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Support @Boys2Books, Metro #Detroit Afterschool Literacy Initiative #michlit #mwn #MotownLit


The program focuses on improving the lives of young males through literacy, leadership, and life skills. The program has been receiving local and national attention via BET, PBS, and other media sources.  Boys2Books1

For more info. about Boys 2 Books visit: or call 313.469.1947

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Support @Boys2Books, Metro #Detroit Afterschool Literacy Initiative #michlit #mwn #MotownLit


The program focuses on improving the lives of young males through literacy, leadership, and life skills. The program has been receiving local and national attention via BET, PBS, and other media sources.  Boys2Books1

For more info. about Boys 2 Books visit: or call 313.469.1947


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Support @Boys2Books, Metro #Detroit Afterschool Literacy Initiative #michlit #mwn #MotownLit


The program focuses on improving the lives of young males through literacy, leadership, and life skills. The program has been receiving local and national attention via BET, PBS, and other media sources.  Boys2Books1

For more info. about Boys 2 Books visit: or call 313.469.1947

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Support @Boys2Books, Metro #Detroit Afterschool Literacy Initiative #michlit #mwn #MotownLit



The program focuses on improving the lives of young males through literacy, leadership, and life skills. The program has been receiving local and national attention via BET, PBS, and other media sources.  Boys2Books1

For more info. about Boys 2 Books visit: or call 313.469.1947

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@Boys2Books featured in National Spotlight!

Boys2Books1I’m honored to be a contributor to the Motown Writers Network and share about my program, Boys 2 Books.

The program focuses on improving the lives of young males through literacy, leadership, and life skills. The program has been receiving local and national attention via BET, PBS, and other media sources. Read the feature on Boys 2 Books in C&G News, focusing on the work being done to inspire our youth! —-> and check out our feature “It Takes a Village to Raise Detroit” on BET —>

For more info. about Boys 2 Books visit: or call 313.469.1947


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Local #Detroit Book Release: TROPIC HEAT by H.Stokes, author June 21st


Tropical Heat
Book Launch

A Saby Stone Story                    H. Stokes, Author
Book Signing for “Tropical Heat”
(Romance, Murder, Mystery, Suspense and Intrigue)
Friday June 21, 2013
At the
Roberts Riverwalk Hotel
1000 River Place Dr.
Detroit, MI

Time: 6 – 10PM       Refreshments        Music by DJ Coach

It is the beginning of summer and the heat is on: “Tropical Heat”
“Tropical Attire”


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New #MichLit Radio Show w/children’s authors: @superdaddieslit & @MarquinParks #mwn [PODCAST]


Feb 13, 2013 Guest Backgrounder

1. Guest:  Anita Gibbs     

Guest summary: Anita Gibbs is the author of two children’s books, “Daddy, I Broke My Snowball” and “Daddy, I Can Read It For You.” Her newest book is “Daddy’s Magic Stamp” part of her Super Daddy’s series. Anita’s definition of a SUPERDADDY (noun, plural – dies) 1. Any man who makes a deliberate attempt to enrich the life of a child, especially his own.  


Author bio:

Anita T. Gibbs is a seasoned sales professional who was raised to believe in herself and her dreams.  Inspired by her own father as well as raising her son as a single mom, the creator of “Superdaddies The Series™”, aspires to create a positive perception and motivation in the relationships between fathers and their children in this children’s book series.


Her freshman release in Nov. 2009, “Daddy, I broke My Snowball” was well received, as illustrated by the following editorial comment:


In times such as these, we need reminders about the fact that “quality” men and fathers do, indeed, exist and how they provide security, love and reassurance to their children. “Daddy, I Broke My Snowball” reminds us of the vast influence that committed fathers provide for their children, ESPECIALLY girls, as is depicted in this heart-warming story. Such simple things as building a “snow-woman” provide unique opportunities to bond and reinforce the sacredness of fatherhood; this is a touching example of how empowerment and self-esteem is cultivated in both boys and girls.

