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AUTHOR, MOTHER, SPEAKER, JOURNALIST, CONSULTANT & MORE! Divorced Mother of three, Detroiter, Sylvia Hubbard, is not only an award winning best selling author of over 28 books, but also founder of one of Michigan's largest interactive literary community, The Motown Writers Network/The Michigan Literary Network.

#MotownWriters: Writing the Book You Want to Write – Without Barriers via @womenwriters

Writing the Book You Want to Write – Without Barriers

You have had one of your brilliant ideas for a novel. It is shaking you by the tail and won’t let go. You’re excited, energized.

‘But is it commercial?’ you ask yourself. ‘Is it what agents and editors are looking for at the moment? Can you imagine the marketing? There are plenty of soul-searching questions you can ask before you commit yourself to tens of thousands of words.

Don’t go there. Markets move fast. Faster than you can write. Faster than your finished novel can be produced. Publishing is one of the most unpredictable of the creative industries. If you’re beginning to wish you could paint well instead, consider my own story and what it has to say about writing the book you want to write – or read, because you’ll be doing just that, over and over again as you edit and polish.

One of the most frequent questions I am asked about my novel, Perception, is why I chose to write a sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. While it is tempting to say, ‘because I am mad’, or something far wittier, I usually plump for the truth. I simply had to write the story.

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The Gathering on the Grand: the SCBWI-MI Fall Conference

Below are three different takes from three different organizers of the Gathering on the Grand conference held September 15 and 16 in Grand Rapids:
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Valentine’s Day is for #BookLovers. Romance Authors interested in an event on 2/14/2018 w/#OakPark #MichLit Library?

entangled-red-hearts-transparent-backgroundOak Park Library is planning another event for book lovers on Valentine’s Day 2018.

Looking for authors to promote & participate. The Event will only take place if they have a sufficient number of authors and participants. You’ll be contacted by January 30th, if you are accepted.

If you’re a romance author and interested, please fill out the form below

Event: Valentine’s Day is for Book Lovers and

Location: Oak Park Library

Date:  Wednesday 2/14/18 from 6:00-7:45.

Participant: All ages (so your book will have to have a friendly cover. No erotica or lewd covers will be permitted please.)

You will not be paid for the event, but you will be allowed to sell books to participants. All entries MUST be in by January 15th.


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#MotownWriters: Looking for 15 Michigan Romance Authors #MichLit

We’re looking for a variety of Romance Genres to feature every other day in February on

We’d love a huge choice of different types of subgenres to expose our reading audience.

First come | First serve so follow instructions to the letter and get your entry in for your awesome feature

  • 1. Answer the following questions. Copy and paste these questions into an email and then ATTACH a picture of the author and a picture of book. DO NOT send pdf & Please make sure ALL links work
    • Book:
    • Genre: Romance
    • Sub-genreAuthorWebsite

      Amazon Link

      Is this book available in Paperback & eBook?

      What is your book about? (200 words max.)

    •  Excerpt (500 words max – PG13 rated)
    • Bio of Author (100 words max.)
    • Social Media Links
    • Any upcoming events (include links to your event page or links to events, if possible.)

2. Don’t forget to attach a picture of the author and the book. If it’s not included in the original email, we’ll make the request but we’ll delete the original email and you’ll need to send everything back as properly instructed. (We get a lot of emails a day and won’t hold emails waiting for replies.)

  • 3. Please keep the word counts requested in the questions.
  • 4. If you have a Twitter handle, you’ll be posted when the feature posts. If we get at least ten features in before January, we’ll actually be able to show a calendar of what dates everyone will be coming out.

And that should be everything.

Send everything to sylviahubbard at gmail dot com

I need 15 right away so I look forward to hearing from you!

your founder and author

Sylvia Hubbard

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#MotownWriters: How To Find Time For #BookPromotion (Video)

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#MotownWriters Guest Post via @IndiesUnlimited:Indie Author 101: How to Get Started w/KDP, #Smashwords &CreateSpace

Indie Author 101: How to Get Started with KDP, Smashwords, and CreateSpace

by Lynne Cantwell

scared newbie author person-1205140_960_720

Don’t be afraid – we’re here to help!

To be an indie author, you have to publish a book. Right? But how do you sign up for that?

This will seem pretty basic to a lot of folks, but those who have never done it may be worried about the process. You know what? It’s really easy. Here’s what you do.

A note before we begin: All of the sites request some of the same information so you will need to have it handy. They will ask for your name, your address, your email address, the password(s) you want to use, and some very basic financial information: your Social Security number for US residents, and the routing number and account number for the bank where you want them to deposit your royalties. And okay, another note – each will have different requirements for book covers, so make sure to read those on the respective sites.

