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AUTHOR, MOTHER, SPEAKER, JOURNALIST, CONSULTANT & MORE! Divorced Mother of three, Detroiter, Sylvia Hubbard, is not only an award winning best selling author of over 28 books, but also founder of one of Michigan's largest interactive literary community, The Motown Writers Network/The Michigan Literary Network.

2021 Fall Writing Contest

Springfield Writers' Guild

SWG Fall Writing Contest
“It was his look that warned me…”

Your story must contain the words “It was his look that warned me” The rest is up to your imagination.
No picture prompt. Describe it in your words. 

750 words or less *(not counting title)
Any genre 
Winners of SWG Summer Contest are ineligible
Deadline: October 31, midnight

PRIZES: 1st prize -$75 / 2nd prize – $50 / 3rd prize – $25 / HM to be awarded at the April meeting.

Send an attachment or the body of text to

After contest closes CLICK HERE TO VOTE!

Entries (in order of submission)

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(video) “You won’t believe the things people say to authors!” Let’s hear what rude things people say to you. #motownwriters

What’s the rudest thing you’ve been asked as an author?

I’ll go first:

You JUST self published?

And this was said by a traditional published author

What about you?

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#TuesdayTips: Make sure your website is #mobile ready! #booksellingtechniques | #21CenturyAuthorMarketing

Practical advice for authors who are looking to market their books

mobile ready website

Make sure your site is Mobile ready. 

Over 80% of consumers in the world reach online through mobile devices. Don’t make it difficult for someone with a phone, tablet or other mobile device pull up your site because you choose not to incorporate a mobile platform. Imagine all the book business you could be losing because you wanted to be flashy?

Extra tips:

  • Stay away from large images on the front page
  • Too much javascript that doesn’t incorporate well in mobile
  • Slow loading sites
  • Bad linkage. (Check you links every quarter to make sure everything is good)

Grab more tips in the 21st Century Marketing for authors 

Got a tip? KontactMe

Love ths tip? Buy this author a coffee… CLICK HEREcoffee-animated-gif-5

Like these tips? Click the thumbs up below and then share with others. Don’t be stingy!

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68 Cents with Sylvia Hubbard author, mompreneur | How she pulled herself up despite her circumstances w/The Roller Coaster!

68 Cents with Sylvia Hubbard author, mompreneur | How she pulled herself up despite her circumstances w/The Roller Coaster!–68-Cents-with-Sylvia-Hubbard-e14kmt4
It’s easy to see someone based only on their outward visible success. Often that success is built on a foundation of overcoming challenges.

Join me for this episode where I chat with Sylvia Hubbard, who has faced homelessness, poverty and bankruptcy, to share how she pulled herself up despite her circumstances. Sylvia continues her success as an award-winning romance suspense best-selling author.

Connect with Sylvia and on Instagram @sylviahubbard1 

Your support of The Roller Coaster is always appreciated, please make sure to SUBSCRIBE! If you REALLY like what you hear, leave a comment, and share it with your friends!

You can find me on:
Facebook @therollercoasterpodcast
Instagram @the_roller_coaster_podcast

JOIN US! and follow Necture Growth Network on Instagram @necturegrowth

Thanks for joining me today and until next time I’m sending my virtually distant hugs!
listen now | more about this authorsee books by this author

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It’s that time ⌚again to schedule your clarity call 📞with Authorpreneur, Sylvia Hubbard

We all need to pick someone’s brain and you don’t always want to share on social media the struggles you are going through.

Schedule a 15, 30 or 90 minute clarity call today

Benefits of meeting with me, You’ll get:

📕Advice from a 20 year literary veteran

📝Notes from our meeting

🗺Get an action plan

Even if we had spoken before, there is always a need for a refreshing literary course of action to see what’s wroking and what’s not working. Let me help you get to your literary goals today! 

Book Now Click on this link!


And if you’re coming out with a new book, here’s some great Templates to get you started. 

I look forward to hearing from you about our clarity session! 

Your Book Consultant, Sylvia Hubbard | 

Follow me on social media:

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Coming This September: Writer Wednesday Memberships! & The Detroit Writing Room Awards! Enter now! via @DETWritingRoom

 Writer Wednesday Memberships Open Soon!
Come work, write and create in the DWR every Wednesday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We’re excited to welcome back our community of writers this fall!
It’s been too long since we’ve had writers, artists, freelancers and entrepreneurs working, writing and creating in the DWR! We can’t wait to see everyone back in person this September!

Our new Writer Wednesday membership comes with a ton of perks. Our personal favorite: DWR writing coaches will be available throughout the day to answer your writing questions! And you’ll be featured in our Writer Wednesday spotlights

Writer Wednesday members must be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination status upon registration. Masks are currently required while inside the DWR.