–Dr. Kathy A. Morrow, Clinical Psychologist

 The sophomore offering, “Daddy, I Can Read It For You,” is the story of a middle aged divorced father of two who has a very “special” relationship with his gifted son and precocious ‘tween’ daughter.  This Superdaddy only attended school through the eighth grade.  He values healthy eating and the family’s favorite but healthy guilty pleasure happens to be sweet potatoes.


About the book Daddy’s Magic Stamp:

Daddy’s Magic Stamp is a PreK-2 children’s book about a dog and his twin puppies. They can’t hide from Daddy Dog!

2. Guest:  Marquin Parks    

Guest summary: Marquin Parks is an educator, consultant, interventionist, and author of the new book “Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School”.

Author bio:  Marquin’s goal is to inspire, motivate, and promote writing and reading to a larger audience. Honestly, he just wants to write and write and write and write (yeah, that much writing) books that humor and help kids.

About Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School

Follow the zany adventures of Wrinkles Wallace and his classmates who have to come together as a team to outsmart their teacher and pass 5th Grade. After all, they’ve failed it a number of times–so many that Wrinkles is already 28-years old. The students deal with real-world issues and themselves in order to overcome the antics of their diabolical teacher, Mr. Sittin’ B. Quiet. (By the way, he’s only ten.) Join them in this upside-down world where non-stop humor serves as a guide to character-building and success.



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Congrats to Soulful Readers of #Detroit Bookclub Contest Winners! frm @KimberlaLRoby #mwn #michlit #amreading

Congratulations to my 2013 Book Club and Readers National Contest Winners!!!

Winner of the Kimberla Lawson Roby National Book Club Contest for

Soulful Readers of Detroit, MI – submitted by Nina Katrina Fowler

***Each member of Soulful Readers Book Club will receive a signed copy of the hardcover for
A HOUSE DIVIDED when it is published in May 2013.

Winners of the Kimberla Lawson Roby National Readers Contest for


1.  Deborah Andrews – Houston, TX
2.  Bernice Braswell – Montgomery, AL
3.  Juanita A. Roye – Livonia, MI
4.  Melanie Hill – Nashville, TN
5.  Kimberly Johnson – St. Petersburg, FL


1.  Brenda F. Holmes – University Park, IL
2.  Angela Cooper – Houston, TX
3.  Genevia Williams – Montgomery, AL
4.  Paula A. Curtis – Houston, TX
5.  Tanishia Pearson-Jones – Delhi, LA
6.  Mitzi Dunn – Pickerington, OH
7.  Christy M. McNorton – Inglewood, CA
8.  Rhonda R. Pope – Upper Marlboro, MD
9.  Trina L. Jones – Milwaukee, WI
10.  LaChelle Weaver – Durham, NC


1.  Johnnie P. Stewart – Memphis, TN
2.  Bobbi A. Jones – Florissant, MO
3.  Carmela Hicks Gordon – Huntsville, AL
4.  Stacy Campbell – Indianapolis, IN
5.  Michele Hobson – Milwaukee, WI
6.  Shelley L. Byrd – Houston, TX
7.  Cassandra L. Marcellus – Centerville, VA
8.  Shamae Crosswhite – Douglasville, GA
9.  Cedricca  Elmore – Mobile, AL
10.  Litora R. Brown – Whitsett, NC
11.  Keva McNeil-David – Farmers Branch, TX
12.  Shirley Williams – Columbus, MS
13.  Kim Melikian – Little Rock, AR
14.  Jacqueline Laws – Detroit, MI
15.  Cheryl Jones – Suitland, MD
16.  Tomeaka Edeogho – Chandler, AZ
17.  Binette Shannon – Syracuse, NY
18.  Christy Neasley – San Francisco, CA
19.  Melody McCullum – Hattiesburg, MS
20.  Catherine Vance – Kansas City, MO
21.  Naomi R. Sparks – Christiansburg, VA
22.  Helen Bagley – Snellville, GA
23.  Tanya M. Evans – Winston-Salem, NC
24.  Evelyn  Clowers – Macon, GA
25.  Tecia Garrett Marshall – Memphis, TN


For media interview requests or press material relating to my books, please contact Linda Duggins, Director, Multicultural Publicity at

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New #BookClub @Meetup: The Reading Party #AnnArbor #michlit #mwn


New Meetup Group!