With that said, here we go. Read more of this post

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The deadline for the AT&T #LaterHaters challenge has been extended to November 20th via @Wattpad

Wattpad has teamed up with AT&T to say #LaterHaters

Whether you’ve experienced online cruelty or even at times been a bully yourself, it’s time to come together to make a change.

Your challenge is to create a 500-word short story or message of positivity that you would say to someone else or want to hear said to you.

For more details, please click the link below

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#Motownwriters: Independent Bookstores in #Michigan

I just found a great resource for independent bookstores in Michigan and I couldn’t be more excited.

You know in my quest to be all things Michigan, this is a valuable find.

They also have a list of all Independent bookstores in the United States as well.

You’re welcome!

To see more resources in The Detroit Literary Network, click here

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#MotownWriters: Where Do Authors Get Their Ideas?

If I had a dollar for every time someone had asked me, ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ I’d be so rich I wouldn’t need to write any more books. (But I would, anyway).

Ideas are everywhere

To a non-writer, it must seem like a perfectly logical question, but for many writers it’s a difficult question to answer, because we don’t know where to begin. Ideas are everywhere – newspapers, TV, movies, other books, overheard conversations, dreams, nightmares, people we’ve met, loved, hated, been married to. And sometimes we have no idea how we got an idea!

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#MotownWriters: Where Did the English Language Come From?: An Animated Introduction

If you’ve ever deliberately studied the English language — or, even worse, taught it — you know that bottomless aggravation awaits anyone foolish enough to try to explain its “rules.” What makes English so apparently strange and different from other languages, and how could such a language go on to get so much traction all over the world? Whether you speak English natively (and thus haven’t had much occasion to give the matter thought) or learned it as a second language, the five-minute TED-Ed lesson above, written by Yale linguistics professor Claire Bowern and animated by Patrick Smith, will give you a solid start on understanding the answer to those questions and others.

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Tips For Pitching Your Book at the 2018 MWW

If you’re going to the Michigan Writing Workshop in 2018, please read this article. For more information on the event, go to:

The 2018 Michigan Writing Workshop

If you are coming to the 2018 Michigan Writing Workshop, you may be thinking about pitching our agent-in-attendance or editor-in-attendance. An in-person pitch is an excellent way to get an agent excited about both you and your work. Here are some tips (from one of last year’s instructors, Chuck Sambuchino) that will help you pitch your work effectively at the event during a 10-minute consultation. Chuck advises that you should:

  • Try to keep your pitch to 90 seconds. Keeping your pitch concise and short is beneficial because 1) it shows you are in command of the story and what your book is about; and 2) it allows plenty of time for back-and-forth discussion between you and the agent. Note: If you’re writing nonfiction, and therefore have to speak plenty about yourself and your platform, then your pitch can certainly run longer.
  • Practice before you get to the event. Say…

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#MotownWriters: Call for poets – Christmas event looking for poets to read #MichLit Dec3rd

An event is looking for poets who would like to read during this wonderful event. Time slot is from 3 to 4pm. please contact Alan Harris Event Link:
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#MichLit Event: Women who Write Author Showcase hosted at Aquinas College on November 18! via @ebonyroadgr #Motownwriters

Come see visit with authors and publishers at the Women who Write Author Showcase hosted at Aquinas College on November 18! There will also be some top-notch session with renowned speakers.

If you’re an author, publisher, editor, or bookseller, and want to participate in the event, there are still vendor tables available. Contact Linda at

Registration information:

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#Motownwriters: What is your biggest marketing fear this month? What marketing challenges have you overcome?

Take your fears to the next level and use them to gain more book sales and achieve more literary goals!

Comment now about your book fears this month or leave your marketing challenges you’ve overcome to teach others!

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#MotownWriters @Meetup – Canceled due to holiday! Library will be closed! Sorry! But this afternoon…

DUE TO THE HOLIDAY AND THE LIBRARY BEING CLOSED, we won’t be having a meetup today at 10 am.
I’m so sorry for any inconvenience and poor planning on my part. Usually, we go across the street, but I’ve been a little overwhelmed and really forgot about this holiday.
Please forgive me deeply, but if you would like to join me THIS AFTERNOON at the Sisters In Crime Workshop I’ll be conducting at 2 pm that would be just as perfect.
There is a small charge of $10, but trust me you won’t be sorry. There will be resources and networking, so I really invite you to come!


Sat, November 11, 2017

2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST


The CoopExchange

25900 Greenfield Road

Suite 326

Oak Park, Michigan

I hope to see you there and please look forward to messages about our December meeting which we are definitely having!!

Your founder and author,
Sylvia Hubbard

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