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Social Media for Authors: What do they want from me for God’s sake?

So you have your Facebook Author Page up and running and you’ve invited all your friends to like you. Two-days have gone by and no one has liked you yet?  You begin to second guess yourself, wondering; what do they want from me for God’s sake? But then you remember why you set the page up in the first place. You wanted to make sure your readers got to know you. You wanted to know that your message was getting across to your readers loud and clear. You wanted to meet your readers and reward them for their support. Well, here is a checklist that I use with my social media clients to make sure my I’s are dotted and my T’s are crossed.

  1. Check to make sure your content is tight. Do you have 7 or more pieces of killer content populated on your page?
  2. Is your information page totally complete with the about, description and award sections complete?
  3. Do you have a favorable picture of you and your book or logo as the profile image?
  4. Have you asked for feedback to encourage reader engagement?
  5. Do you have excerpts from your book in the content?
  6. Have you scheduled an event?
  7. Have you linked your Facebook page to your Twitter Account and Website?
  8. Have you identified 10 people per day that you can individually message, sharing something interesting about your new page with a link to it?
  9. Have you liked relevant Like/Fan Pages?
  10. Are you asking your friends to give recommendations on your personal wall with a link?

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Social Media for Authors: Who loves you baby?

Everybody loves you, right? I’ll bet you know because your bank account is overflowing with money from all the books you sell every day. Well, maybe not.

What if I told you there were a few easy ways to find out who really loves you on the internet by using a tool that comes standard with your Facebook fan page? What if all you had to do to expand the people who love you on the internet (people who would most likely buy your book) was to check this tool out regularly and target an ad directly to those people? Well it’s a fact and this is how it goes in 3 easy steps:

  1. In the last segment I briefly mentioned Insights (a Facebook tool which comes standard with Facebook pages that tells you how many people visited your page during any given period. This tool also tells you where your page visitors come from and their age range.
  2. Review my last blog to learn how to grow your on-line community using killer content and after following those tips for 30-days, you can check your Insights and review them to see who loves you baby.
  3. Now that you know who loves you, your goal should be to find more people in that demographic to join your community and buy your book. Referrals are the best way to do this however the second best is through Facebook ads.

I invite you to join me at my next Social Media Made Easy Meetup or call me for a Social Media Coaching Session if you need support with creating a Facebook ad or for referral strategies.

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Social Media for Authors: Who are you and why are you here?

Coach Versandra

As a writer, speaker and coach I absolutely love social media. To me, it is the most amazing vehicle for global communication. No, I am not one for logging in to Facebook to talk about sitting on the porch watching the cars drive by, but I do visit my special places on the world-wide-web often. Typically I visit in the morning and then again in the evening to connect with my readers, clients and business associates. Sometimes I am only on-line for 10-minutes and other times I may hang out for an hour. My focus when I am there however is to connect, share and express who I am.

I told you already what I do for a living, but who I am runs much deeper than a title. I am a very passionate woman of faith who has been a talker since I was a youth. As a matter of fact, during my senior year at Ramsay High School in Birmingham, Alabama, I was given the official title “Most Talkative.” At first I was offended. How could they possibly decide that I talked more than any other young lady in my graduating class? As the years went by, I began to see what others saw in me and gosh darn it, I did what every warm blooded American does when a gift or talent is discovered, I capitalized on it.

Ok, I’m telling you more about what I do but look deeper into my words. I’m telling you who I am but do you hear me. Are you really listening to my story? I believe I’m beating around the bush because I actually don’t like putting a label on who I am.  I hate being put in a box. But, one day I was watching television and saw Halle Barry speaking about one of her many philanthropic efforts to support survivors of domestic violence. In that interview, she matter-of-factly stated that she was a “Life Changer.” That title resonated with my spirit and I claimed it. My mind took me to the booth inside the Thai Food Restaurant in Greektown where my business coach and I sat and discussed the reinvention of my business. My tagline “Touching the World” described every product and service I provided and now “Life Changer” described who I was.

This is a sample of how an author can connect with their readers using social media via a blog. The above three paragraphs tell your readers who you are and why you are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.   Now you are set apart from every other fiction and non-fiction writer using social media. Your readers are searching for you on-line. They are hoping to connect with you on a personal level. You know how fans talk about their favorite sports player? If you did not know it, you would believe they were friends from back in the day. They simply take bits and pieces from the news, interviews and gossip of course and talk about them as if they know them. This is also how your fans want to connect with you.

I know what fans are looking for because I listen when I run into them at the grocery store, the movies and even Starbucks. They always say, “I know you” then they continue to tell me something personal about myself. This summer, I attended the Kem Live @ Mack & Third: A Call to Service event, and on my way to my car, I saw a distressed young lady sitting on the steps of the Masonic Temple across from Cass Park in Detroit, MI.  I sat beside her as she told me her story. Several people stopped to hug me as they walked by and the young lady said the famous phrase “I think I know you.” She continued to tell me about how I took care of my brothers because my mom was mentally ill. She said her mom was sick too and that she just put her out of the house and didn’t care about her. She explained that she read my book at the local shelter where she was residing. Besides this personal story, the book Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business, by Ann Handley, C.C. Chapman has all the research and more killer blogs for you to read. Content Rules is an essential read for every author. I use what I learned in this book every day.

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