If you’re ready to get out of the house and write in an inspiring environment surrounded by fellow creatives, sign up below to receive news when memberships open later this month! Learn more at


See what else is coming up at

Submissions Close Sept. 3
Everyone has a story to tell,
and the world needs to read it.
With the inaugural Detroit Writing Room Awards, we are celebrating the incredible poets, screenwriters, novelists, bloggers, communications professionals and writers of all genres from the Motor City.

Visit to learn more about the categories and submission guidelines. Each $25 entry supports Coaching Detroit Forward.ENTER YOUR WORK\

Copyright © 2021 The Detroit Writing Room LLC, All rights reserved.

1514 Washington Boulevard, Suite 203, Detroit, MI 48226

In-Person Coaching Hours:
Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Virtual Coaching Hours:
Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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What’s your #MondayMorning literary Routine? #motownwriters

I call Mondays my get myself together time.

I check what I’m planning for the week on my literary calendar and see what I can do to get some things out of the way before that day is to happen and what more can I put on my calendar.

I even tell myself what I would like to accomplish in my writing world

✅✍🏽📝What about you?

✅✍🏽📝Do you have Monday morning routines when it comes to your literary planning?

I’d love to know

Let me know and visit my blog at

✅✍🏽📝Can’t think of thing?

Grab a clarity meeting

✅✍🏽📝Need resources ?

Subscribe for updates:

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Need to understand Hashtags#️⃣ to draw readers? #literaryclarity #authorpreneur

So why do hashtags play such an important part in literary growth?

Here are two reasons I love using hashtags:

1) Free advertising.

Hashtags are a great way to get your literary product or service in front of people seeking exactly what you offer. Many people follow hashtags all day long to find new inspiration, products, to check reviews and so many other things. With the right hashtags you are placed in front of those people whether it’s hair styles, branding products, new shoes, or restaurant reviews you can be seen for free.

2) Consistency and User Generated Content

Posting on social media on a daily basis can be a daunting task. We know being visible on a regular basis is important but what about those days you just can’t come up with anything?

#️⃣Hashtags to the rescue again! Creating your own custom tags that your audience can use to post their own related content will grow your influence and provide credibility to your brand. Customer endorsements build your business faster than most advertising strategies will due to them being genuine and organic. The bonus is you get content that you can also share on your page and your community will grow.


4 Facts You Should Know About Hashtags.

1. You can only use 30 hashtags on a post. The tags you use in the caption and in the comments count towards the 30 max.

2. Hashtags on private pages will not show up, of course your business page should not be on private anyways so in case you needed another reason why, here you go.

3. You should review/update your hashtags every 60-90 days. Sites like Instagram grows quickly so you want to stay on top of which tags work for your page and use them consistently.

4. Hashtags that you add in other pages comments don’t work, you can only tag your own posts.

Would you like more literary clarity? 

Book a clarity session with me!

And if you haven’t already, grab some literary planning sheets to help you better organize your literary life and reach your goals! 

📚Your ✍🏿Literary Consultant, Sylvia Hubbard | motownwriters

Connect with me on social media

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Call for authors @ Grosse Pointe Library for 2021-2022 year

Hello there !

A librarian of Grosse Pointe Library is seeking the names and titles of Michigan/Detroit Metro Area authors (adult) to be considered for programing. 

Interested? Please leave your author name, book name, genre, website, email and phone number in the form. This information will go to the librarian and only used for research and contact purposes.

UPDATE: 8/2/21

This form is no longer available. Please subscribe for more updates like this. Thank you

To receive more updates of events and opportunities, please subscribe

Get new content delivered directly to your inbox.

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15 Clichés To Avoid With a Ten-Foot Pole #wotd #motownwriters

Trite, hackneyed, tired — there are plenty of words to describe an overuse of clichés in your writing or speech. While they can be an easy way to express yourself, more often than not they’re a crutch, a sign of linguistic laziness. Start digging deeper into your vocabulary and leave these 15 clichés behind.

What Is a Cliché and Why Is It So Bad?

A cliché is a phrase that has been beaten to death (that’s a cliché). Because it’s been so overused, any significant meaning it may have had has been lost. Instead of adding color and interest to your writing, you often wind up sounding corny.

If you’re writing about how scrappy entrepreneurs are achieving success, that message was lost the minute you wrote “survival of the fittest.” Charles Darwin sounded original in his theory of evolution; you just sound clichéd.

read more

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Stay in Touch! 📧 Upcoming announcements at #MotownWriters 📚you’ll miss if you’re on the wrong mailing list.😢💜


Feedburner a subscription service we used at Motown Writers Network is shutting down in July and we have to move 800 people there manually or organically.

