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EyeSpecs- Post #4

Are you an author, writer, blogger, book promoter, book marketer, book coach, or publisher? Drop in weekly on the Motown Writers Network site where Eyeology INC will post snippets, tips, videos, quotes, and Q/A’s to bring value to whatever it is that you do.

Today’s #Q&A



A. Most people think that it’s quantity verses quality. That’s not so. It’s not “how many” people are following you but “who’s” following you. Take a look at the kind of people who’s following you versus the kind of people that you want your brand to attract. “Who’s” following you says more about your brand than the number of people following your brand. Think about it: you can have thousands of people who follow you that will never like your posts or purchase anything from your brand but having the total opposite situation where you have twenty-two die hard followers and all twenty-two followers are loyal, purchase your merchandise, share your posts, and support your cause will have more of an impact. Basically having hundreds of thousands of people following you will almost never guarantee “likes”, sales, or even more followers. Yes, it may add to the number of people who know that your product, service, or brand exists but as algorithms go they may never see your content because they haven’t related to anything you’ve said since they began following you which won’t make your content a priority on their timeline. In order to translate that number into significance you MUST begin to direct your content in a way that would guarantee results. You must begin to think more in terms of quality in everything that you do, and bring value to those that you seek to attract. The way that you bring value determines your results.
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