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#MotownWriters @Meetup Group Topic:Finding Readers|Make money in 2016 Dec12th 10am @DetroitLibrary


  • Saturday, December 12, 2015

    10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

  • Detroit Library – Main

    5201 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI (edit map)

  • 3rd flr
  • (Please forward this to a friend and bring several friends with you.)


    Whether offline or online finding readers is a hard job for Writers. Get ready to take notes as we discuss how to find your readers to sell more books.

    We’ll also touch on how to make money as a writer while increasing readership and SEO. See ya Sat and please bring a donation to help us out.

    Also bring your literary challenges, new books to announce and achievements.

    Networking is key to our survival as writers and authors! This is your chance to learn, network and connect!




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Get Your Code On! Introduction To Word Press via @ThirdEyeGrp Sept 21 #Detroit

Get Your Code On! Intro to WordPress I Workshop

Using WordPress for your site or blog, but need a better understanding of it? Take back the power of your company’s brand and learn how to manage your Word Press website and blog. Learn your way around the WordPress dashboard, and take a look at WordPress from a business standpoint to see what features you can use to inform, promote your business and encourage discussion amongst your target audience.  Leave with a basic understanding that will let you easily make changes, edits and additions to your website or blog.


Registration link





Sheila Hawkins

Third Eye Group





Registration link

Event Details

Entrepreneur Exchange Group & Third Eye Group Present:


“Get Your Code On!!” Workshop Series For Nontechnical Women Entrepreneurs

(Men always welcomed)

Introduction to Word Press

Take back the power of your Company’s brand and learn how to manage your Word Press website and blog.

  • Want to learn how to manage your website? Already have your own Word Press blog or website, but want to have more control over it?
  • Would you like to be able to make quick changes and updates to your website yourself instead of relying on a webmaster?
  • Learn how to use this platform for your site and leave this session with a basic understanding of Word Press and be able to make changes, edits and additions to your website or blog.


Facilitated By:
Girl Develop It – Detroit Chapter
An international nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching women software development skills.


 Registration link


Get Your Code On! Join us
Saturday, September 21, 2013
10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Brava Services 21739 Melrose Southfield, MI

Bring your laptop

Register today!

Advance registration $25 On site registration $30


Registration link

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Indie Author Chat Branding Basics~Samantha Fury

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Plan to Attend a Writers’ Conference

Plan to Attend a Writers’ Conference


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Writers’ Conferences provide an opportunity for writers to meet, socialize, attend workshops, and to meet editors and agents. Writers can improve skills, learn new techniques, promote their writing, and keep up to date on the happenings in the book world.

Most conferences run three or four days with additional classes available for experienced writers. It is a good idea to sign up for the conference early to schedule appointments and register for classes with limited participation. Check deadlines for writing contests which are judged before the conference.

When you reserve your hotel room, ask for the conference rate. To cut costs, check the conference website for information on sharing a room or a taxi ride from the airport. If you are driving, consider carpooling. Not all meals will be provided, so a small cooler with fresh fruit and snacks is handy in your hotel room if you wish to relax instead of going out.

Appointments with editors and agents for a manuscript evaluation and to pitch your book are an important aspect of a conference, and are limited to ten to fifteen minutes, as other aspiring novelists are waiting for the same opportunity. Before scheduling your appointment, make sure that the time does not conflict with an important workshop you wish to attend. When you arrive for the appointment, do not be late, and do not run over the allotted time. Do not bring a manuscript to the conference as an editor or agent will not have time to look at it. Instead, if they are interested, they will request a book proposal or manuscript be sent to them.

A large selection of workshops will be offered and you should decide beforehand which ones to attend. Check the conference website and read the profiles of the presenters. Make a note of ones you would like to meet; look at their photos to make it easier to identify them, and highlight the program schedule when they will be speaking. Note any questions you wish to ask, and jot down some notes to act as a prompt if the opportunity comes up to talk with them.

In the workshops, make notes, either with pen and paper or on your laptop. Some instructors provide handouts, but they are generally not as detailed as the notes you make yourself. Be sure to turn your cell phone to vibrate before going into a class. After a workshop has started, and if you find it is not what you expected, leave quietly and go into another one. People will be going to appointments so there will be some movement in the room in any event.

Panel discussions include editors, agents and authors and provide a current and candid description of the marketplace. The Q&A portion is an opportunity to ask questions about market trends.

The trade fair component will offer services on editing, self-publishing and internet opportunities. Also, there will be booksellers selling bestsellers and books on writing techniques. Sometimes conferences provide an opportunity for authors to sell their books. If you have a published book to sell, enquire with the organizers, however, some conferences have limited space and only allow presenters to sell books.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing as you will spend time sitting in workshops, walking, and standing at social events. As you will be meeting with editors and agents, you should not be too casual as you want to create a good impression. Bring a tote bag to carry your laptop, pen and paper and any books you purchase. Also, bring a camera as you may be able to arrange for a picture of yourself with your favourite author for your web page or blog.