I’d prefer organically which means YOU need to subscribe to our blog list RIGHT NOW. (I’m not shouting, but it’s very important.) I don’t want to lose any of you and I want to make sure continue to get exclusive updates, news and notifications of upcoming events.

Leave your email below!

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Opening Soon | SITE 03: Michigan Central Station via Library Street Collective #michlit

Featuring: Doug Aitken, El Anatsui, Hernan Bas, Sanford Biggers, Andrea Marie Breiling, Yoan Capote, Allana Clarke, Dominique Fung, Charles McGee, Allie McGhee, Jason REVOK, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, and Nari Ward.
Library Street Collective is excited to announce the third iteration of SITE: Art and Architecture in the Digital Space, launching on August 4th, 2021 and set against the historic and transient Michigan Central Station. It is within this space that we present works by Doug Aitken, El Anatsui, Hernan Bas, Sanford Biggers, Andrea Marie Breiling, Yoan Capote, Allana Clarke, Dominique Fung, Charles McGee, Allie McGhee, Jason REVOK, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, and Nari Ward, exploring ideas around the journey between here and there, migration from home, and the things discovered and kept along the way. Once a location buzzing with arrivals and departures, reunions and farewells, Michigan Central has become one of the premier examples of Detroit’s ascent and decline, containing shadows of adventure, transformation, and relocation.
Travel was the locus around which Michigan Central Station was built, and became the central idea guiding the curation of the third iteration of SITE—not only physical travel from city to city, but the pull of the memory place, and nostalgia for the geography and experiences that have shaped us. We keep moving for so many reasons, but there is a chasm between those who travel to escape from the everyday and those who leave to escape persecution, violence, and poverty. We may travel through the same ports and passages, but our journeys are not the same. These vastly different experiences contrast hope and loss, excitement and fear, opportunity and necessity. In its many phases over a century, Detroit’s Michigan Central Station seems to embody this disparity.
El Anatsui, Delta, 2014

“The materials I use in my work are reminders of what we discard in both our lives and imaginations. Yet the richness of our environment constantly reminds us of numerous alternatives that challenge us to see rather than look, to think instead of presume.”

Hernan Bas, The Day’s Catch, 2021.
Daniel Arsham’s solo exhibition Turning Wrenches is on view at Library Street Collective through August 7th, 2021. For the show, Arsham has produced intensely detailed 1:3 scale replicas of cars and other automotive artifacts as a nod to the Detroit automotive industry and global car culture as a whole. Arsham’s fascination with cars began as a youth and his admiration for Porsches from an early age ultimately led to him purchasing and restoring a 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo in adulthood. A replica of the restored Porsche, which was re-interpreted as a 930A, is featured in the exhibition connecting the work to Arsham’s personal story and engaging concepts of memory. Turning Wrenches speaks to the mechanic’s complex and laborious trade and pays homage to a profession that Arsham deeply admires. This tribute exists within a presentation of the artist’s own craft and the legacies of the technician and the maker, always challenging viewers to consider the future beyond our own existence.

The gallery is open regularly for visits Wednesdays through Saturdays from 12-6 pm. Click here to take a virtual tour of the exhibition. 

Library Street Collective is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Blame The Man #2 by Jammie Holmes to the collection of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami. 

Holmes simultaneously references Christianity and condemns governmental institutions with his 2021 work, Blame the Man #2. It is a self-portrait of a baptism, a Christian religious rite that is often performed during youth. Holmes is encouraging the performance of the ritual in adults, referencing his own recent movement toward a belief in God. The piece also examines Black life in America, specifically concerning a lack of resources and racist systems. With the painting, Holmes sheds light on the complicated history of America, especially that of Thibodaux—the artist’s hometown—and the significant role that institutions and governmental bodies play in the crime and death rates within cities.⁠ The title references a symbolic figure, the man, as a cause of much of the turmoil within the Black community. Yet, visual references to religion, and roses that praise his transformation despite a difficult past, honor the tenacity and resilience of Blackness. Blame the Man #2 speaks to the idea that, regardless of previous sins, people can be purified and their minds can be freed of the unrest past decisions caused.⁠⠀
Image Captions
Michigan Central Station, Photos by Quinn Evans.

