uplift children’s mind, body
and spirit with FREE Fun, Food,
Entertainment and Encouragement.
"Children are experiencing the stress
of the economy as much as their parents. The
problem arises when children don’t know how
to convey these emotions so they need a
healthy outlet such as this wonderful
event," says Cherly Pope, children’s
author. The program will include Minnie
Davis with Detroit Parent Network; Katrina
Crowley Founder of Jazzy Kat (a fitness camp
for children); Etrelya Manigault-Finley CEO
of Careertoon Store and Lauren Walker-Thomas
Co-owner of Ladels Children’s Book Boutique.
In addition, there will be a book signing of
Detroit’s #1 Selling Children’s Book, "Imani
Has The Most Exciting Dream!"
inspirational book provides little ones with
key tools to build their self-esteem and a
story to warm their souls.

Book Cover of Iman's Story Sandy’s
Land is a publishing house and entertainment
service where the mission is to empower and
inspire children with books, art
(edutainment) and inspirational products.


community is invited to Party with a
Purpose and help lift up children all in
the name of fun on Saturday, July 11, 2009
at Ladels Children’s Book Boutique.

#  #  #


You can call in to
listen or ask questions at: 


Or visit the show’s website

and listen online at:

and download the podcast of present and past shows!

That’s 5pm today (Wednesday). If you miss it, you can always
visit the

website to listen to older shows. 


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Michigan Literary Network Radio Show: Authors, Reviewers, Editors… Oh MY! Today @ 5pm

can call in to listen or ask questions at: 

646-915-9177. Or visit the show’s website

and listen online at:

and download the podcast of present and past shows!

That’s 5pm today (Wednesday). If you miss it, you can always
visit the

website to listen to older shows. 


Today we have lined up
great literary talent of poets and authors to connect and educate you!


Tonight our host is: Tracey Frazier

C. Frazier is a warrior for wellness and her weapon is words. This award-winning
author and spoken word artist has been using her writing to turn pain into power
for 25 years. Her 4WORD writing workshops help others do the same.

Tracey is pursuing a Master’s degree in Communication at Eastern Michigan
University. She is a member of the International Coach Federation and the
Professional Coaches Association of Michigan.

Wielding written and spoken words, her mission is to: “Heal,…one word at
a time”. She communicates healing messages from the heart and helps people
write their own prescriptions for life. Her personalized approach brings words
to life and breathes life with words.



Alvin C. RomerMy
name is Alvin C. Romer and I’m the captain of this vehicle. I hail from Miami,
but the African-American Diaspora is my stage. I bring to you a passion for
books and a lifelong enthusiasm in promoting African-American readership and the
adherence to family literary. I’m a freelance writer, and a Research Analyst
operating a business founded by myself. A career military man who’ve traveled
the world, who were educated in the finest schools, and who’ve taught Johnny
how to read responsively… I’m here to extend and expound on our great legacy
through literature. READ

Visit his website at:

The Romer Reviewjoey is in it banner plus book cover


Speaker, Author, Executive Business Coach, Human Resources Consultant

at SAGE Professional Strategies LLC


Kelly A. Morgan is a real-world and real-talk inspirational
speaker, author and business coach.  As an inspirational speaker and
, Kelly does not simply motivate people to do just anything;
instead, she inspires individuals to do what they aspire to do but
have not had the encouragement and support to do in the past.

Her first book, Journey to a Place Called THERE: A Navigation Guide
for Creating a Balanced Life
, is a prime example of that. The book
focuses on the importance of having four key areas of life aligned and
includes worksheets to help readers plot a course for realizing their
dreams. (The book is available at and

In addition to being an inspirational author and speaker, Kelly is also
the owner of SAGE Professional Strategies LLC, a business and
leadership coaching business. As a Business and Leadership Coach
Kelly uses her corporate human resource experience and professional
certified coach training to be the catalyst for entrepreneurs, executives,
small businesses and religious organizations to create and implement their
personal and professional development plans. Her credentials include:

  • Bachelor and Master Degrees in Human Resources
  • International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach
  • Certified Legacy Leadership® Facilitator
  • Trained in Lean Sigma and Lean Event facilitation 

When she is not speaking, coaching, or working on a book project, Kelly
keeps busy by staying involved in various organizations.  She is a
member of the International Speakers Network, Society for Human Resource
Management, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Cincinnati USA
Regional Chamber and National Black MBA Association.

Visit Her website at: 

book cover


Brought to you by:

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Marketing and Motivation Monday’s with Monica Marie Jones

Marketing and Motivation
Monday’s with Monica Marie Jones

Every 2nd and 4th Monday @

“Book Marketing
on a Budget with a hearty dose of Motivation to keep you going!”

written the book, so now what?

Have you found marketing to be
intimidating and costly?

Are you thinking about stepping out on faith to pursue your dream but you need a little extra motivation to help you take that next step?

If you’ve found yourself contemplating
these questions, then this is the show for you!

 Marketing and Motivation Monday’s with Monica Marie will teach you how to market your books, services and products on a tight budget or for FREE! 

Listen in for Book Marketing on a Budget tips, resources and interviews with authors, poets, journalists and marketing professionals who are making it happen.   With any labor of love you definitely need some motivation to keep you going so tune in for this power packed half hour every second and fourth Monday!

Monica Marie Jones, M.S.W | Author
and Motivational
Speaker |

BlogTalkRadio - Internet Talk Radio

Marketing and Motivation
Monday’s with Monica Marie Jones

Every 2nd and 4th Monday @

You can also listen live and call in to ask questions during
show time at: 646-915-9177

If you miss our shows, all of them are available to listen to


Sponsored by Motown Writers Network, Michigan Literary Network
and Listeners
Like You

Would you like to be a guest? Please
Contact Us.

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Michigan Literary Network Radio Show with Featured Author, events, Poetry & more!

You can call in to listen
or ask

questions at:

. Or visit the show’s website and listen online at:

That’s 5pm today (Wednesday). If you miss it, you can always visit the website

and download the podcast of present and past shows!


Today our guests will be a wide  range of authors and poets with events, news and to share their literary experience with out audience.

Our featured author of the month: Arnold Hannon will join us to speak on his book, American Scheme.

See Motown Writers Network Feature: 

Visit this author’s

Another new author, Princilla Ursery will grace us as well to speak about her upcoming book signing and to discuss her new project. Visit her site at:

Ms. Tamiko Ogburn will also be joining us to talk about her literary endeavors as well.

Poet and Author, J. Paul Ghetto Esq will share words of poetry with us to end out in our celebration of Poetry Month. You can visit his website at:


Please join us!


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