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About Author: 
Angelique Clemens is a writer, scientist, and speaker. She started writing as an adolescent when she co-wrote a short mystery story about an inept murder with her mother that was published. Later, in high school, poetry that Angelique had written in French was published. Now, she writes biographical fiction around the subjects of loss, #blackgirlmagic, alternative lifestyles, and learning to develop one’s self in a less than supportive world. Her books, generally, address these topics through the lens of the black experience. Angelique enjoys sports, scotch, and true crime novels. When Angelique is not writing, she is playing board games, coloring, or doing puzzles. She resides in Detroit with her husband.

Author Website www.AngeliqueClemens.com
Amazon Author Page https://amzn.to/31riHCA
Facebook Page www.Facebook.com/NicoletteGuyere
Instagram Page www.Instagram.com/CIBYSnovel

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About book:

Nicolette is a young black lawyer who struggles with the self as she wants to be seen. Her parents only see her as the child they raised, not the thirty year old woman she has grown into. Her friends see her based on their experiences with her: her sorority sisters as the girl that they pledged and crossed with; her law school friends as the smart girl that always near the top of the class; her high school friends as the shy, naive girl that they always tried to corrupt; her lifestyle friends as the strong, independent, dominant woman with undeniable skills; her sister-cousins as the little sister they never had that they have to protect and mentor; and her church friends as the pious Catholic girl. The men she dated mostly reduced her to their favorite body parts. Nicolette struggled with not living her life by others’ standards and expectations of her. She wrestles with the face that she can not be herself, her true self, around 90% of the people she know.

Can Nicolette work through her problems and learn to be the fierce person that she sees in the mirror? 

Author Website | Buy Book 


Listen to “Book Break #AuthorInterview with Angelique Clemens#authorinterview #podcast #bookpromo https://anchor.fm/sylviahubbard1/episodes/Book-Break-AuthorInterview-with-Angelique-Clemens-ei5848


Check out other weekly featured authors at:  https://motownwriters.wordpress.com/category/feature/

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