Doug Aitken, Photo by Graeme Mitchell. El Anatsui, Photo by Eric Sander. Hernan Bas, Photo by Silvia Ros. Sanford Biggers, Photo by Lexie Moreland. Andrea Marie Breiling, Photo by Cassie Hunter. Yoan Capote, Courtesy of the Artist. Allana Clarke, Photo by Jackie Furtado. Dominique Fung, Photo by Mary Kang. Charles McGee, Photo by Sal Rodriguez. Allie McGhee, Photo by Kate Gowman. Jason REVOK, Photo by Bre’Ann White. Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Courtesy of the Artist. Nari Ward, Courtesy of the Artist and Lehmann Maupin.
Image Captions
El Anatsui, Delta, 2014. Found aluminum and copper wire. 111 x 115 inches.
Hernan Bas, The Day’s Catch, 2021. Six panel folding screen, acrylic and silver leaf on linen mounted in a birch-wood frame with fabric backing. 72 x 108 inches.
Installation views of Daniel Arsham, Turning Wrenches, Photos by PD Rearick.
Jammie Holmes, Blame The Man #2, 2021. Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas. 69 7/8h x 78 1/4w x 1 1/4d inches.⁠
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A Freebie that might interest #MotownWriters ‘ Network: An Authors Helping Authors Project

Tales2Inspire® “Authors Helping Authors” project. There are no fees involved and it’s both a great learning experience for talented newbies and an impressive branding opportunity for winners (those whose stories are selected for publication in the next Tales2Inspire® book).

Authors Helping Authors.png

THERE’S ONLY ONE CATCH: Although the current theme is TURNING THE PAGE, the goal of Tales2Inspire® is to uplift/inspire its readers. I have already received a number of beautifully crafted stories that mostly address a crisis or obstacle in that author’s life, and that will not work.The stories must be uplifting/inspiring.
Finally and perhaps best of all, stories that pass through the first round of the competition get critique feedback from three other authors. Nothing to lose. Remember it’s FREE.
All details are carefully spelled out here, the “go-to” page to answer all questions. I’d also like to encourage interested members to download a Free Sampler of some Tales2Inspire® stories published in previous years to capture their flavor.
Thanks for sharing.
    Lois W. Stern

     Click for:  Free Tales2Inspire® samplerContest GuidelinesTales2Inspire® books

Share some media marketing time with Lois: Twitter Facebook Pinterest

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#MotownWriters @Meetup Saturday July10th 10am on our Facebook Group [Virtual] You’re invited! Guest: Kimberly @BatchelorDavis: Author, Speaker, Podcaster & more

Our guest speaker would be Kimberberly BatchelorDavis

Website | Amazon Books | RSVP for this event

About this author

Kimberly Batchelor Davis has been in love with books since she was a child. Who would’ve known that
God would bless her with the gift of writing; however he did, and she was reminded of that on September
11, 2001 after the devastating attacks on America. Kimberly’s desire to write was renewed. Kimberly
fervently believes that “We live by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7.) It reminds us to continue to
put our faith in God instead of ourselves. She realized that something was missing from her life; it was
writing. She says: “I had to have a purpose and it wasn’t just about making money, I had to give back
in some way—I just didn’t know how.” Since then, she has not looked back. She lives by this in creating
stories that have shared experiences and which inspire or cause people to think about situations in a
different way. Recently, she released two children’s books “Rose and the Enchanted Seven” and “Look,
Daddy! There’s a Bunny. Kimberly released “Escape to Paradise: Book 1, 2 and 3”, the exciting, fictional
romantic trilogy book series.

Kimberly is a contributing writer for Date Night Magazine and Pandem Magazine. She has been featured
on the Brand-New Mommy and the Bougie Black Girl blogs where she discusses her bout of depression,
motherhood and writing. She has published articles with Saved magazine and Mi Estilo, an online
Hispanic magazine. Kimberly speaks professionally on issues that she’s passionate about, which include
motherhood, literacy, community civic engagement and writing. Presently, she is the host of the Kim B.
Davis Show which is featured on, Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher and she is the Lifestyle
Editor for the Michael Van Tull Show and Community Highlights with Missionary Hattie Humphrey on
Detroit Praise Network and BlogTalk Radio. Kimberly has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science
from Wayne State University.


The link for books is or check out her Amazon store at

Subscribe to the The Kim B. Davis Show

Shows drop on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Her show is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, and Stitcher

Lifestyle Editor on The Michael Van Tull Show and Community Highlights with Missionary Hattie Humphrey

(Every Sunday from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.)

To contact Kimberly Batchelor Davis, BatchelorDavis Group, please visit, and .

Website | Amazon Books | RSVP for this event

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Stay in Touch! 📧 Upcoming announcements at #MotownWriters 📚you’ll miss if you’re on the wrong mailing list.😢💜


Feedburner a subscription service we used at Motown Writers Network is shutting down in July and we have to move 800 people there manually or organically.

I’d prefer organically which means YOU need to subscribe to our blog list RIGHT NOW. (I’m not shouting, but it’s very important.) I don’t want to lose any of you and I want to make sure continue to get exclusive updates, news and notifications of upcoming events.

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