The Reading Party

Organized by:
The Reading Party is a book club made up of people who enjoy discussing good books in good company with good food and fine wines. Our group meets at 6:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month at a local restaurant to discuss the selected book. Book selections, mainly contemporary fiction, are made monthly through a poll of member-suggested books on this website. Restaurants are located within the… [read more]
5 members have already joined including
I love the thought of discussing a good book over a good dinner!
Hello . . . and thanks to you Susan for starting this group, and to Mary for letting me know about it!! Definitely looking forward to this, am an avid reader (and writer), and know this meetup group will be a delight!!
I LOVE reading, and discussing great books with others who are also passionate about books. Who was it who said, “When I have money, I buy books, and then food and clothes?” I like that guy!
Joanne Gewertz, the quiet one
Founded Aug 22, 2012
Susan , Michele

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The Ann Arbor Film Fans Meetup Group
756 Ann Arbor Film Fans • Ann Arbor, MI

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Beverly Jenkins’s New Book: A Wish and a Prayer, Releasing April 10th #motownlit #michlit #mwn
Beverly Jenkins’s New Book
Releasing on April 10, 2012
A Wish and a Prayer: A Blessings Novel
A Wish and a Prayer: A Blessings Novel
Beverly Jenkins
Kindle Edition: $9.99     Paperback: $10.98
Learn More
Anyone worried that living in a small town could be boring certainly hasn’t lived in Henry Adams, Kansas. From the wealthy divorcÉe who saved this historic town founded by freed slaves to the romantic entanglements that have set tongues wagging and hearts fluttering (and everything in between), … Read More
More by Beverly Jenkins
A Second Helping: A Blessings Novel
A Second Helping: A Blessings Novel
4.7 out of 5 stars  (39 reviews)
Something Old, Something New: A Blessings Novel
Something Old, Something New: A…
4.8 out of 5 stars  (39 reviews)
Midnight (Avon)
Midnight (Avon)
4.2 out of 5 stars  (32 reviews)
5.0 out of 5 stars  (21 reviews)
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ARTICLES: Book Marketing Techniques: Those That Backfire via @bloggingauthors #mwn

Expert Author Irene Watson

Authors need to promote their books, but there’s a right and a wrong way to market, and wanting to sell a book is no excuse for not retaining your manners. No one likes a pushy salesman. Here are some examples of ways I’ve seen authors try to sell their books that have been a total turn-off for me. Authors, make sure you aren’t using these techniques. I’ve listed them in order from what are, in my opinion, least to most annoying.

Lying about Your Book’s Greatness

I’ve seen authors lie about how wonderful their books are in several ways.

    1. Having non-credible book endorsements, both on their websites and books’ back covers. By non-credible, I mean having an endorsement signed by “A.K. in Hawaii” or “A Teacher in San Diego.” If these people don’t want to give their names, they probably don’t support your book enough to want to stand by their comments, and they aren’t going to convince me that your book is worth reading. At the very least, you want full names, and a blurb from Tom Smith isn’t going to mean much to me anyway, unless you’ve written a book about healthcare and he’s Dr. Tom Smith from the Cancer Treatment Center of Miami, or something along those lines. If you can’t get experts on your book’s topic or celebrities or other authors to endorse your book, you’re better off just not including any testimonials so it doesn’t look like false promotion.
  1. False testimonials. Yes, I’ve seen false testimonials and heard authors tell me about them. “A.K. in Hawaii” might be the author’s next door neighbor, a real person who really read the book, but he might just as well be someone the author made up. I know of one author who had a comment page on his website, and about once a week, he would post a comment under a false name raving about his book to try to convince his website visitors how popular and wonderful his book was. The sad thing is that this author’s book truly was terrible, full of grammar mistakes and typos and badly printed, so anyone who read the book knew those comments had to be lies or written by completely crazy people.