Introduce yourself and be friendly and interested in others. One way to socialize is to sit at a different table for each meal. Conference organizers include casual get-togethers so attendees have an opportunity to make new contacts. Social activities in the evening are a further opportunity to network. Feel free to join in and mix with the other participants, as most of the people at the gatherings are interested in chatting and getting to know fellow writers. Even if you feel shy, try to meet new people instead of staying close to your friends. If you connect with other writers from your area, find out if they are interested in meeting after the conference or would like to form, or join, a writers’ group. You may want to keep in touch with others through email or on blogs. Don’t miss making contacts that might be important to your career.

Hand out your business cards, which should include your email address, web page or blog and your genre. If you have a tagline, such as a saying from one of your characters, include that as well, or if you write from a specific time period or geographic location, add a comment about that. Make your business card stand out so others remember you and buy your book if you have one to sell, or check your website or blog. The business card that you hand out at conferences may be different from the one you use as a freelance writer looking for work. If you write a newsletter, ask the people who give you their card if they would like to receive a copy. Do not send unsolicited newsletters or use the business cards that you receive for spam purposes.

Before the conference ends, fill out the evaluation form to help improve the event for the following year.

Writer’ conferences are an opportunity to meet people and to be inspired to go home and create. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself!

Linda Butler is a freelance writer. Please visit her sites: and

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ARTICLE: Start Marketing Your Book Even Before It Is Done #book #promotion #mwn

I picked this article because I felt it was needed after the many questions I get that pinpoints to “When do I start marketing my book?” I hope this helps and there’s more to come.

Expert Author Lisa Shultz

Ideally, one should plan and implement a marketing campaign many months before the actual launch of your book. Lay the foundation for success early and then be consistent with ongoing marketing well after your book has been released.

Here are seven tips to do while you book is being edited or in process of production and you have a bit of extra time on your hands since the book is being worked on by others.

Tip #1: Review all your social media profiles and update them. Put information in the profile indicating that your book is soon to be published, and add a date if you know one, and a brief overview of what the book is about.

Tip #2: Begin to do searches on all social media platforms of your target audience and join groups, “like” pages, and subscribe. For example, you were writing a book about a dog, your target readership might be dog lovers. Spend time finding out where dog lovers hang out both physically and on the internet. Perhaps visit the actual locations in your community where dog lovers go and build relationships with owners of stores and leaders of organizations related to dogs.

On the internet, begin interacting with members of groups related to dogs and just enjoy the conversation. In forums and groups, it is best to spend several months in friendly interaction before ever suggesting a call to action such as buying your book. If the membership enjoys your comments in the groups, they will be much more willing to actually buy a book from you at a later date.

Tip #3: Build your lists. Accelerate your efforts at adding followers to your lists. Those lists might be friends and fans on Facebook, your email distribution list, and blog subscribers. Wherever you have lists, build them to greater numbers. Allot a certain amount of time each day to list building activities to increase your connections.

Tip #4: Begin to inquire about joint venturing with others who have large lists. Leverage the lists of synergistic people in your niche by suggesting a mutually beneficial partnership of cross promotion. Perhaps they will promote the launch of your book to their lists if you feature them on your blog or they have the opportunity to give a bonus to your list when someone buys your book.

Tip #5: Draft press releases and email and social media announcements so you are prepared for the big launch day when it arrives. You may edit these drafts as the day approaches, but you will have these important promotional pieces in a ready state.

Tip #6: Create interview questions that you would love to answer on radio shows or blog interviews. Those who might interview you appreciate you making their job easier, and you have a chance to practice your answers so they sound smooth and natural.

Tip #7: Place information about your book release in the signature line of your emails such as “Author of the soon to be published book entitled (your book’s title)”.

Remember that marketing needs to be a part of your routine every week consistently before and after your book comes out. Keep a constant stream of exposure to your target market for your book’s success. Whether you traditionally publish or self-publish, you will be in charge of marketing your book, so start early and be persistent!

And if you would like to know more about self-publishing process, visit Get free instant access to tips, a free book visualization and more. You’ll find that the writing process can be simplified and even easy with guidelines and sequential steps to follow. Lisa Shultz is a self-publishing specialist and loves to help others bring their books to life.

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2011 Essence of Motown Literary Jam & Conf 11/11/11 Get Ads or donate promo items. Readers & Writers Unite #detroit

Advertise With Us

Looking for a little more visibility?  Let our readers, authors, book clubs, and publishers see you.  Place your Ad in the 2011 Essence of Motown Literary Jam & Conference program. Business card ads$25, Qtr Page ad $45, and Full pg ad $75. Place your Ad before October 1stClick here.

The Essence of Motown Writers Alliance & Motown Writers Network

Essence of Motown Literary Jam & Conference 2011 11/11/11 6PM – 11/12/11 6PM

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