Official list of Michigan Author Amazon Pages… Leave in the comments #MichLit #MotownWriters

We love authors and we want you to share your amazon author page in the comments


Add your page to the comments below.

Don’t have an Amazon author’s page? Click here


  1. Must be a Michigan Author!
  2. Must be to an Amazon Author page and NOT your book page.
  3. If you add your page, please go back and like the other author’s comments, click on their link and favorite them. (This helps with author ranks.)

you will see this under their picture when you click on their page. Click on it and that’s it!

Thank you!

Any spam, other type of comments, non amazon author pages or others will be deleted. Thank you 

If you have questions, please CLICK HERE 


46 thoughts on “Official list of Michigan Author Amazon Pages… Leave in the comments #MichLit #MotownWriters

  1. You’ve done it again, Sylvia. What a fantastically, magnificent, idea.

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  2. Thanks for the invite!


  3. I just added new instructions to help you understand how to “follow” another author


  4. I’ve followed everyone above me. Will check back later to see if there are any new pages to follow. Thanks for doing this, Sylvia, and nice to “meet” everyone!

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  5. I hope to see you at Authorpalooza in Big Rapids on Feb. 20!

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  6. Hello, Sylvia;

    Here is mine:

    Great idea!

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  7. Just creating my page (after all this time). Everything should be live shortly. Thanks for the push to move forward!

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  8. so very happy to share my Author Central page with Motown Writers look me up

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  9. Thank you Sylvia

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  10. Thank you, Sylvia. Here is my page:

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  12. My Amazon Author Page:

    Diana (D.W.) Hirsch
    @dianahirsch from
    D.W. Hirsch

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  13. Oops the previous was incorrect pls delete

    my link is


  14. What a great idea and resource for everyone! Thanks Sylvia.

    Diana (D.W.) Hirsch

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  15. Looking for Christian Speculative Fiction? Here’s mine.

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  16. Stacy Gleiss a.k.a. “The Six-Foot Bonsai: A Soul Lost Lost in the Land of the Rising Sun” from St. Joseph MI


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