Showing Off Your Big Ego

Too many authors try to promote themselves in ridiculous ways by writing on their websites how their book is a “must read” and contains the answer to all the reader’s problems. If you have to tell readers that, they aren’t going to believe you. Go find some legitimate testimonials from reliable people who will say those things about your book. You are not qualified to judge your own book because you have a vested interest in it.

The worst example of authors showing their egos that I’ve seen is when they post book reviews for themselves on Amazon and other online bookstores, and of course, they give their books five stars and brag about how great their books are. When I see an author give himself a five-star review, I realize the author is clueless about what is legitimate as a review; he hasn’t done his homework about the publishing industry, and he is trying to use trickery to sell his book. Not only will I not buy the book, but if there’s an option to vote on the review, I will always vote that it was not helpful.

Being In Your Face and Violating Personal Space

No one likes to have his or her personal space violated. However, not everyone has yet learned that the Internet also contains personal space for people. It’s one thing to have your book for sale on your website, at online bookstores, to promote it at websites for book promotion, or to buy Internet ads. It’s another thing to invade other online users’ personal space.

Here are some book marketing efforts I’ve experienced online that have been a total turn-off for me.

    1. Repetitive and Unwanted Emails. I’ve had this happen more times than I can count. Somehow an author finds my email address and adds it to his email list and I start hearing from him every couple of days about all his book events and why I should buy his book. Even if I want to be on the person’s email list, sending me an email every couple of days is irritating. An email once a month or even once a week isn’t that bad, but I have other things to do than read about your book events on the East Coast when I live in Texas, and I am not going to hop on a plane to attend your book signing, especially if I’ve already read your book and had it signed. And if you’ve added me to your email list without my permission, well, technically, that’s illegal.
    1. Sending Friend Requests at Social Media Sites Solely to Promote Your Book. If people are interested in your book, they will request to be your friend at a social media site. Instead of spam friend requests, take out a Facebook ad that will be targeted toward the people most likely to read your book. It might cost you a little more money, but it will save you time online and provide you with far better results.
    1. Posting Book Covers on Other People’s Walls. My “Wall” is not the place to promote your book. My friends are not posting on my Wall so they can find out about your book. Get off my Wall!
    1. Messaging. No one likes junk mail, so don’t send me a message about how great your book is and how I can buy it. I only want messages from my real friends.
  1. Chatting. This one I especially find irritating. One day I was on Facebook, and an author, whom I didn’t know and who had already sent me three messages trying to tell me how great his book was and to let me know I could get it on Kindle for just $2.99, sent me a chat message about his book. If I don’t reply to your message, I sure don’t want to chat with you. I politely ignored him and logged off Facebook rather than tell him to quit harassing me. I wasn’t going to engage in an argument with him. But let’s be clear-I’m on Facebook to chat with my real friends. Not to read your book.

Sadly, space violations don’t only happen online. I was once at a book festival where an author made a point of going up to people walking by her booth with a set of headphones and quickly placing them over her victims’ ears before they could object so they could listen to her audio book. When I saw what was going on, I quickly turned down the nearest aisle and avoided that side of the room for the rest of the time I was there. I’ve also stopped to look at books at festivals where authors have said things such as “Why don’t you buy this book?” and “What can I do to get you to buy my book?” You can let me be is what you can do. Tell me about the book if you like, give me a chance to read the back cover, and then I’ll buy or move on. I don’t need a pushy sales pitch.

Have you ever met an author who behaves in these ways? I sure have-too many times. Perhaps you are even one of those authors. Hopefully, now you know better. Let’s face it-guerrilla book promotion doesn’t work when you act like you have a gorilla’s manners. Connect with your readers, but do it on their terms, without being pushy or rude. Be friendly, be straightforward, but also be willing to take “No” for an answer. When you are polite, you always make a better impression on your potential readers.

Irene Watson is the Managing Editor of Reader Views, where avid readers can find reviews of recently published books as well as read interviews with authors. Her team also provides author publicity and a variety of other services specific to writing and publishing books.

Article Source:

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